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Steam Sharing: How it works (quick hands-on)

288 days 13 hours ago - Ironhammers: I come to you with a very brief hands-on experience of the Steam Family Sharing beta. We gained access to the beta about an hour ago,... | Article | PC


PC Gaming Podcast: Ironhammers On Air #14

288 days 23 hours ago - Ironhammers: The Americans, Simon and Charlie, return for this week’s PC gaming podcast to discuss all of the latest big news stories that involve... | Podcast | PC


Ironhammers On Air #13: PC Gaming Podcast

294 days 8 hours ago - Ironhammers: "Bobby and Dan bring you episode 13 of our weekly PC gaming podcast. We discuss all of the latest big news stories that involve PC gam... | Podcast | PC


PC Gaming Podcast: Ironhammers On Air #12

303 days 7 hours ago - Ironhammers: Simon and Charlie bring the twelfth episode of Ironhammers On Air, going over the latest in PC gaming and, as usual, a whole bunch of... | Podcast | PC


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PC Gaming Podcast: Ironhammers On Air #11

308 days 10 hours ago - Ironhammers: The UK guys return for episode 11 of our weekly PC gaming podcast. Bobby and Dan go over all of the latest PC gaming news, as well as... | Podcast | PC


PC Gaming Podcast: Ironhammers On Air #10

316 days 22 hours ago - Ironhammers: This week is the first week when the US half of the Ironhammers team, Charlie and Simon, took care of the Ironhammers On Air PC gaming... | Podcast | PC


PC Gaming Podcast: Ironhammers On Air #9

324 days 1 hour ago - Ironhammers: The Ironhammers On Air PC Gaming Podcast returns with a new schedule, and a totally new way to help fund our endeavours at Ironhammers... | Podcast | PC


Ironhammers On Air #8: PC Gaming Podcast

378 days 9 hours ago - On this week’s show, we start by wondering if the live stream has actually started, but go on to talk about some of the latest in PC gaming. We dec... | Podcast | PC


Razer Surround Review -- Ironhammers

380 days ago - Ironhammers writes: It's a piece of software that uses some kind of algorithm in order to replicate the perception of surround sound within standar... | Review | PC


Trials Evolution Gold Edition review -- Ironhammers

461 days ago - Ironhammers: "Having originated on the PC, it was a dear shame to many when RedLynx decided that Trials Evolution would release as an Xbox exclusiv... | Review | PC


Ironhammers On Air #5: PC Gaming Podcast

468 days 15 hours ago - Ironhammers: Our topic of the week was ‘free-to-play’. But we also discussed shopping for mens’ swimming garments and the origin of slang words for... | Podcast | PC

TrackMania 2 Stadium preview -- Ironhammers

470 days 20 hours ago - Ironhammers writes: TrackMania 2 Canyon was the latest game to release under Nadeo’s brand; I reviewed it here on Ironhammers, and really liked it... | Preview | PC


ShootMania Storm Preview, Part One: Cerebral Laser Shooting -- Ironhammers

473 days 21 hours ago - Ironhammers writes: Bunny hopping, jump pads, glowing projectiles and electronic music alongside freedom of movement, speed and the endless war bet... | Preview | PC


Frozen Endzone Interview: Mode 7 Games discusses their recently announced futuristic sports game

479 days 14 hours ago - Ironhammers: At the end of last week, Mode 7 Games, most notably known for their extremely well received turn-based strategy, Frozen Synapse, annou... | Interview | PC


StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm review -- Ironhammers PC Gaming

482 days 5 hours ago - Ironhammers writes: "In a world of day-one DLC, it’s becoming far less often that we see a full on expansion pack — but Blizzard is still rolling t... | Review | PC


Ironhammers On Air #3: PC Gaming Podcast

483 days 20 hours ago - Ironhammers: The third installment of our revamped podcast sees Bobby being way too excited about Heart of the Swarm, Dan being way too angry about... | Podcast | PC


PC Gaming Podcast: Ironhammers On Air #2 (Always online DRM)

491 days ago - Ironhammers: We’ve now got a third member on our PC gaming podcast and will be broadcasting via Google Hangouts On Air, once a week. The format sta... | Podcast | PC


Five tips to help a complete ‘noob’ play Dota 2

520 days 6 hours ago - Ironhammers writes: "As a first-time player you will wonder what the hell is going on and how opponents are killing you so easily, you will suffer... | Article | PC


Review: SteelSeries World of Warcraft Wireless Gaming Mouse --

588 days 18 hours ago - Ironhammers: Just over a year ago, I reviewed the Legendary Edition World of Warcraft mouse from SteelSeries. I was superbly impressed, most of whi... | Review | PC


WASDIO Interview: The end of WASD for PC gamers?

596 days 22 hours ago - Ironhammers: Bobby asks a few questions of Cary Evans, founder of Matterdaddy, the company which is now running a Kickstarter campaign for a new wa... | Interview | PC


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