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OlliOlli Review (Strategy Informer)

40 days 17 hours ago - From Strategyinformer.com: "Ah, the skating game genre, where did you go? I'll tell you where, Activision killed it through thorough over-milking,... | Review | PC


Assassin's Creed: Unity Experience trailer #1: New Engine, New Gameplay Trailer

40 days 21 hours ago - Creative Director Alex Amancio presents you the technological leap which will allow you to live a unique experience in Assassin's Creed Unity. With... | Trailer | PC


Xenonauts Xenophobia Mod v1.1.6 Released

40 days 23 hours ago - Xenophobia is a mod pack compilation and economy addon for XNT: Into Darkness. It is recommended you play XNT first if you are not familiar with th... | News | PC


Skitso's Ultimate Megamix Map Pack 2000 for Xenonauts

41 days 2 hours ago - The pack contains 50 completely new and high quality maps for desert, industrial, farm and middle east tile sets. | News | PC


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4) Review

Now - Drew takes on the prince of darkness for the 1,347th time. | Promoted post

First Screenshots for Farming Simulator 15 Released

41 days 2 hours ago - Focus Home Interactive has sent Strategy Informer the first screenshots for Farming Simulator 15, which reveals 4 screenshots of the game. | Screenshot | PC


Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v.0.56.41820 Released (Halo Total Conversion)

41 days 4 hours ago - Sins of the Prophets is a space based real time strategy total conversion of Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment, based on the Halo universe. Set... | News | PC


Kickstarter Profile: Tammeka's Radial-G

42 days 1 hour ago - From Strategyinformer.com: "It's safe to say that most fans of futuristic racers considered the sub-genre dead following Sony's closure of Wipeout... | Interview | PC


Spec Ops developer Yager rules out sequel, won't make another military shooter

42 days 3 hours ago - While 2012's Spec Ops: The Line was a hit with critics and a subset of fans, it never really found its feet amongst the mainstream audience. So... | News | PC


Find out how classic video game box art was created

42 days 3 hours ago - Mike Winterbauer is the artist behind some of the most fondly remembered retro box art from gaming's golden age, including covers for classic title... | News | PC


Cult of the Wind Review (Strategy Informer)

42 days 6 hours ago - From Strategyinformer.com: "Multiplayer shooters are usually dreadfully serious affairs with lots of menny-men being so manly with their flanking,... | Review | PC


The Evil Within's release date moved forward by a week in US and Europe

45 days 1 hour ago - We're used to delays, but it's not often you see a game brought forward a week. Survival horror bloodfest The Evil Within will hit North America on... | News | PC


Styx: Master of Shadows Summer Trailer

45 days 4 hours ago - This Summer Trailer invites us to follow Styx, the two-century old Goblin whose main occupation is thievery and assassination, as he begins infiltr... | Trailer | PC


Darkwood Interactive Trailer

45 days 4 hours ago - A surreal horror experience. Coming July 24th to Steam Early Access. | Trailer | PC


Paradox releases Res Publica expansion for Europa Universalis IV

45 days 23 hours ago - Paradox Development Studio has finished development on the latest expansion for Europa Universalis IV, Res Publica. It's available from today for W... | News | PC


First Screenshots for The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 - Amid the Ruins

46 days 14 hours ago - Telltale has revealed the first three screenshots for The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 - Amid the Ruins. | Screenshot | PC


EVE Online In-Development: Features of EVE Online's Crius Release

46 days 23 hours ago - Industry gameplay takes centerstage in Crius, the summer release due 22 July 2014. Join CCP Mimic at the Reykjavik office, where she brings you the... | Trailer | PC


Manuel Noriega genuinely suing Activision over "unlawful exploitation" in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

47 days 2 hours ago - There are some stories which are just so bizarre and fascinating that you can't help but laugh. Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega has launc... | News | PC


Light Review (Strategy Informer)

47 days 5 hours ago - From Strategyinformer.com: "Since Team 17 started publishing again recently they seemed to pick up some really interesting titles, and Light caught... | Review | PC


Whispering Willows Review (Strategy Informer)

49 days 2 hours ago - From Strategyinformer.com: "Billed as an adventure/horror game, Whispering Willows manages to build tension and atmosphere yet struggles to use it... | Review | PC


Battleplan: American Civil War Review (Strategy Informer)

49 days 4 hours ago - From Strategyinformer.com: "Battleplan: American Civil War is a slightly odd take on warfare. The idea here is that warfare is all about the strate... | Review | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post
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