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Sony Has A New Feature Coming For The PS4 That's Going Bury The Xbox One

465 days 5 hours ago - Amid all the exciting announcements coming out of last week’s Gamescom trade show in Cologne, Germany, Sony announced a handful of new features com... | Opinion piece | PS4


PS4 Vs. Xbox One: EA Weighs In On Which Console Will Dominate This Holiday Season

507 days 20 hours ago - Since the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 last November, Sony’s current-gen device has remained in the lead in sales, with... | News | PS4


The 5 Best Reasons To Buy A PS4 - After E3 2014

532 days 3 hours ago - Having indisputably come out on top at E3 2013, Sony found itself under far less pressure than Microsoft MSFT +2.07% this year. The PS4 has a signi... | Opinion piece | PS4


The 5 Best Reasons To Buy An Xbox One - After E3 2014

532 days 3 hours ago - E3 2014 couldn’t come fast enough for Microsoft MSFT +2.07% as it looked to undo the damage of last year’s show. By and large the company did a goo... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at HotLiked.com. You will regret it... | Promoted post

BGR - E3 Day 2: I Tried Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset and It’s Absolutely Amazing

532 days 23 hours ago - Jacob Siegal of BGR: I started E3 Day Two at Sony’s booth, with a wealth of new games to choose from. After walking in circles trying to decide wha... | Preview | PS4


Here Are the Big Video Games That Will Unveil at E3

540 days 2 hours ago - Gone is the cautious atmosphere of last year's E3. The early successes of the current console cycle heading into the event has greatly alleviated 2... | Opinion piece | PS4


Microsoft Just Short Changed Everyone Who Has Bought An Xbox One

557 days 7 hours ago - Five million people around the world have bought an Xbox One so far and Microsoft has a message for you: SUCKERS! | Opinion piece | Xbox One


The Xbox One Could Rise To The Top, If Microsoft Does One Thing

560 days 11 hours ago - Microsoft is a company famous for big successes and big mistakes. Windows ME and to some extent Vista are cases in point. Some of Microsoft’s mista... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Good work, Microsoft: You’ve finally sold me on the Xbox One

562 days 15 hours ago - Brad Reed of BGR: At this time last year, I was practically a guaranteed Xbox One customer. I’ve loved my Xbox 360 for years and I just couldn’t im... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Without The Kinect, The Xbox One Is Basically The PS4

563 days 5 hours ago - It’s funny to think back about this time last year, when Microsoft held a hugely controversial press conference at E3 for its upcoming Xbox One, an... | Opinion piece | PS4


The DeanBeat: Why gamers are lucky they got to play Titanfall

586 days 8 hours ago - Dean Takahashi of Venture Beat: The game is a refreshing and innovative addition to the multi-billion-dollar first-person shooter genre. And yet... | Opinion piece | PC


7 million PS4s sold... but who is winning the console war?

589 days ago - Sony have announced the sale of the 7 millionth Playstation 4. Impressive stuff - but how does that stack up against the Xbox One? | Opinion piece | PS4


Nintendo Is Giving Away One of Its Best Games

630 days 11 hours ago - Nintendo (NASDAQOTH: NTDOY ) is a company in crisis: Its latest living room video game console, the Wii U, hasn't sold nearly as well as Nintendo... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Is the Xbox One in trouble?

631 days 19 hours ago - Roughly three months after the Xbox One hit stores, its price was cut. On February 24, Microsoft lowered the retail price of its next generation... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Microsoft Just Declared War on GameStop

645 days 11 hours ago - Fool: Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would begin experimenting with digital game discounts. If you own Microsoft's latest console,... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Developers are more interested in releasing games on PS4 than Xbox One

647 days 2 hours ago - According to a poll conducted by the Game Developers Conference, nearly 20% of developers are hoping to release their upcoming games on the PS4, wh... | News | PS4


Activision's Valuation Explodes After Recent Earnings Release

649 days 23 hours ago - The company's valuation hit a record high after the release of its most recent quarterly earnings with share price up 14% at one point following th... | News | PC


How Important Is PlayStation 4's Power Advantage Over Xbox One?

660 days 22 hours ago - The respective launches of these two consoles saw versions of premier titles from Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI ) (NASDAQ: ATVI ) , Ubisoft (... | Opinion piece | PS4


Is Microsoft Going to Release Its Own Gaming PC?

707 days 20 hours ago - According to Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has floated the idea. With Ballmer set to retire, he probably won't be there t... | Rumor | PC


The PS4 Is Beating the Xbox One; Will This Continue?

719 days 19 hours ago - Tim Green of Motley Fool: With both the PS4 from Sony (NYSE: SNE ) and the Xbox One from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) available for purchase, the ne... | Opinion piece | PS4


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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