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Nintendo Direct Roundup: New Details For Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros. And More

161 days 7 hours ago - Nintendo's latest Nintendo Direct was full of new tidbits, trailers and game footage, so let’s get to it, shall we? | Image | Wii U


Aled Lewis Turns Iconic Movie And TV Punches Into Cool 16-Bit Brawler Art

161 days 17 hours ago - Illustrator Aled Lewis has done a series where he takes iconic movie and TV face punches and turns them into cool 16-bit Final Fight-esque pixel art. | Article | Culture


Watching NES Games Morph Into Their Cinematic Source Material Is Mesmerizing

163 days 10 hours ago - Watch some of the best title screens of the NES era morph into the movie images they were based on. | Article | Culture


5 Games You Want This Week (Feb. 9th – 15th): Lightning Returns

165 days 6 hours ago - A new Final Fantasy and The Last of Us DLC in a surprisingly busy week for the middle of February. | Article | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

6 Things Next-Gen Open World Games Absolutely Have To Do

169 days 6 hours ago - Developers need to use the new processing power at their fingertips to make changes that fundementally improve the way open world games play. | Opinion piece | PC


Bad Miiverse Posts Are Hilarious, Creepy And Cringeworthy In Equal Measure

170 days 7 hours ago - Miiverse posts can range from hilarious, to creepy to downright sad in a few cases. Here are a few of our favorites. | Article | Wii U


5 Games You Want This Week (Feb. 2nd – 8th): Fables Of Bravery

172 days 7 hours ago - Fables, more fables and a little Jazzpunk in this week's 5 Games. | Opinion piece | PC


6 Smartphone Apps Nintendo Needs To Start Working On Now

176 days 6 hours ago - Here are some app ideas that would almost surely grab Nintendo some quick cash and attention. | Opinion piece | Dev


5 Games You Want This Week (Jan. 26th – Feb. 1st): Indies And Updates

179 days 5 hours ago - Here's the games you're going to want to get your grubby gamer thumbs on this week. | Opinion piece | PC


Would You Like To Continue? Laying Odds On Nintendo’s Next Move

185 days 5 hours ago - What does the future hold for Nintendo fans? Let's look at the likeliness of some of the scenarios pundits are suggesting. | Opinion piece | Wii U


7 Video Games That Are Going To Be Surprisingly Successful In 2014

189 days 6 hours ago - Here are seven games we think are going to be surprisingly successful in 2014. | Opinion piece | Industry


7 Promising Video Games That Are Going To Flop In 2014

189 days 12 hours ago - Here's seven likely to be good games we think will faceplant at retail this year. | Opinion piece | Industry


5 Games You Want This Week (Jan 12th – 18th): Kickstarter Liberation

193 days 7 hours ago - Here are the games you're going to want to get your grubby gamer mitts on this week. | Article | PC


GammaSquad: ‘The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’ Is The Best 2D Zelda Game Ever

197 days 6 hours ago - 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds' may look humble, but it's the best Zelda game in a long time. | Review | 3DS


10 Games That Will Make You Buy A Playstation 4 Or Xbox One In 2014

204 days 6 hours ago - There are a healthy handful of games coming in 2014 that may very well force you to plop down that 400 - 500 bucks for a PS4 or Xbox One. | Opinion piece | PS4


The 20 Best Games Of 2013: The Finale

217 days 8 hours ago - Without further ado, Gammasquad's final few best games of 2013. | Opinion piece | PC


Your 2013 Guide to the Crappy Games You’ll Be Getting from Old People This Holiday

218 days 2 hours ago - Here's a guide to the crappy games that are going to be left in your stockings by well-meaning parents, grandparents and random uncles. Start pract... | Opinion piece | PC


The 20 Best Games Of 2013: Part 2

219 days 8 hours ago - The second part of GammaSquad's list of the 20 best games of 2013. | Opinion piece | PC


5 Games You Want (Dec 8th – 31st): Finishing Off The Year

228 days 7 hours ago - There isn't much coming out for the rest of the year, so here are the five games you want for the remainder of December. | Opinion piece | PC


5 Games You Want Coming Out This Week (Dec. 1st – 7th): Racing Towards The Holidays

235 days 5 hours ago - Here are the games you'll want to get your grubby gamer thumbs on this week. | Article | PC


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