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"Setting the bars high so people might as well set theirs low"

Activision warns of Xbox 720, PlayStation 4 'uncertainties'

936 days 19 hours ago - Activision's president and chief executive Bobby Kotick has warned investors that the upcoming launch of Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's next-... | News | PS4


The truth behind GTA V six-disc Xbox 360 game

936 days 21 hours ago - Society&Religion: People keep acting like GTA V is going to be around 30 to 40 GB but honestly we do not see it being over 14 GB but lets just s... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


PS4? New Xbox? Nah, it’s the little games that matter

936 days 22 hours ago - There’s a tiny orange box moving around the screen of the PlayStation Vita. Its name is Chris. It is an ordinary square — perhaps even less than or... | Opinion piece | PS4


Analyst: PS4 Projected to Outsell Xbox 720 2-to-1

937 days 10 hours ago - The internet has been overloaded with both Xbox 720 and PS4 news in the past few weeks and an online retailer is now weighing in on the competition... | Opinion piece | PS4


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Mike Bithell Hints At “Something Aesthetic” On DualShock 4 We Don’t Know About

938 days 11 hours ago - Thomas Was Alone is the start of something big for Sony – we said so ourselves – the game scoring a smashing 9 squares out of 10 in our review.... | Article | PS4


CVG- New Battlefield 4 screenshots released following social challenge

938 days 15 hours ago - A promotional poster allegedly obtained from an EB Games Australia store recently listed a Battlefield 4 release date of October 31, along with man... | Image | PC


David Cage: “I’m not creating products, I’m trying to create experiences”

938 days 20 hours ago - Heavy Rain was received with mixed reactions when it launched in 2010, and creator David Cage has shed light on why making a sequel was the last th... | Article | PS3


Nintendo's Difficult Path Forward

940 days 3 hours ago - Nintendo's latest annual results, announced last week, were disappointing in many ways. On Thursday its global president Satoru Iwata used his pres... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


David Cage On DualShock 4 & Beyond: Two Souls

940 days 3 hours ago - David Cage: “One of the features of the PlayStation 4 controller is the touchpad, for instance. These new features are very interesting to us bec... | Interview | PS3


RaceNet: Grid's 2 secret weapon

940 days 16 hours ago - By today’s relentless release cycle, Codemasters took its sweet time with Grid 2. Where Activision pummels gamers with a new Call of Duty each and... | Interview | PC


Game consoles vs. mobile devices: Is console gaming on life support?

940 days 16 hours ago - Some are already chiseling RIP on a tombstone for consoles, but in reality mobile devices aren’t yet ready to seriously compete with consoles. | Opinion piece | Wii


Potentially brilliant: Vita’s wasted 3G dreams

942 days 9 hours ago - I really like the Vita, as I’ve mentioned many times. There aren’t enough games, which is a shame, because it’s a lovely little device. I love play... | Opinion piece | PS4


Peter Molyneux on the next Xbox: “I don’t want another way of looking at Facebook”

943 days 19 hours ago - Microsoft should concentrate on games rather than chase the ‘connected entertainment’ dream with its next Xbox, says 22cans boss Peter Molyneux.... | Article | Xbox 720


The Aliens Colonial Marines Lawsuit Is Wrong

944 days 6 hours ago - Aliens: Colonial Marines will likely be remembered as one of the biggest disappointments of this generation of gaming. Sega and developer Gearbox h... | Opinion piece | PC


Opinion: What Makes the PS4 a Supercharged PC

944 days 6 hours ago - As the war between console manufacturers heat up, PlayStation 4's lead architect tells us how Sony has improved the next generation console. Mic... | Opinion piece | PS4


E3 2013 Press Conferences: PS4, Xbox, Ubisoft and more

944 days 6 hours ago - Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony traditionally hold large press conferences before the E3 conference begins. This page contains the schedules for those... | Article | Xbox 360


Nintendo boss says company must give gamers better value for money

944 days 8 hours ago - Nintendo says it is becoming more difficult to satisfy consumers willing to spend money on full price games. The Japanese company's president Sator... | Article | Wii


E3 2013: Expected and Rumours

944 days 8 hours ago - The three E's of E3 stand for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Hosted by the Entertainment Software Association, or ESA, it's an annual sneak pee... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Which Xbox 720 and PS4 Releases Should Highlight the Next-Gen?

944 days 9 hours ago - LatinosPosts: With the next generation of consoles getting closer and closer, the slate will be swept clean for many franchises and studios as t... | Opinion piece | PS4


Why Is Everyone Being So Sketchy About The New Call of Duty On Wii U?

944 days 9 hours ago - Kotaku: You might have heard today's big news: the next Call of Duty is called Ghosts, and it's coming to current- and next-generation platforms... | Opinion piece | Wii U


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