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Udon’s Breath of Fire Art Book Covers All Five Games

71 days 3 hours ago - Udon Entertainment have published a Breath of Fire: Official Complete Works art book in the US. The book costs $40 (although, you can grab it for $... | News | Retro


SNK Filed A Criminal Lawsuit Against Square Enix For Copyright Infringement

133 days 21 hours ago - SNK and Square Enix are in a dispute, and we don’t mean in a friendly cross-over fighter, either. SNK recently filed a criminal lawsuit against Squ... | News | Industry


Watch Tales of Zestiria second trailer

236 days 1 hour ago - Bandai Namco Games released the second official trailer for Tales of Zestiria at Niconico Super Conference 3 in Chiba. | Trailer | PS3


Tales of RPGs Are Growing In The West Says Bandai Namco

238 days 2 hours ago - At Bandai Namco’s Global Gamer’s Day event, Siliconera spoke with product manager Dennis Lee about the reception of the Tales of series of RPGs in... | Interview | PS3


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Don’t Jump The Gun Yet, A New Wild Arms Might Be Possible

258 days 23 hours ago - Sony Computer Entertainment producer Kentaro Motomura recently spoke with Famitsu in this week’s issue of the magazine about the possibility of see... | Rumor | PS3


Deception IV: Blood Ties detailed, debut trailer

419 days 22 hours ago - has gone up with its online preview for Deception IV: Blood Ties, coming to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on February 27 in Japan and next... | News | PS3


Destiny Of Spirits, Vita Monster Collecting RPG, Kicks Off Global Beta On October 24

440 days ago - Destiny of Spirits from Q Entertainment and Sony’s Japan Studio is a monster battling game for PlayStation Vita. What’s unique about the game is th... | News | PS Vita


Patapon Director Is Making PS4 Strategy RPG Natural Doctrine

450 days ago - Kadokawa Games formed a new studio to develop games in-house and their first title is a PS4/PS3/Vita strategy RPG called Natural Doctrine. Patapon... | News | PS3


999 And Virtue’s Last Reward Creator Chats About Suspenseful Visual Novels

566 days 22 hours ago - Now that Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is available for iOS it’s the perfect time to share the chat we had with Zero Escape series creator K... | Interview | Mobile


Drakengard 3′s Four Apostles Got First Glimpse

580 days 15 hours ago - Yesterday, we reported on Drakengard 3’s Apostles, who serve as Zero’s support units in battle and also as her… um… personal man-things. Now you ca... | News | PS3


Drakengard 3′s Lead Character Is Rather Promiscuous

581 days 15 hours ago - We recently reported that Drakengard 3’s protagonist, Zero, will have other allies aside from dragons to help fight on the battlefield. They’re mal... | News | PS3


The Rise of Squaresoft Localization

1328 days 7 hours ago - 1UP ~ How Richard Honeywood helped the house of Final Fantasy go from incoherent to incomparable. | News | Tech

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