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Wondering About: Watch_Dogs

322 days 3 hours ago - Taking control of a 21st century vigilante who can control pretty much all electronics in a future Chicago sounds thrilling. With a press of Aiden... | Opinion piece | PS4


What A Kinect-Free Xbox One Means To Sony

322 days 4 hours ago - Microsoft stunned the gaming community today when they announced that starting June 9 a new Xbox One SKU would be available for $399 and that it wo... | Opinion piece | PS4


Don't Starve Review | PS Nation

448 days 23 hours ago - Don’t Starve drops the player into a procedurally-generated environment, harsh and cold, and your only goal is to survive as long as possible. If y... | Review | PS4


Win items from the Perfect Day commercial

525 days 21 hours ago - Have you checked your email recently? Did you have an email from Sony? Well keep checking. It will take you to the Greatness Exchange website where... | News | PS4


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

PS Addiction Podcast - Ep20

615 days 2 hours ago - For the 20th episode of PS Addiction Podcast, Will and Kyle bring the latest in the PlayStation world straight to your ear holes. Listen in as we t... | Podcast | PS3


Wishful Thinking: Nintendo on Playstation

624 days 23 hours ago - Matt dives head first into the debate of Nintendo releasing their treasured franchises on other systems besides their own. With the WIiU's future l... | Opinion piece | PS4


The Chair: The Last of Us multiplayer

628 days ago - Here we go, another article about The Last of Us. Aren’t you bored with these yet? Haven’t all the articles covered basically the same things? “Oh,... | Opinion piece | PS3


Missed out on pre-ordering the PS4? No problem

628 days 10 hours ago - For those that don’t know, the PS4 is pre-ordering like hotcakes. It seems everywhere you go, companies are complete sold out of their pre-order nu... | Article | PS3


Non-ProTips: The Last of Us multiplayer

635 days 19 hours ago - Now that the game has been out for a couple of weeks, most people have been able to dive into the multiplayer and get a feel for the slow, methodic... | Article | PS3


PS Addiction Podcast - Ep19

643 days 2 hours ago - Nate isn’t with us this week, so Kyle and WIll talk a ton about The Last of Us – without spoiling anything of course. Then we dive into some news a... | Podcast | PSP


The Last of Us Review | PS Addiction

643 days 23 hours ago - The Last of Us is not for everyone. It’s a harrowing, brutal game, complemented by bursts of extreme violence and filled to the brim with despair... | Review | PS3


Fuse Review | PS Addiction

665 days 22 hours ago - Futuristic weapons, smart-ass one-liners, four player co-op, team kill bonuses – all of those sound exciting, right? The newest title from Insomnia... | Review | Xbox 360


Metro: Last Light Review | PS Addiction

679 days 3 hours ago - Metro: Last Light brings with it a whole new definition of depression. The world, or at least what you can see, has gone through a nuclear devastat... | Review | PC


Indies Can Save The Vita

713 days 7 hours ago - Over the last month the PlayStation Vita has received a ton of great news. Unlike its previous year in existence, this year is shaping up to be ver... | Article | PS Vita


Analysis Of New Dark Souls II Information

718 days 13 hours ago - PS Addiction takes a look at all the new info that was released about Dark Souls II and finds a few interesting things. | Article | Xbox 360


BioShock Infinite Review: a masterpiece | PS Addiction

722 days 1 hour ago - Bow down to the king. BioShock Infinite, being one of the last major games of this generation before the new consoles come out, is one of the very... | Review | PS3


PS Addiction Podcast - Ep13 - BioShockingly Infinite

728 days 3 hours ago - Episode 13 of the PS Addiction Podcast is here and unlike previous episodes, this one is bioshockingly infinite in its awesomeness. | Podcast | PSP


Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Review | PS Addiction

729 days 10 hours ago - Army of Two has always been a series that has known what it was meant to be; a fun, co-op, over-the-top, chaotic, tongue-n-cheek shooter. It was im... | Review | Xbox 360


Where is the next Xbox?

733 days 10 hours ago - What is Microsoft doing? Sony has been releasing news about the PlayStation 4 for over a month now without any competition in the next-gen arena fr... | Opinion piece | PS4


Defiance beta Impressions

734 days 9 hours ago - Trion Worlds and SyFy are about to release their cross-media series, Defiance. Leading up to the April 2nd launch of the game portion, players have... | Preview | PC


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