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6 things that made the Game Boy great

377 days ago - BT Games: "To celebrate 25 years since the launch of the original Game Boy, we take a look at the six things that made Nintendo’s handheld a legend." | Opinion piece | Retro


"Was the Game Boy the greatest handheld ever made? I don’t know"

378 days 11 hours ago - BT Games: "A quarter of a century since its launch, Ian Dransfield still has a fondness for Nintendo’s chunky grey lump of plastic and its monochro... | Opinion piece | Retro


How the London Underground saved Skylanders

382 days 18 hours ago - Toys for Bob, creator of the Skylanders series, has revealed how Transport for London inadvertently offered a springboard to success. | News | Wii


6 great series that lost the plot

383 days 22 hours ago - It seems that even the most respected series in the world can take story-based missteps. Here are six of the worst offenders. | Opinion piece | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Reports of Vita’s death are greatly exaggerated

384 days 2 hours ago - BT Games: "Roundly dismissed in the hallowed halls of the internet, Ian Dransfield says that, actually, Sony’s handheld is on a pretty strong footi... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Politicians to face off in Starcraft II tournament

384 days 19 hours ago - Swedish politicians put election debates to one side and settle their differences over a game of Starcraft II. | News | PC


"Carrots are a crime against humanity" - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil review | BT Games

384 days 19 hours ago - A tie-in game with a limited shelf-life, can Fifa World Cup justify its price tag? | Review | Xbox 360


We’re not evil, says Candy Crush creator

384 days 22 hours ago - King executive responds to furore over its practices by telling critics ‘we’re a really nice company’. | News | Mobile


Distinctly Moyesish – Football Manager Vita review | BT Games

386 days 14 hours ago - While it is a case of a full-sized management simulator in your pocket, it feels like FMC 2014 should have stayed in the realms of less portable de... | Review | PS Vita


The 6 free-est free games

386 days 19 hours ago - BT Games: "Free-to-play isn’t always what it says on the tin, so we’ve found six of our favourite freebies that don’t pick your pocket." | Opinion piece | PC


Lego's top six trips to the movies

386 days 19 hours ago - BT Games: "The blocky blighters have lovingly recreated a lot of our favourite films, but which are the best Lego movie tie-ins?" | Opinion piece | Wii


5 dead series in need of revival

392 days 10 hours ago - BT Games: "The return of Carmageddon has reminded us of all those games franchises that were killed off before their time. Here are five classics i... | Opinion piece | Retro


Gaming's greatest FMV sequences

393 days 16 hours ago - BT Games: "There was a time when full-motion video sequences were the cutting edge of gaming. That time was the 1990s, and here are our favourite m... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Amy Hennig is perfect for Star Wars

395 days 18 hours ago - BT Games: "She’s respected enough already, but Ian Dransfield has a few reasons why Amy Hennig as creative director on Star Wars games is perfect." | Opinion piece | Culture


The 8 games that last forever

398 days 20 hours ago - BT Games: "Most games have an ending; a limit to their structure. But some just go on forever. Here are our favourite everlasting adventures." | Opinion piece | Culture


The 6 most boring jobs in games

399 days 23 hours ago - In games you can be anything you could imagine – yet some of the best fun comes from taking on the most boring of jobs. | Opinion piece | Culture


How gaming is good for your health

400 days 2 hours ago - From curing lazy eye and reducing cravings to keeping pensioners nimble, video gaming can have positive effects on your wellbeing. | Article | Culture


Five signs your mum’s a secret gamer

400 days 6 hours ago - Before you hand over the chocs and flowers this Mother’s Day, consult our essential guide to see if your mum would prefer a wireless headset and eS... | Opinion piece | Culture


The changing face of gaming controversy

404 days 10 hours ago - BT Games: "For as long as games have been around, there’s been controversy. We take a look back at some of the most high-profile gaming disputes." | Opinion piece | Culture


The godfathers of indie gaming

405 days 17 hours ago - BT Games: "We take a look at the six titles that have changed and modernised indie gaming as we know it." | Opinion piece | PC


Toukiden Kiwami (PS4) Review

Now - Drew slays plenty of demons in his latest review. | Promoted post
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