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Nintendo... seriously, the 2DS?

772 days 21 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "Let's think about this for a second, because I seriously think this is something worth thinking about for a second. Today, at t... | Opinion piece | 3DS


What Champions did Riot add to League of Legends before adding a black person?

777 days 13 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "When League of Legends released in 2009 it only had 40 playable Champions, but in the years (and tens of millions of users) sin... | Article | PC


EA, your SimCity is broke

947 days 9 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "I've been putting a lot of time into SimCity over the past few nights, whenever the temperamental servers would permit it. I'm... | Opinion piece | PC


BioWare should release an alternate ending to Mass Effect 3

1138 days 1 hour ago - GamesRadar writers: "I actually loved the ending of Mass Effect 3. Seriously, I really did. I loved that Shepard got dealt a bad hand and didn’t kn... | Opinion piece | PC


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Dota 2 hero roster - Find the character that's right for you

1197 days 20 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "Valve is breathing new life into one of the most addictive and competitive mods of all time, taking the Warcraft III map Defens... | Article | PC


Why Xbox SmartGlass could help Nintendo more than it does Microsoft

1222 days 19 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "Today, Microsoft revealed SmartGlass, a technology that can turn almost any touchscreen device into an extension of the Xbox 36... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


7 reasons we're totally ready for the next-generation to start

1225 days 20 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "With E3 right around the corner, the gaming industry is abuzz with rumors and speculation on the next-generation of console gam... | Opinion piece | Wii U


How to get to Whimsyshire - Diablo III's Secret Cow level

1239 days 6 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "In the original Diablo, rumors of a “secret cow level” spurred on conspiracy theories that, eventually, led to the creation of... | Article | PC


What would the original 151 Pokemon taste like?

1246 days 3 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "As we discussed when we wrote about The Top 7 Most disturbing things about the Pokemon universe, the humans of Kanto, Johto, Ho... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Mario Tennis Open review (GamesRadar.com)

1247 days 7 hours ago - GamesRadar: "Mario and his friends have been trying their fat, cartoony hands at a number of different sports and activities for years, though it’s... | Review | 3DS


Diablo III - 13 reasons to get excited for the highly anticipated sequel

1247 days 22 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "It almost doesn’t feel real – in less than a week, we’ll be playing the finished version of Diablo III after years of fervent e... | Opinion piece | PC


15 3D Classics we want to see on 3DS

1248 days 6 hours ago - GamesRadar: "Ever since Nintendo announced its 3D Classics initiative for the 3DS eShop, our imaginations have been working in overdrive dreaming o... | Article | 3DS


The Top 7... Villains that need their own spin-off games

1250 days 20 hours ago - GamesRadar: "Bowser had Inside Story, Doctor Robotnik had Mean Bean Machine - heck, even the Big Daddy ended up being the star of BioShock 2. Villa... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Review: Varus League of Legends Champion Roundtable (GamesRadar)

1253 days 6 hours ago - Every few weeks, Riot Games launches a new champion for League of Legends, and the community immediately erupts into endless debate. Some will alwa... | Review | PC


The 13 Diablo II features we’ll nostalgically miss in Diablo III

1254 days 11 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "The release of Diablo III will effectively close the book of Diablo II. Back in the day, we played Diablo II like it was our jo... | Opinion piece | PC


The Elder Scrolls Online - What we want from Bethesda's Elder Scrolls MMO

1254 days 13 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "We'll admit - we're actually surprised. The Elder Scrolls Online has been revealed, and it's been in development over at Bethes... | Opinion piece | PC


Best Sega Game Gear games of all time

1270 days 18 hours ago - GamesRadar: "The Sega Game Gear. With its 8-bit processor and bright color screen, it was basically the Sega Master system in your hands. How many... | Opinion piece | Retro


Best Game Boy games of all time

1271 days ago - GamesRadar writes: "After experimenting with the relatively simple Game & Watch titles in the early 1980s, Nintendo was ready to have the kind of s... | Opinion piece | Retro


Adventure Time game - 31 things we want from WayForward's algebraic DS game

1278 days 9 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "Adventure Time is being made into a game - finally! With A Boy and His Blob and Shantae: Risky's Revenge developer WayForward a... | Article | Nintendo DS


Kinect Star Wars dancing mode – why we’re totally, completely cool with it

1282 days 11 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "A few days ago, video from Kinect Star Wars leaked onto the web, showing a grinning Han Solo dancing to a song aptly titled “I’... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post
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