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Why Your Next Vision Exam Could Involve Playing Video Games

35 days 15 hours ago - RightEye LLC is debuting new PC video games with eye-tracking technology at CES 2016 that will help eye doctors more accurately test vision. Mor... | Article | Culture


These New Cruise Ships Are Aiming for Gamers

38 days 4 hours ago - And Star Wars fans. The $30 billion cruise ship industry has been on a mission to update itself. Royal Caribbean has unveiled a fleet of “smart... | Article | Culture


GameStop CFO On Fighting To Remain Relevant

41 days 15 hours ago - While GameStop stock has dropped 27% since late November, the retailer’s chief financial officer believes the company has taken the necessary steps... | Article | Industry


This Chinese Tech Giant Owns More Than Riot Games

49 days 10 hours ago - Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings recently completed its acquisition of Riot Games, the developer behind the world’s top eSports game, League of... | Article | Industry


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Why Mercedes-Benz Is Targeting Nintendo Gamers

56 days 12 hours ago - While many consumers still think of Nintendo platforms as kids’ toys, Mercedes-Benz, a division of Daimler AG DDAIF 1.18% , is using Nintendo Wii... | Article | Wii U


PlayStation VR Creator Says Trial Will Be the Biggest Challenge

58 days 4 hours ago - Dr. Richard Marks, director of Sony PlayStation’s Magic Labs research division, is one of the key designers of PlayStation VR, as well as the PlayS... | Interview | PS4


How One Gaming Legend Wants to Get Back in the Game

58 days 23 hours ago - Since its founding in 1996, Valve Corp., the videogame developer responsible for Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Dota, has worked to stay under the... | Article | Industry


How Coke teamed up with the most popular eSports game in the world

173 days 17 hours ago - Fortune - From Aug. 22-23, the top North American League of Legends eSports teams will battle at Madison Square Garden for a chance to go to Europe... | Article | Culture


Why the Nintendo NX could be the next big thing in virtual reality

180 days 17 hours ago - Fortune -- Nintendo is working on its next device, the Nintendo NX, and in true Nintendo fashion, the company hasn’t revealed any details about it... | Article | Industry


Creator Toru Iwatani explains why people have loved Pac-Man for 35 years

197 days 18 hours ago - Fortune - It’s hard to imagine a world without Pac-Man. To date, the game has been released on every game system ever created. The new Sony Pict... | Interview | Dev


How this video game company is helping people hear better

198 days 3 hours ago - Fortune - Turtle Beach Corporation, the market leader in console video game headsets, has over the years developed audio technology that enables ga... | Article | Tech


After Silent Hills Debacle, Guillermo del Toro Says He's Done Making Video Games

201 days 18 hours ago - Playboy - Hollywood creative force Guillermo del Toro has had success across just about every medium, including directing blockbuster films like Pa... | Article | Culture


Hawaii Five-0's Daniel Dae Kim on Balling in Saints Row

356 days 3 hours ago - Television fans have watched actor Daniel Dae Kim jump from one successful TV series shot in Hawaii (Lost) to another (Hawaii Five-0). Unbeknownst... | Interview | Culture


For video gamers and veterans, common cause to preserve war monuments

451 days 20 hours ago - Fortune - After decades of delivering World War II-themed PC games to its customers the old-fashioned way—boxed CD-ROMs sold at retail stores—Warga... | Article | Culture


Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho Explains How The International Draws New Fans

571 days 19 hours ago - As a member of Team Liquid, Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho is making history Valve’s The International 2014 at KeyArena in Seattle. The Dota 2 pro gamer will be... | Interview | Culture


Call Of Duty Pros Lightning Pandas Discuss ESports Popularity

596 days 10 hours ago - The Lightning Pandas have the most colorful jerseys in all of eSports. The European Call of Duty team was founded by Shane “Shane” McKerral after h... | Interview | Culture


Fortune: Madden is no longer the only football video game in town

622 days 5 hours ago - FORTUNE -- After watching the success that independent developer Imangi Studios has had with its Temple Run franchise, which has been downloaded o... | Article | Mobile


Fortune: Watch Dogs turns the cameras on NSA fears

624 days 2 hours ago - FORTUNE -- George Orwell's concept of "Big Brother" has become near-reality in the city of Chicago, which has an estimated 25,000 cameras watching... | Article | Culture


How Heroes of the Storm takes on eSports

654 days 6 hours ago - Blizzard already has one eSports hit with StarCraft II, which is still considered one of the pillars of professional video games. The game develope... | Article | PC


Dustin Beck: Nothing but growth for eSports

669 days 10 hours ago - Over 85 million gamers around the world play Riot Games’ League of Legends. The game studio has devoted a lot of its resources to building out its... | Interview | Culture


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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