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Developer Commentary In Video Games: Why’s There Not More of That Then?

18 hours ago - Have you ever played a game and thought, 'Gee, I'd really like to have this atmosphere puzzle interrupted by what the developer thought about it'?... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Division is One Big Open Invitation to Fatigued Destiny

18 hours ago - Watch out Bungie, Ubisoft wants your fan-base. Say what you will about Ubisoft, they’re pretty in touch with the state of play and know exactly wha... | Opinion piece | Destiny


Final Fantasy did not Fail Worse Than Any Franchise Ever - A Rebuttal

2 days 22 hours ago - Gamemoir's Nick D. examines Cracked's recent article on the failure of the Final Fantasy series and highlights the problems with that article's fac... | Opinion piece | Final Fantasy


Why I'm Not Here for Dark Souls

4 days 10 hours ago - Gamemoir's Bryan digs into why the much-lauded Dark Souls series just doesn't gel with him. | Opinion piece | Dark Souls


N4G Game of the Year Awards Nomination Contest

Now - Help us create our Game of the Year nominee list and you could win one of five $100 Amazon Gift Cards. | Promoted post

Fallout 4 and the Curse of Bethesda's Refusal to Change

10 days 11 hours ago - Gamemoir's Nick D. examines Bethesda's history as a developer and highlights the developer's seemingly proud refusal to evolve its series. | Opinion piece | Bethesda Game Studios


Why Gamers Should be Clamoring for Dragon’s Dogma 2

10 days 21 hours ago - 2012’s sleeper hit seemed poised to become a major JRPG franchise. So why is there no proper sequel yet? | Opinion piece | Dragon's Dogma 2


Remembering Papo & Yo: A Game About Monsters and Memories

11 days 3 hours ago - Papo & Yo generated much attention on release but now, three years on, it's become largely forgotten. Gamemoir's Mitch delves back into this flawed... | Opinion piece | Papo & Yo


Metroid: Zero Mission - A Lackluster Farewell to 2D Metroid Games

16 days 10 hours ago - Gamemoir's Nick D. takes a look at Metroid: Zero Mission and laments that it was the ending point of such a great legacy. | Opinion piece | Wii U


Five Gaming Moments that Had Us Crying Buckets

16 days 14 hours ago - Who's been cutting the onions? These games have tears running down our faces. Has a video game ever made you cry? If the answer to that question is... | Opinion piece | Metal Gear Solid


Memoir En Code: What Came First - The Music Or The Memory?

16 days 14 hours ago - Memoir En Code is an autobiographical game about birthday parties, exam conundrums, and sleepy boys who go on pirate adventures. | Opinion piece | Memoir En Code


Wasteland 2 Shows Modern RPGs How to Party

24 days 9 hours ago - The sequel to Fallout's spiritual predecessor brings back the long lost feature of hardcore party-building. | Opinion piece | Wasteland 2


Why I Couldn’t Finish Undertale

25 days 23 hours ago - An underwhelming tale or why Gamemoir's Alex honestly couldn’t understand why Undertale has been applauded as the best thing to happen to RPGs in y... | Opinion piece | Undertale


10 Ultra Exciting Indie Games that Would be Crazy to Miss in 2016

25 days 23 hours ago - Gamemoir's Mitch picks 10 upcoming indie games coming out in 2016, so you can pin them to your figurative drawing and have no excuses for forgettin... | Opinion piece | PC


Prepare to Feel Old: 10 Games Turning 10 in 2016

35 days 11 hours ago - With 2016 now upon us, we look back at ten games which will be a decade old this year. | Article | Hitman: Blood Money


How Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Combat Proves that JRPGs Still Work

38 days 16 hours ago - Gamemoir's Nick D. looks at the combat system in Xenoblade Chronicles X and explains how it shows that there's still life left in the aging JRPG ge... | Opinion piece | Xenoblade Chronicles X


Brechtian Overload in Dr Langeskov, The Tiger, And The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist

39 days 16 hours ago - William Pugh, co-creator of The Stanley Parable, catches us yet again in another one of his devious conversations about the game-playing process. G... | Opinion piece | William Pugh


Fallout 4’s Story: A Great Set-Up Lost Amid A Muddled Execution

39 days 18 hours ago - Fallout 4 kicks off with a bang, but ends with... well, too many other bangs. | Opinion piece | Fallout 4


The Cost of Failure: Five Harsh Ways Gaming Makes You Pay for Your Mistakes

44 days 2 hours ago - Gaming is supposed to be fun, but some developers are determined to bring us pain. You know the old saying: you can’t win ‘em all? Gamers tend to t... | Opinion piece | Culture


Five Strangely Adult Moments in Kids’ Games

44 days 22 hours ago - Some of our favorite childhood games weren't quite as innocent as we remember. | Opinion piece | Super Mario RPG


Is Roguelike the Genre for Aging Gamers?

46 days 20 hours ago - Gamemoir's Nick D. examines the connection with the rise of popularity of the roguelike genre and the increase of adult gamers. | Opinion piece | Culture


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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