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Michael Fassbender wants to honour Assassin's Creed

13 days 2 hours ago - Michael Fassbender is busy promoting his dramedy Frank, which has been out in Europe for several months, but is set to be released in the U.S. next... | News | PC


Raven’s Cry Launches on Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3

107 days ago - Today sees the long awaited launch of TopWare Interactive AG’s Raven’s Cry, available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Raven’s Cry has been... | News | Xbox 360


Pitchford: I'm not going to f*** around with you like Valve

178 days 21 hours ago - President of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford has offered a forthright summary on the studios latest projects, and made it clear that for now Borde... | Article | PC


Indie Developers Troll King Games Hard With ‘Candy Jam’

180 days 1 hour ago - After applying for a trademark on the word “candy” in early February, sent a letter to indie game developer Benjamin Hsu claiming he’d inf... | News | Arcade


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Flappy Bird Controversy Hits NZ Developer

190 days 7 hours ago - “We have submitted a content dispute with Apple," Greg Harding - Flightless' Technical Director - noted, "but currently the offending ‘Flappy Bee’... | News | Mobile


Will There Be A Good Videogame Movie This Year?

223 days 14 hours ago - There are a number of other 2015 (and beyond) films that seem worthy of breaking the ‘videogame movies suck’ mould, with eyes heavily placed on the... | Article | PC


Videogame Crossovers That Need To Happen

279 days 7 hours ago - Over the years, developers have released numerous crossovers to varying degrees of success – Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter vs. Tekken, and Capco... | Opinion piece | PC


Is this time right for a Green Arrow video game?

293 days 18 hours ago - With the popularity of super heroes and archery in pop culture, combined with the public's new interest in Green Arrow, WB should take much interes... | Opinion piece | PC


10 Awesome Video Games That Should Never Become Movies

320 days 6 hours ago - There is only one thing that can make video game lovers both jump for joy and cringe at the same time: film adaptations. Video games that are se... | Opinion piece | PC


Bruceploitation: The 5 Best Bruce Lee Clones In Gaming

324 days 19 hours ago - Numerous video games have had characters based on Bruce Lee over the years (not that they openly credit him – it’s just obvious). The characters in... | Article | PC


Namco 'Looking for the right time' to discuss Tekken X Street Fighter

361 days 16 hours ago - Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada told Siliconera today that Tekken X Street Fighter is still in development, with Namco waiting for the righ... | News | Xbox 360


The Nine Best Games You'll Never Play

361 days 18 hours ago - We began the week in a melancholy mood, mourning nine promising games that will never see the light of day. These include BioShock studio Irrationa... | Video | Xbox 360


EB Games mocks Aussie Saints Row row

371 days 12 hours ago - Secure your Presidential Edition of Saints Row IV today and receive an UNCUT version of the game, not the cutback watered down anti wub wub Aussie... | News | PC


Who is Nordic Games?

485 days 21 hours ago - Nordic Games acquired a significant portion of THQ's assets in a recent bankruptcy auction, the latest in a series of acquisitions since Nordic's f... | Article | PC


Project CARS under FSA Investigation: Crowdfunding ‘Investment’ Scheme

487 days 12 hours ago - According to Andy Tudor, creative director at Slightly Mad, WMD is not and has never been an investment scheme. “I guarantee we never said it was a... | News | PC


‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Won’t Be About Arkham or Origins

495 days 18 hours ago - Arkham Origins is a rather odd choice for the title of a game that is neither about origins nor Arkham. The game will be a prequel to previous game... | Article | PC


Aliens: Colonial Marines trailers found misleading by UK agency

505 days 2 hours ago - "Sega Europe understood the objections raised about the quality of the game in relation to the trailers, but explained that they weren't aware of t... | News | PC


Injustice Demo Not Available on PSN in New Zealand

505 days 18 hours ago - Intended to release today, the demo for upcoming fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us is not available to New Zealand PSN users. | News | Xbox 360


7 Cancelled Games That Could Have Been Great

538 days 13 hours ago - Making video games is suppose to be easy. That is in the minds of those outside the industry who know nothing about the process. Developers struggl... | Opinion piece | PC


Lego Portal set designed by Kiwi may see a retail release

770 days 2 hours ago - A Kiwi is one of a group of four pitching the idea of a series of Portal sets to the Lego Group. | News | PC


Need Cash? (US Only)

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