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EA "didn't make hits" last year says Pleasants, "too many games"

1959 days 2 hours ago - Electronic Arts' COO, John Pleasants, has cited EA's poor performance as down to a lack of hits releasing last year, which led to plummeting compan... | News | 1,2,12,13


New Gobliiins 4 Screenshots

1959 days 2 hours ago - Strategy Informer has published some new Gobliiins 4 Screenshots. | Screenshot | 12


Raven Squad won't be released this month, more info soon

1959 days 2 hours ago - SouthPeak Interactive confirmed to Strategy Informer today that its upcoming tactical action game, Raven Squad, isn't going to be released this mon... | News | 2,12


Haemimont Games: We are looking into console versions of Grand Ages: ROME, Xbox 360 best suited

1959 days 2 hours ago - In an interview with Haemimont Games, Strategy Informer learned that the company is looking at the possibility of porting its upcoming Grand Ages:... | News | 1,2,12,13


Filmwatch June Contests

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Strategy Informer: Grand Ages: ROME Interview

1959 days 2 hours ago - After the release of Imperium Romanum last year, Kalypso Media listened to fans and critics alike, heading back to the drawing board in order to re... | Interview | 12,13


Tom Clancy's HAWX Demo releases on PlayStation Network today

1960 days 3 hours ago - Ubisoft has informed Strategy Informer that a playable demo of Tom Clancy's HAWX will be available to download from the PlayStation Store today at... | News | 1


PC Patch coming for F.E.A.R 2 soon

1960 days 19 hours ago - Monolith Productions has revealed that it's working on a patch for the PC version of F.E.A.R 2, which they hope to release in the coming weeks. The... | News | 1,2,12,13


Quake Live goes down, success swamping servers

1960 days 22 hours ago - Quake Live launched today, with over 113,000 registered users and 20,000 stuck in a queue upon signing up to the open beta service. All this has pu... | News | 12,13


Rockstar Games announces DLC for Midnight Club: Los Angeles

1960 days 23 hours ago - Rockstar Games announced today that downloadable content for Midnight Club: Los Angeles will arrive on March 12 for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStati... | News | 1, 2


Age of Conan 360 still in development, progress being made

1961 days 1 hour ago - Yesterday Strategy Informer reported that Funcom posted a $23m loss, CFO resigns, and Conan numbers under 100K, which lead us to question the devel... | News | 2,13


Ex-Obsidian's CV confirms Aliens RPG project has been 'cancelled'

1961 days 1 hour ago - The rumoured canning of SEGA's Aliens RPG over at Obsidian Entertainment is now given some unfortunate concrete proof that it is canned. An ex... | Rumor | 1,2,12,13


Paradox Interactive: PC sales makes it difficult for us to consider developing console based titles

1961 days 4 hours ago - In an interview to be published soon on Strategy Informer, Johan Andersson, lead programmer on the Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis series, sa... | News | 1,2,12,13


Customized Halo Wars Console, not available at Retail

1961 days 20 hours ago - Strategy Informer is giving away a customized Halo Wars Xbox 360 console. This Xbox 360 console isn't available at retail. | News | 2,13


Strategy Informer Reviews Halo Wars

1966 days 1 hour ago - From Strategy Informer: "There are relatively few commands to memorise when playing Halo Wars, as the interface has clearly been built with ac... | Review | 2


Age of Booty Trophy Patch coming soon

1966 days 1 hour ago - Sony America and Sony Europe have approved the upcoming Age of Booty Trophy Patch. This free patch will soon be available on the PlayStation Networ... | News | 1


PC version of The Last Remnant coming on March 20th, Demo mentioned

1966 days 2 hours ago - Square Enix today announced the forthcoming release of the Games for Windows version of The Last Remnant, which will be available across all PAL te... | News | 12


Empire: Total War Demo coming today

1966 days 4 hours ago - Sega announced today that a demo for Empire: Total War will be released today via Steam from 4pm GMT. You will get to play as the mighty Briti... | News | 12,13


Elven Legacy Developer Diary #6 at Strategy Informer

1966 days 4 hours ago - From Strategy Informer: "Animations made with motion capture technology are smooth and look good. The human eye can catch the detail of every... | News | 12,13


Strategy Informer Dawn of War II Review

1966 days 5 hours ago - From Strategy Informer: "Much has changed since the days of just sending waves upon waves of squads to their noble deaths in the vain hope the... | Review | 12,13


Rumour-mill: Nihilistic working on XBLA/PSN 'Zombie Apocalypse'

1969 days 2 hours ago - News has shuffled down the undead grapevine that THQ's Conan dev Nihilistic Software are now busy on a different kind of blood lusting - the undead... | Rumor | 1,2,13


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