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Five Things We Want from a Minecraft Sequel

2 hours ago - How to build upon the beloved franchise for a potential follow-up. | Opinion piece | Culture


Fulfillment Unlocked: The Value Behind Trophies and Achievements

4 days 13 hours ago - For some of us, getting trophies and achievements can be just as entertaining as playing the games they come from. | Opinion piece | Culture


The Ten Coolest BlazBlue Characters: Rebel Two

6 days ago - Gamemoir's Nick is back with the second round of his favorite characters from his favorite fighting series. | Opinion piece | PS3


Only Gamers Can Heal ‘The Rift’

6 days ago - An open letter to the gaming community on 'the rift' between players, the press, and non-gamers. | Opinion piece | Culture


Valve Partners With HTC To Create The Vive Virtual Reality Headset

Now - Valve has formed a relationship with Taiwanese smartphone and tablet maker HTC to help create a virtual reality headset called The Vive, which is p... | Promoted post

Is Telltale Biting Off More than it Can Chew?

7 days 8 hours ago - The problem with trying to tell too many tales. | Opinion piece | Culture


Fallout: New Vegas Holds the Keys to Making Fallout 4 Perfect

7 days 9 hours ago - For their next Fallout, Bethesda could do far worse than mimic the things New Vegas got right. | Opinion piece | Culture


The Order: 1886 and the Problem with Reviews

10 days 11 hours ago - The lukewarm reception of PlayStation’s exclusive The Order: 1886 reminds us how problematic reviewing a video game can be. | Opinion piece | PS4


Your Canon Isn’t as Important as a Community’s Creativity

10 days 15 hours ago - Mods can be great, but no one’s making you play them. | Opinion piece | PC


Town of Salem is Everything I Want in Multiplayer

12 days 1 hour ago - Town of Salem relies on mystery and communication, making it the perfect multiplayer game. | Opinion piece | PC


The Order: 1886 is Short, but that’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

12 days 12 hours ago - There's more to the quality of a game than its length. | Opinion piece | PS4


The Ten Coolest BlazBlue Characters: Rebel One

13 days 14 hours ago - Gamemoir's Nick unveils the first half of his list of favorite characters from the best fighting series of the last generation. | Opinion piece | PS3


Citizens of Earth – Finally a Tribute to Earthbound You Can Trust

13 days 14 hours ago - Gamers deserve more than a half-hearted Earthbound clone. They deserve the full heart. Vote Citizens of Earth and get all the heart you could ever... | Opinion piece | PC


Simplicity is Bliss – Why Games Shouldn’t be a Jack of All Trades

14 days 9 hours ago - Why bigger is not better, and more games should embrace the straightforward and narrow. | Opinion piece | Culture


The Rise Of Streaming and Why We Love to Watch It

14 days 10 hours ago - Steaming has grown massively in recent years, but why? Gamemoir looks at some of the reasons here. | Opinion piece | Culture


Law & Disorder: How SVU Missed the Mark on #GamerGate

16 days 3 hours ago - A Law & Order episode exploring #GamerGate sensationalizes serious problems with misogyny in video gaming, and leaves much to be desired for gamers. | Opinion piece | Culture


How Life is Strange Takes Away The Tension of Decision Making

17 days 8 hours ago - Life is Strange pulls off a great mystery but reveals too much about the choices you make. | Opinion piece | PC


Five Vital Lessons I Learned from Playing too Many RPGs

20 days 1 hour ago - Who says video games aren’t educational? Translating success in RPGs to real life happiness. | Opinion piece | Culture


Five Things I'd Like to See in Watch Dogs 2

21 days 8 hours ago - After the disappointing Watch Dogs, there’s still hope for the future if Ubisoft integrates these features in the sequel. | Opinion piece | Culture


Life is Strange, but Realistic

21 days 8 hours ago - Dontnod’s first episodic adventure has its flaws, but its female protagonists are surprisingly realistic nevertheless. | Opinion piece | PC


Why we Should be Excited for Treyarch's Next Call of Duty

21 days 9 hours ago - It’s 2015 and they’re back in black. Here’s why the Black Ops developer could be just what the series needs. | Opinion piece | Culture


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post
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