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6 of the Best Video Game Creators Working Today

941 days 14 hours ago - Video games seem to attract a talented bunch, and few moreso than these six in the industry today, flying the flag for what video games can mean, d... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Ni No Kuni – Your Very Own Mr Drippy Plushie

977 days 19 hours ago - Ni No Kuni is so hot right now, with characters you just want to pick up and hug. Thankfully you're in luck courtesy of this homemade plushy and pa... | Article | Nintendo DS


Why Far Cry 3 is the Real Assassin’s Creed Sequel

994 days 5 hours ago - Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed III. Same publisher, same universe, different numeral system. But what if Far Cry 3 was the real Assassin's Creed se... | Opinion piece | PC


What Gaming Could Learn From Ang Lee and Life Of Pi

1002 days 1 hour ago - Life Of Pi is not a great game concept - floating in the ocean with only a tiger for company - but it says a lot about where video games are... and... | Opinion piece | PC


MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

GOTY 2012? The same as 2011 and 2013: Minecraft

1011 days 3 hours ago - Processed all the lists decrying Far Cry 3 or Dishonored as GOTY? Well settle down and feast your eyes upon the real victor: Minecraft. Again. Appa... | Opinion piece | PC


4 Great Games That Were Not So Great Sequels

1014 days 15 hours ago - Should we judge a sequel differently than a new game? In the case of these offerings: yes. | Opinion piece | PC


Sandy Hook, Video Games, and The Sun’s Incessant Hypocrisy

1025 days 11 hours ago - In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, newspapers like The Sun and The Express were quick to blame games like Call of Duty and Dynasty Warriors. H... | Opinion piece | Culture


Review - Party of Sin | Invert-On

1027 days 3 hours ago - For all imminent hellraisers Party of Sin is out now. Yes, recreate the plot of Se7en without the box. What was in that thing anyway? Candy? Anothe... | Review | PC


Review – Zombies. | Invert-On

1029 days 1 hour ago - Zombies. looks a very different zombie game. The art style, the music, the full stop in the title (kerazy) all set it apart, but how does it play? | Review | PC


Review – Planetside 2 | Invert-On

1030 days 9 hours ago - To most fans of the first-person shooter this Christmas, matters boil down to a simple choice: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Halo 4 or Medal of Honor:... | Review | PC


10 Things Wii Want From Zelda Wii U

1031 days 6 hours ago - Now that the Wii U has been adopted by many homes across the globe, we’re already looking to the future to ask “What can we expect from the console... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Limbo, Portal and the Beauty of the Shorter Game

1035 days ago - Behold the championing of the little guy, the brief but beautiful, the games which refuse to outstay their welcome. Limbo, Portal, Journey, here's... | Opinion piece | PC


Portals to Colossi: 4 Examples of Video Games as Art

1040 days 6 hours ago - Is Roger Ebert right? Is Jonathan Jones correct? Are video games mere forms of entertainment devoid of artistic merit? Well, no. They’re so much mo... | Opinion piece | PS2


Scientology Taken on by Source Game… Probably

1042 days 5 hours ago - Seeking funding now, The Source is a game about the mysterious practices of "The Church". But does it refer to Scientology? Yes. Obviously | News | PC


Interview - SourceForts 2 | Invert-On

1043 days 1 hour ago - To stand out from the increasingly crowded list of titles that started as Half Life 2 mods and graduated to fully fledged standalones takes some do... | Interview | PC


Demo May Cry: What the Demo says about DMC

1046 days 7 hours ago - The DMC demo has finally been released. Know what this means? It's time to find out whether Dante is still the same old mass murderer we know and..... | Opinion piece | PC


The Real Total War: Multiwinia, Tolstoy and Chaos

1049 days 4 hours ago - We are still waiting for the Tolstoy-esque war game where, by and large, instructions must be issued prior to engagement and may turn out to be irr... | Opinion piece | PC


Review – Hitman Absolution | Invert-On

1050 days 8 hours ago - It's been six years since Hitman: Blood Money and, without naming names, we've had to deal with a host of pretenders to the title of 'ultimate assa... | Review | PC


Naming Your Crew: Emotional Attachment in XCOM and Beyond

1051 days 2 hours ago - FTL, XCOM, Worms Armageddon - all let you create your team in whatever image you'd like. But why? Through connection, relation, customisation and c... | Opinion piece | PC


Devil May Cry, Fans May Too: Community Reaction to DmC

1052 days 8 hours ago - The upcoming entry in the Devil May Cry series is a little controversial. If by "little" we mean "widely" and by "controversial" we mean "hated". B... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Warhammer: Arcane Magic price drop - Now $3.99!

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes in this critically acclaimed Warhammer iOS game! | Promoted post
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