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Enforcer: Police Crime Action Review (GameWatcher)

160 days 13 hours ago - From Gamewatcher.com: "Suffering from a severe lack of polish, Enforcer Police Crime Action is a buggy and poor-looking game that frequently fails... | Review | PC


Randal's Monday Review (GameWatcher)

163 days 11 hours ago - From GameWatcher.com: "Ahhh Daedalic, a name that brings equal parts joy and terror into the life of this adventure game fan. For every wonderful N... | Review | PC


LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Video Preview (GameWatcher)

164 days 9 hours ago - Batman dismantles the DC universe, one LEGO block at a time. | Preview | PC


The Settlers - Kingdoms of Anteria Preview Video (GameWatcher)

164 days 22 hours ago - Adam Standing gives us his first impressions of The Settlers - Kingdoms of Anteria. | Preview | PC


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Survive announced by Subsurface Games, a zombie survivor now on Kickstarter

165 days 19 hours ago - There's just no keeping the undead hordes down. Texas-based Subsurface Games has announced a new zombie survival game is in the works as the develo... | News | PC


Far Cry 4 Story Trailer

166 days 5 hours ago - Find out more about Far Cry 4’s story in this trailer! While travelling to Kyrat to fulfill your mother’s dying wish, you find yourself in a middle... | Trailer | PC


Electronic Frontier Foundation want DMCA exemption for online games "no longer supported" by studios

166 days 6 hours ago - The Electronic Frontier Foundation is targeting that pesky Digital Millennium Copyright Act, specifically they're after some exemptions to the law... | News | PC


Mods officially supported with Banished 1.0.4 update

166 days 6 hours ago - The indie medieval town builder Banished has been updated to version 1.0.4, and the highlight is the floodgates bursting to community mod support.... | News | PC


Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Preview (GameWatcher)

167 days 13 hours ago - From GameWatcher.com: "Goddammit does Microsoft suck, and this is from someone who doesn’t have any Sony consoles sitting next to his TV. Tomb Raid... | Preview | PC


Halloween 2014's Tricks & Treats (GameWatcher)

170 days 11 hours ago - From GameWatcher.com: "Screw Christmas: Halloween is the best holiday. I just wish we actually got time off for it. Nevertheless it’s a holiday dev... | Article | PC


Randal's Monday Interview Jeff Anderson & Jason Mewes Video

171 days 4 hours ago - The actors Jason Mewes, also known as Jay from Jay & Silent Bob, and Jeff Anderson, known as Randal from the Clerks-franchise, will lend their voic... | News | PC


Assassin's Creed Unity Time Anomaly Trailer

171 days 5 hours ago - Ubisoft has released a new gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity entitled "Time Anomaly". | Trailer | PC


World of Warships - Developer Diaries # 3: Aircraft Carriers Video

171 days 9 hours ago - Wargaming announces the release of the third episode of World of Warships developer diaries series.This video is dedicated to aircaft carriers, the... | Video | PC


Dragon Age: Inquisition The Keep Trailer

171 days 10 hours ago - The Keep is your way to discover, shape, and share your Dragon Age experience. Explore plot points and story arcs from previous Dragon Age games. C... | Video | PC


Blitzkrieg 3 Base Gameplay Trailer Video

172 days 2 hours ago - From GameWatcher.com: "This first English gameplay video of Blitzkrieg 3 showcases the role base building plays in the game. If you've ever been dr... | Video | PC


Lords of the Fallen Video Review (GameWatcher)

173 days 2 hours ago - Next gen Dark Souls? Or just a wonky test-tube clone? Take a look at GameWatcher's PC Review of Lords of the Fallen, by Adam Standing. | Review | PC


Lords of the Fallen Review (GameWatcher)

173 days 13 hours ago - From GameWatcher.com: "Is Lords of the Fallen a blatant rip off or just an outrageous homage to Souls’ series of challenging action RPGs? Though it... | Review | PC


Alien: Isolation Video Review (Game Watcher)

173 days 14 hours ago - From GameWatcher.com: "Never in the history of gaming have I been hurt so bad by a game as I was with Aliens: Colonial Marines. It looked like the... | Review | PC


Alone in the Dark devs head back to horror with survival adventure 2Dark

181 days 8 hours ago - 2Dark is a charming, retro game about... stopping children being butchered by serial killers. Oh. It's being developed by French team Gloomywood, w... | News | PC


Wargaming discusses difficulties of making naval combat fun in World of Warships

181 days 10 hours ago - Making a tactical action game set at sea isn't easy. Have you ever seen the sea? It's boring, just a big flat, blue pond with nothing on it. Which... | News | PC


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