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When Games Are Just Wrong

978 days 16 hours ago - Despite most games receiving stringent testing there are still many mistakes that slip into games. Nik Wood asks what are some of those mistake-fil... | Article | GameCube


Top 5 WWE Games of All Time

1182 days 9 hours ago - WWE have produced a lot of video games in their time, with varying degrees of quality. Which are the best though? Jason Delacey tries to pick five... | Opinion piece | PS2


Things I Hate About Games: Downloadable Content

1328 days 16 hours ago - Nik Wood continues his series of things he hates about games looking at a gaming peeve of millions, downloadable content. Does DLC help the industr... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Things I Hate About Games: The Escort Mission

1349 days 12 hours ago - Nik Wood writes about one of his most hated things in games, escort missions. | Opinion piece | Culture


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Tales of a RPG Maker - Week 3

1353 days 14 hours ago - Week 3 of the RPG Maker project has been completed and Jake Rhodes is starting to tire of making maps. | Article | Dev


Sports: A Pricey Game to Play

1361 days 5 hours ago - Nik Wood writes on why he thinks sports games aren't worth the time or money they cost to play. | Opinion piece | Wii


Tales of a RPG Maker - Week 1

1368 days 11 hours ago - Week 1 of the RPG Maker project is underway and Jake Rhodes is getting down to work. | Article | PC


Microsoft's One Consumer Games: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

1371 days 19 hours ago - Nik Wood writes about the rumour of Microsoft moving to "one consumer games" and the widespread effect it would have, | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Tales of a RPG Maker

1373 days 23 hours ago - Jake Rhodes introduces his latest project - creating a RPG using RPG Maker VX. | Article | PC


Why Online Play Is Ruining Gaming

1379 days 15 hours ago - Nik Wood writes on why he thinks that the internet has had a negative effect on gaming. | Opinion piece | Wii


Final Fantasy XIII: A Rant in D-Minor

1516 days 18 hours ago - Nik Wood rants on Final Fantasy XIII and why it's the worst game in the series. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Five BEST Final Fantasy Games Ever

1551 days 3 hours ago - Jake Rhodes looks at the best five Final Fantasy games which may or may not include Final Fantasy VII. | Opinion piece | PS2


RPG Maker VX (PC) Review - Gamers Corner

1574 days 13 hours ago - Jake Rhodes writes: "RPG Maker VX is not your prototypical game. While it has RPG in the title you won’t be able to load it up and hack n’ slash yo... | Review | PC


Catherine UK Release Date Leaked

1578 days 10 hours ago - The Hut may have leaked the UK release date for Catherine. | Rumor | Xbox 360


Why The Wii U Will (Almost) Certainly Fail

1578 days 14 hours ago - Jake Rhodes looks at the upcoming release of the Wii-U and why he thinks its almost certain to fail. | Opinion piece | Wii


Five Overlooked Wii Games You Should Play

1582 days 9 hours ago - Jake Rhodes looks at some of the forgotten and underappreciated gems on the Nintendo Wii. | Opinion piece | Wii


What To Expect From Fifa 12

1584 days 8 hours ago - Owen Darby takes a look at the upcoming Fifa 12 and how it will differ from previous titles in the series. | Preview | Wii


Five Overlooked PS3 Games YOU Should Play

1610 days 6 hours ago - Jake Rhodes takes a look at five great games on the PS3 that you have probably never played…but definitely should. | Opinion piece | PS3


The Problem With Steam

1613 days 21 hours ago - While Steam is a great service that offers a whole bunch of great games at low prices there is one major problem and that is that you don’t actuall... | News | Industry


The Five WORST Final Fantasy Games

1617 days 19 hours ago - We take a look at the Final Fantasy franchise and the five worst games it has produced. | Opinion piece | PS2


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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