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First Impressions: Pokemon X and Y

724 days 19 hours ago - MoarPowah's Inverseman writes: "With the release of Pokemon X and Y, players are going wild to debunk the game’s secrets and Pokemon themselves. Ev... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Thoughts on the Nintendo 2DS

766 days 16 hours ago - Moar Powah's Inverseman breaks down the Nintendo 2DS. What are the pros and cons of this new handheld? What are Nintendo's goals for the system? | Opinion piece | 3DS


The Last of Us Review |

841 days 10 hours ago - Moar Powah's Kaushik discusses the merits and shortcomings of Naughty Dog's newest PS3 title. | Review | PS3


Reasons to Wait to Buy a New Console

847 days 7 hours ago - Moar Powah's Tarabisu dissects the reasons why waiting awhile after a console launch before buying may be your best bet. | Article | PS4


MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

Halo 2 Retrospective

859 days 13 hours ago - How does Halo 2, one of the most popular FPS games for the original XBox, hold up almost a full decade after its release? | Article | Xbox


Metroidvanias and Good Game Design

910 days 16 hours ago - MoarPowah's Kaushik discusses why Metroidvania style games are a prime example of excellent game design, and what other games can learn from them. | Article | Retro


The Collector's Habit

952 days 11 hours ago - MoarPowah's Tarabisu discusses the idea of game collecting. What drives one to become a collector? What does it mean for video game history? And wh... | Article | Culture


The Fight for Used Games

973 days 23 hours ago - MoarPowah's Tarabisu writes: "They started out as what seemed like the most ridiculous of rumors. Next gen consoles blocking used games? Prepostero... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Why We Need More Games Like Zeonic Front

976 days 11 hours ago -'s writer silverwolf analyses positive aspects of the PS2 game Zeonic Front that are missing in modern mecha games but, if added, coul... | Opinion piece | PS2


Four Great Looking Games of 2013

979 days 6 hours ago - MoarPowah's Tarabisu discusses some promising titles coming out over the course of the next year and why it's worth getting excited about them. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Naught or Nice List in Games

1013 days 16 hours ago - Moarpowah's Laevatein discusses morality systems in games, talking about what different methods have worked and which ones could use some tweaks. | Opinion piece | Dev


Should Pokemon Become an MMO? |

1077 days 10 hours ago - Two writers discuss whether or not Pokemon should be an MMO and, if a Pokemon MMO were made, what it should entail. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Resident Evil 6 Review |

1086 days 22 hours ago - The Resident Evil franchise has been around for years. How does this latest installment hold up in relation to the other games? And is it a good ga... | Review | PS3


Review: Jade Empire |

1093 days 13 hours ago - Jade Empire, a Bioware game from the early 2000s, proves that great atmosphere and background is not enough to save a game if the mechanics are poo... | Review | Xbox

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