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Indie Games to Watch in 2015, Part 5

52 days 14 hours ago - IndieGameSource lists independent video games to watch in 2015 in this fifth compilation from Frank Streva. | Opinion piece | PC


Indie Games to Watch in 2015

73 days 13 hours ago - IndieGameSource looks towards the year ahead and all the promising indie titles of 2015 that could potentially be the sort of games that we will be... | Opinion piece | PC


A look at Necropolis with Art Director Mike McCain | IGS

98 days ago - IGS - Art Director Mike McCain of Harebrained Schemes painted a pretty broad picture of the kinds of responsibilities his title could come with, es... | Interview | PC


Stoic’s Lead Writer explains narrative decisions of The Banner Saga | IGS

102 days ago - IGS - Stoic’s lead writer Drew McGee sat down with IndieGameSource and provided a glimpse into his perspective regarding some of the human liaisons... | Interview | PC


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Touchten Games' CEO talks studio structure and organization

108 days 3 hours ago - IGS - Touchten Games’ CEO and Executive Producer Anton Soeharyo sits down with us to explain how the studio keeps up and manages so many different... | Interview | iPhone


Warmachine: Tactics Review: Not A Good First Foray into Video Games | IGS

108 days 6 hours ago - IGS - Just over $1.5 million in Kickstarter bucks and a year later, Warmachine: Tactics is finally officially released, but unfortunately the resul... | Review | PC


Eitr developers choose quality over speed

118 days 14 hours ago - IndieGameSource interviews designer David Wright and programmer Tobi Harper who are currently working on Eitr, a combat driven exploration game tha... | Interview | PC


Toxicity in gaming: A relationship between industry and individual

125 days 10 hours ago - Gameverse - With toxicity in gaming becoming a topic with open dialogue, and more importantly, a call to action to change it, we not only have the... | Opinion piece | Industry


Studio Almost Human talks sales figures and humble origins

126 days 14 hours ago - IndieGameSource interviews Almost Human’s own creature modeler Juho Salila to describe the studios origins, talk some sales numbers regarding LoG,... | Interview | PC


Spintires gets steering wheel support with latest update.

141 days 3 hours ago - On October 27th, developer Oovee Game Studios released a major update to the popular off-road driving simulator Spintires. While the update does ad... | News | PC


This War of Mine: More realistic than Call of Duty?

142 days ago - Gameverse - Like Call of Duty, This War of Mine aims to create realistic war experience. However, where Call of Duty recreates combat’s technical s... | Article | PC


Is Strife Really the Next-Gen MOBA We’ve Been Waiting For?

142 days 6 hours ago - Gameverse - Rising to the challenge of creating a MOBA that sidestepped some of the traditional rage-inducing features of other games, S2 – the cre... | Article | PC


Identity and conspiracy explored in Ice-Bound

142 days 6 hours ago - IndieGameSource sits down with indie game developer Aaron Reed to learn more about developing for interactive fiction, and the functionality of Ice... | Interview | PC


Red’s lack of choice explores concept of agency in Transistor

162 days 5 hours ago - Gameverse - Recently, while preparing for an interview with Supergiant Games Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett I came across an analysis of Transistor... | Article | PC


TCG and roguelike collide in 'Hand of Fate'

162 days 18 hours ago - IGS interviews Creative Director Morgan Jaffit to learn more about Hand of Fate's core concepts and find out what players can expect from the title... | Interview | PC


Tabletop game Boss Monster goes digital

168 days 21 hours ago - IndieGameSource interviews Chris O’Neal to learn more about how the board game "Boss Monster" will make its shift to a digital platform. | Interview | PC


Is PS Vita Becoming an Indie Console? | Gameverse

184 days 6 hours ago - In the land of handheld gaming – already a dying breed – the PS Vita is a clear loser. It’s sold just a 10th of the models as its predecessor the... | Article | PS Vita


‘Dwarf Fortress’ is life’s work for creator Tarn Adams - Gameverse

226 days 6 hours ago - It’s hard to believe that Tarn Adams has been working on the Dwarf Fortress games for over twelve years now. He’s already stated that he’ll be happ... | Article | PC


Puzzles, action, and food fights with indie game Organic Panic

230 days 7 hours ago - IGS interviews developers Damon and Anatole Branch of Last Limb Games about their recent title Organic Panic. If you were ever curious about what i... | Interview | PC


‘Sev Zero: Air Support’ multi-screen play combines tablet play with Fire TV

231 days 6 hours ago - The newly released app for the Android game Sev Zero: Air Support for Amazon Fire TV play allows a second player to join the game with a tablet run... | News | Android


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