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Breaking the Threshold with Windows OneCore: a modern UI framework that works across all devices

570 days 15 hours ago - It seems that MS is getting closer to merging all of their platforms together and it may be called OneCore. OneCore will be a kernel used by all MS... | Rumor | Xbox


Oculus Rift Dev Working on Motion Controllers, Which Could Upset Third Parties - Report

571 days 7 hours ago - Third-party accessory makers could find themselves in an undesirable position if Oculus offers its own official motion controller. | Rumor | PC


5 reasons why PC gaming is better than Console Gaming

571 days 12 hours ago - An opinion piece on the reasons why PC gaming is a better platform than console gaming. | Opinion piece | PC


What if every PC game could run on your tablet?

571 days 12 hours ago - It is becoming more and more possible to play great games on mobile platforms thanks to NVidia and their Tegra line and better GPU silicon. Due... | Article | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

How Google cardboard project will change VR

584 days 16 hours ago - Google has done something very... Google. They are making VR headsets out of cardboard and making them available to everyone. Of course this is ver... | Opinion piece | Tech


Why AMD and Nvidia are fighting?

585 days 12 hours ago - These two companies have been going at it for as long as they have been out in the GPU market. The recent development to kick this feud even more i... | Article | PC


New AMD GPUs rumored to be coming next month

586 days 3 hours ago - It is rumored that the new Tonga GPUs will re running on 20nm chipset. Will aim to make their midrange cards more powerful and efficient. | Rumor | PC


Octo-core Intel chips incoming. Supports DDR4

586 days 3 hours ago - Intel is launching their new chip in September and will be their first octo-core chipset launched by Intel. Will support DDR4. | News | PC

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