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DuelAnalogs-Mark of the Ninja Review

786 days 10 hours ago - "The amount of gaming you get for the price you pay makes this game worth every penny of its fifteen dollar price tag and then some. Its unique ble... | Review | PC


DuelAnalogs- Code of Princess Review

794 days 4 hours ago - "If you've got a 3DS and you’re looking for some different gameplay experiences I would be hard pressed to not recommend Code of Princess." -Duel A... | Review | 3DS


DuelAnalogs- Kairo Review | A Puzzle Game Unlike The Rest

796 days 19 hours ago - " Kairo is truly a game that is greater as a whole than the sum of its parts. Fans of puzzle games would be hard pressed to be disappointed and any... | Review | PC


DuelAnalogs-Dishonored Review

797 days 5 hours ago - DuelAnalogs-"The unique story and setting, satisfying and broad mechanics, and the emphasis on player creativity make this the single best first pe... | Review | PC


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DuelAnalogs- Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and her Pirates Booty Review

798 days 10 hours ago - DuelAnalogs- "With Borderlands 2 released only a few weeks ago, Gearbox seemed to really nail it with Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty. Capt... | Review | PC


DuelAnalogs- Resident Evil 6

799 days 21 hours ago - " With such an emphasis on trying to broaden its appeal to shooter fans, Resident Evil 6 has lost almost everything that made the series so great.... | Review | PC


DuelAnalogs-Borderlands 2 Review

801 days 15 hours ago - DuelAnalogs-Prepare to be amazed by the improvements made and the work put in to Borderlands 2. The majorly improved environments, new and old char... | Review | PC

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