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Bayonetta 2 Is Insane, And I Love It For That

2 days 12 hours ago - IGN - Platinum's sequel is unapologetically over-the-top, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Bayonetta 2 is insane -- that goes without sayin... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Bayonetta 2 - Chapter 2 Gameplay - Comic Con 2014

3 days 2 hours ago - IGN - We take a trip through a brand-new level in Platinum's insane action sequel. | Video | Wii U


13 Nintendo Amiibo Figurines We Want

3 days 11 hours ago - Nintendo’s figurine project, amiibo, will play a major role in its upcoming fall 2014 lineup when the toy initiative rolls out alongside Super Smas... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Report: Zelda Wii U

5 days 20 hours ago - GT - We take a quick look back at Zelda's last two instalments for clues to what we can expect from the Wii U title. | Video | Wii


The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 – Amid the Ruins (PC) Review

Now - Drew delves into the penultimate episode of Walking Dead Season Two. | Promoted post

5 Games We're Looking Forward To At Comic-Con 2014

7 days 19 hours ago - IGN - From Smash Bros. to Halo, here are the games we're excited to see down in San Diego. San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is almost upon us, and while... | Opinion piece | PC


Sony: The Future For The PS Vita Remains Unclear

15 days 22 hours ago - We may not see any more Western triple-A titles for the handheld. Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House has admitted the future of... | News | PS Vita


Shovel Knight is June's Game of the Month

16 days 10 hours ago - IGN - Plenty of great games released on June, but this action platformer tops them all. | Opinion piece | PC


Platinum Games Were Pleased With The Way Nintendo Structured E3 2014

16 days 17 hours ago - Akiko Kuroda, the producer for Bayonetta 2 and the Wii U port of Bayonetta, has commended Nintendo for the way they structured their E3 plans. Kuro... | News | Wii U


E3 2014: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony - The Results - IGN Versus

20 days 13 hours ago - IGN - We asked if your preferred Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony during E3 2014. Here are the results and the winner of IGN's People's Choice Award. | Opinion piece | PS4


Here's How Kids React To The Game Boy

21 days 12 hours ago - In the latest episode of Kids React To, the children are confronted by the original Game Boy which made its debut way back in 1989. A few of the ch... | Video | Retro


Top Ten Mario Games

22 days 22 hours ago - GT - His platformers are always the best of the best, but which games with his name stand above the rest? | Opinion piece | GameCube


The Moon from Majora's Mask looks 100% crazier in Hyrule Warriors

31 days 15 hours ago - The Moon from Majora's Mask looks 100% crazier in Hyrule Warriors, just like all the characters that have been revealed so far. We've already se... | Opinion piece | Wii U


The Legend of Zelda Wii U Conversation - E3 2014

44 days 19 hours ago - IGN - Brian and Jose discuss their reactions to Eiji Aonuma's recent comments. | Video | Wii U


Here's a Look at The Amiibo Figures and Packaging

45 days 12 hours ago - NeoGAF member VinnyGambini has posted a range of Amiibo Nintendo figures and packaging for you to lust after. There’s Pit, Kirby, Pikachu, the Anim... | Image | Wii U


We've Played Star Fox for Wii U -E3 2014

45 days 14 hours ago - IGN - We've played an early build of Star Fox for Wii U and this is what we think. | Video | Wii U


Why Nintendo Won E3 2014, Even Though No One Wins E3

45 days 16 hours ago - As our possibly slightly over-wrought splash this week should have made clear, I don't really think anyone 'wins' E3. That's not to say the worl... | Opinion piece | PS4


E3 2014 round-up: Did Nintendo top Sony and Microsoft?

45 days 20 hours ago - For every generation of video games console, fans arguing over which machine is best has often been the most popular game of all. But never has... | Opinion piece | PS4


10 reasons Nintendo won E3 2014

45 days 20 hours ago - Microsoft may have had the good looking games, Sony may have brought out some cracking trailers, but it was Nintendo that won this year’s E3 confer... | Opinion piece | Wii U


The New Wii U GameCube Controllers Are Super Hot

46 days 19 hours ago - Kotaku - Along with the forthcoming adapter that'll let people play Super Smash Bros on Wii U with their old GameCube controllers, the peripheral c... | Opinion piece | Wii U


E3 2014 Nintendo Treehouse & ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Invitational Tournament Livestream

47 days 14 hours ago - From June 10-12, Nintendo fans can get a good look into the big N’s game demos of upcoming games right here. Even famed Nintendo developer Shigeru... | Video | Wii U


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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