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It wasn't your feedback that changed the Xbox One policies, it was your dollars

452 days 7 hours ago - Microsoft claims that they rolled back their anti-used and lending game policies in response to overwhelming customer feedback. Don't be fooled, th... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Sorry Cliffy B, but Microsoft wasn't ready to usher in a new digital era

456 days 8 hours ago - Cliff Bleszinski lashed out at gamers via Twitter as a show of disappointment with Microsoft's decision to repeal their anti-used game and lending... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


10 JRPGs to try for people who hate JRPGs

564 days 15 hours ago - A lot of people say that they hate JRPGs for various reasons. Often they just don't like many of the common conventions employed by JRPG developers... | Opinion piece | PS2


How to get a media pass to E3

577 days 12 hours ago - Every year people watch E3 from the outside. Here's how you can get into gaming's biggest media event with a registered media badge. It takes some... | Article | Industry


Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

Has the Wii U had a better launch than the 360 did?

589 days 19 hours ago - Nintendo has taken a lot of heat from gamers and the gaming press for the Wii U's lack of software after launch. Comparing it against this generati... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


5 ways Sony can regain dominance in the next generation

596 days 19 hours ago - Sony dominated for two straight generations before stumbling during this cycle. Here are five things that Sony can do to get back on top. | Opinion piece | Next-Gen


Review: Persona 4 Golden

597 days 16 hours ago - Gamer Theory Media's review of Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita. GTM claims that Persona 4 Golden is the finest title on the Vita to date. | Review | PS Vita


Gamer Theory Media's 2012 Gaming Awards

616 days 22 hours ago - It's the 2012 video game awards from Gamer Theory Media. Includes best overall game, platform specific games, and genre-based awards. | Opinion piece | PC


10 huge blunders of the current generation

640 days 11 hours ago - It's been a great generation for solid gaming, but there's been a lot of confusing decisions made by plenty of publishers, developers, and hardware... | Opinion piece | PC


Blaming video games is easier than blaming ourselves for violent crimes

640 days 17 hours ago - Video games are often used as a scapegoat to explain how violent tragedy can occur right under our noses. The problem is, these issues are deeper t... | Article | Xbox 360


Fix-It Felix, Jr. arcade cabinet sells for $20,000 at auction

644 days 15 hours ago - A Fix-It Felix, Jr. arcade cabinet, a promotional item for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph film sells for $20,000 at auction. | News | Arcade


Why Sony shouldn't release the PS4 in 2013

645 days 13 hours ago - Rumors are floating around that the next Xbox and PlayStation might release in 2013. Many say Sony needs to release their console along with Micros... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


How Persona Helped a Gamer With Depression

661 days 16 hours ago - One gamer that was secretly battling severe depression and anxiety took some valuable lessons from the Persona series and used it to turn things ar... | Article | PS2


Top 5 Wii U games to pick up on launch day

676 days ago - Top 5 picks for the Wii U launch. A good spread of games for both the lone hardcore gamer or for those looking to play with family and friends. | Opinion piece | Wii U


Stupid tropes in video games that make no sense

679 days 17 hours ago - Video games are great, but sometimes they're harboring some dumb things. Sometimes they do those dumb things over and over and over again. Here are... | Article | PC


The incestuous relationship between game journalists and PR

695 days 6 hours ago - I think this is one of the more prevalent problems going on in games journalism right now. Not all journalists are guilty, and there are many who a... | Article | Culture


Evolution of the Video Game TV Commercial

697 days 14 hours ago - Video games have been advertised on television for over 30 years now. Here's a quick look at how these ads have changed over time and where we're a... | Article | GameCube


How Zelda Killed the Arcades

794 days 13 hours ago - A look at why the release of The Legend of Zelda proved to be the tipping point in the battle between home consoles and arcades. | Article | Arcade

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