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Alien: Isolation — Like Alien Without People

12 minutes ago - Alien made us fear for its heroes. Alien: Isolation makes us forget them. | Opinion piece | PC


Pre-Ordering Games: I’m Part of the Problem

2 days 16 hours ago - Gamemoir's Stephen discusses why he pre-orders the collector's edition of games despite knowing he shouldn't. | Opinion piece | Culture


The Elder Scrolls Online: Now You have My Attention

2 days 22 hours ago - Dropping subscriptions fees is the best move for everyone, including Bethesda. | Opinion piece | PC


Why Call of Duty is Like Basketball and Battlefield is Like Soccer

2 days 22 hours ago - Battlefield’s European origins and Call of Duty’s American roots shine through in how they play. | Opinion piece | Culture


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

The Appeal of Nintendo’s Amiibo Figures is their Scarcity

3 days 11 hours ago - How scarcity has driven demand for Nintendo’s figurines. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


You Don’t Need A Nintendo Console to Love Amiibos

3 days 20 hours ago - Why one gamer decided to start collecting these little statues even though he doesn't own a Wii U or 3DS. | Opinion piece | Wii U


Evolve’s Pre-Order Bonuses aren’t Incentives, they’re Just Plain Silly

4 days 10 hours ago - Gamemoir's Paul talks about how outlandish pre-orders have become in the gaming world. | Opinion piece | PC


Europa Universalis 4 Adding Fabled El Dorado With New Expansion

5 days 11 hours ago - The expansion will be available next month for PC, Mac, and Linux. | Video | PC


Confessions of a New 3DS Customer

5 days 22 hours ago - Is there such a thing as too much 3DS? Gamemoir's Nick D. doesn’t think so! | Opinion piece | 3DS


Pride, Prejudice, and Perversion: A Virtual Trip to Akiba

5 days 22 hours ago - How a sketchy low-budget open world game perfected the art of nerdbaiting while making strip kung-fu a thing. | Opinion piece | PS3


The Difficulty of Crafting Good Game Dialogue

6 days 17 hours ago - And why, sometimes, developers shouldn’t even try. | Opinion piece | PC


After Grand Theft Auto V: Five Other Games that Would be Awesome in First Person

6 days 17 hours ago - Third person games have their advantages but sometimes you can’t help but wonder how they’d look in first person. Here are five games which might b... | Opinion piece | Culture


Dragon Age Inquisition and the Need for Editing in Games

11 days 16 hours ago - People complain about content being cut from games, but it’s not always a bad thing. As Dragon Age Inquisition and Assassin's Creed Unity show, big... | Opinion piece | PC


High Rezed Childhood: My Time with the 3DS

11 days 16 hours ago - What happens when someone who hasn’t touched a Nintendo console in years, suddenly picks up one of their most recent? | Opinion piece | 3DS


Crash and Burn: Could BioWare’s Multiplayer Fail Be a Sign of the Gaming Apocalypse?

12 days 9 hours ago - Is Dragon Age Inquisition's bland multiplayer a reflection of the industry as a whole? | Opinion piece | PC


These Grand Theft Auto 5 Skydives are Incredible

13 days 2 hours ago - RedKeyMon shows off some insane Grand Theft Auto Online skydives in this video. | Video | PC


Why More Open World Games is a Bad Thing

13 days 2 hours ago - Open world games are becoming dominant in the video game industry. Is this good, or is a backlash coming that could threaten the sub-genre’s existe... | Opinion piece | Culture


Five Movies that Seem Like They Would Make Great Games – That Wouldn’t

13 days 17 hours ago - Everybody has their favorite game that they want to see turned into a movie. Here are four that would be an unexpected disaster. | Opinion piece | Culture


Three Games that Probably Won’t Live Up to the Hype this Year

13 days 23 hours ago - Why No Man’s Sky, The Order 1886, and Tom Clancy’s The Division may not be as good as people hope. | Opinion piece | PC


Under the Radar: The Hidden Gems of 2014

18 days 8 hours ago - Smaller games deserve your attention just as much as the big hitters do. | Opinion piece | Culture


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post
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