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Help LightBox Interactive Employees Find Work

696 days 13 hours ago - After the massive layoff at LightBox Interactive, the team behind Starhawk, SRN is looking to help the team find new work and their asking the gami... | Article | PS3


Crystal White PlayStation Vita Available Now, in Hong Kong

851 days 17 hours ago - Sony has announced the Crystal White PlayStation Vita for Hong Kong as well, after offering the handheld in Japan. Will the US get in on the colore... | News | PS Vita


Naughty Dog Reveals New Look for Ellie, from The Last of Us. Is it Good?

853 days 1 hour ago - Naughty Dog reveals a new look for Ellie, one of the playable characters in 'The Last of Us,' the PlayStation 3 exclusive title. | Screenshot | PS3


The PlayStation Archives – Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

860 days 13 hours ago - We take a look back at the PlayStation 2 classic wrestling game, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, featuring customizable characters and leagues. | Preview | PS2


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Hanging With David Hayter (aka Solid Snake)

867 days 14 hours ago - Our very own Jan Hutchings spent some time with David Hayter, voice actor behind Metal Gear's Solid Snake and writer of movies like X-Men, X2: X-Me... | Opinion piece | Culture


Editorial: The Top Apps That Should Be On The PlayStation Vita

887 days 16 hours ago - At SRN, we discuss the top apps that should be on the PlayStation Vita which include YouTube and Instagram. | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Editorial: Why I Support Raychul Moore As the Maxim Gamer Girl and Why You Should Too

894 days 19 hours ago - There's been plenty of talk about the Maxim Gamer Girl but at SRN, we tell you why you should put your support behind one contestant, Raychul Moore. | Opinion piece | Culture


Editorial: Hey MSNBC, Quit Making Sh*t Up, PS4 Will Not Be Called Orbis

896 days 17 hours ago - SRN Editorial: Hey MSNBC, quit making bullish*t store about the PS4 being called the Orbis and presenting them as fact. | Opinion piece | PS3


SonyRumors: Journey Review

899 days 17 hours ago - See why we call Journey, the absolutely the best that videogames have to offer. | Review | PS Vita


Metal Gear Series Retrospective

908 days 16 hours ago - Metal Gear series has recently sold over 31 million units. SonyRumors Metal Gear series retrospective takes a look back at where the series has been. | Opinion piece | PS2


Editorial: Why Sony Needs To Make SOCOM: Tactical Strike 2 For the PS Vita (poll)

914 days 15 hours ago - SonyRumors dives into what SOCOM Tactical Strike 2 For the PS Vita might be like and why Sony, along with Slant Six Games needs to make this game.... | Opinion piece | PSP


SonyRumors Editorial: Why the PS Vita Benefits from Having Both Physical and Digital Downloads

915 days 12 hours ago - Editorials: Why the PlayStation Vita benefits from having both physical and digital downloads for its games. | Opinion piece | Tech


SonyRumors: Introducing ‘Community Spotlight’ With Guest Meredith Molinari

917 days 23 hours ago - Introducing 'Community Spotlight', a new segment where you get to have your questions answered by industry members. Meredith Molinari, model and ho... | Article | Industry


SonyRumors: PlayStation Vita Cradle Review (video)

925 days 17 hours ago - We give you our review of the PlayStation Vita Cradle, available now for $19.99 which features a USB and line out for your PS Vita. | Review | PS Vita


SonyRumors 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Preview

927 days 19 hours ago - Set to release in Spring of 2012, we give in an in depth preview of Aliens: Colonial Marines for the PlayStation 3. | Preview | PS3


Sony: “Vita Cards Necessary To Fight Piracy”

932 days 17 hours ago - Sony thinks that the PlayStation Vita cards are necessary to fight and help prevent privacy on the PS Vita. | News | Tech


Our PlayStation Vita 3G EU Unboxing

935 days 15 hours ago - Our newest team member Gar, gives you a video unboxing of the PlayStation Vita 3G EU edition. | Preview | Tech


Retro City Rampage Preview – Coming To A PS3 And Vita Near You

936 days 14 hours ago - Our Retro City Rampage preview which is coming to a PS3 and PS Vita near you! Don't know about the game? Then read away about this unique game. | Preview | PS3


Editorial: How I Accidentally Bought a PlayStation Vita

937 days ago - Our coverage of the PlayStation Vita and its West Coast launch and a tale of how I accidentally purchased a PlayStation Vita, thus continuing my st... | Opinion piece | Tech


Twisted Metal Server Status Update

943 days 6 hours ago - David Jaffe gives players an update on the Twisted Metal Server status and when they can expect a fix for the games online component. | News | PS3


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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