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Japanator Games Week: The Pokemon Retrospective Part One

1137 days 21 hours ago - "The Pokémon series is a special one to very many of us. A lot of us grew up with it, and many of us never grew out of it. With five generations of... | Article | GameCube


Pokémon Conquest Review | IGN

1138 days 6 hours ago - "Pokémon Conquest represents an amalgamation of concepts that flat-out shouldn’t work together. The core Pokémon games have been taking the world b... | Review | Nintendo DS


Square Enix Finally Sheds Details on Dragon Quest X' 'Kids Time'

1140 days 3 hours ago - "As details for Square Enix's upcoming Wii/WiiU MMORPG Dragon Quest X started pouring in, the developers revealed that the game would have a specia... | News | Wii


Why Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Aren't on 3DS

1140 days 12 hours ago - The core Pokemon franchise has always been a little predictable. Upon the release of Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version, many fans of... | News | Nintendo DS


VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

"Dragon Quest X" Plushies Help You Net In-Game Items

1140 days 13 hours ago - Believe it or not, the cute critters pictured below are more than just plushies. Ok, they're technically just plushies, but both Omutsukkori and th... | News | Wii


Best Role-Playing Games for Android

1142 days ago - "As kids, we had huge and vivid imaginations. We thought of having supernatural powers, or being the greatest hero that saved the day. You can reli... | Opinion piece | Mobile


VIDEO: The Horrors of "Super Modern Mario Bros."

1142 days 2 hours ago - The original Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo laid the groundwork for much of platforming, and home console gaming in general, to follow. But what if... | Video | Retro


E3 2012: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Impressions [RPG Site]

1142 days 8 hours ago - David Kreinberg writes:"Over at the Square Enix booth, we took a look at Theartrythm Final Fantasy, a rhythm compilation of some of the series most... | Preview | 3DS


E3 2012: Final Fantasy XIV Developer Interview

1143 days 3 hours ago - "Looking back at Final Fantasy XIV one could say it was one of the most unprecedented games in recent memory. From falling flat on its face at laun... | Interview | PC


Zelda's Link Figma Figure Unveiled in Color

1143 days 15 hours ago - The figure maker Max Factory's official figma blog unveiled color images of its upcoming Link figma figure on Monday. A gray version of the figure... | Image | Wii


VIDEO: Four Decades of Video Games in Three Minutes

1145 days 15 hours ago - Appropriately timely for E3 week, Reverse Enginears' "A Brief History of Video Games" does what it says on the tin, in impressive fashion. The v... | Video | GameCube


E3 2012: Nintendo Repeating Past Mistakes?

1146 days 10 hours ago - Michael Revis writes:"So Nintendo’s conference has finally come and gone. The Nerd Reactor guys were in attendance and we all pretty much had the e... | Opinion piece | Wii U


E3 2012: Fable: The Journey Developer Interview

1146 days 13 hours ago - RPG Site:"Lionhead's Gary Carr has quite the illustrious career. After our interview I learned he was the brain behind the brilliant Theme Hospital... | Interview | Xbox 360


Final Fantasy Dimensions Mobile Game's Gameplay Video Streamed

1147 days ago - The video game news website IGN posted a hands-on gameplay video on Wednesday for Square Enix's upcoming release of the Final Fantasy Dimensions mo... | Video | Mobile


Kotaku: Here's How I Told Square Enix to Fix Final Fantasy

1148 days 13 hours ago - Brian Ashcraft writes:"In the wake of the euphoria surrounding Square Enix latest (and stunning) tech demo, the Tokyo-based game company launched a... | Opinion piece | PS3


Persona 4 Golden E3 Trailer

1149 days 15 hours ago - To go along with the Persona 4: Arena trailer that Atlus released for E3, a Persona 4: Golden has also gotten itself some special trailer treatment. | Trailer | PS Vita


"Persona 4 Arena" Gets Dated in North America and E3 Trailer

1149 days 15 hours ago - In a series of tweets tonight, Atlus USA has decided to drop a number of pieces of news regarding the upcoming Noth American release of Persona 4 A... | Trailer | Xbox 360


Dragon Quest X Start-Up Explained

1154 days 4 hours ago - On a special news post by Square Enix for this week and reported by andriasang, they have shown to players what the experience will be to start Dra... | News | Wii


Nintendo Reveals Perfect Link and Other Features for Pokémon Conquest

1154 days 18 hours ago - Nintendo has issued a press release announcing Perfect Link and other features for their upcoming DS title, Pokémon Conquest, as outlined below. | News | Nintendo DS


Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Site Opens

1155 days ago - Square Enix has revised their existing Final Fantasy Portal and instead has turned it into an outpost for all things 25th Anniversary celebration.... | News | PS2



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