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Android Kickstarter Weekly Wrap-up 6.5.13

718 days 14 hours ago - While most of the gaming focused Kickstarter world is paying attention to Double Fine’s Massive Chalice and Pencil Test Studio’s claymation video g... | Article | Android


Super Monkey Ball 2 Review - Monkeying Around (GameWoof)

719 days 15 hours ago - Super Monkey Ball was one of the first GameCube games that felt like a GameCube game to us. Sure, there were other early releases that were equal o... | Review | Android


Interview With Risen Games Creators of Core Dive (GameWoof)

725 days 9 hours ago - Risen Games has come out like gangbusters out of Boston with their first game challenging for king of the genre. Choosing to forego IAP,s their tit... | Interview | iPhone


Android Gaming Kickstarter Weekly Wrap-up (GameWoof)

726 days ago - Kickstarter has changed the way games are financed and created. No longer are developers dependent on giant publishers or risky loans to finance th... | Article | Android


The Witcher 3

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Core Dive Review (GameWoof)

727 days 8 hours ago - I have a bit of a confession. I love marble games, always have. Marble Madness on the NES, Super Monkey Ball on the Gamecube, that little wooden ga... | Review | Android


Paradox Interactive, creators of Leviathan Warships, talks the game and sexy boat puns

730 days 5 hours ago - Paradox Interactive is a development studio based in Stockholm. They focus on strategic and historical games, and their recent release of Leviathan... | Interview | PC


HEAVY sword review (GameWoof)

733 days 3 hours ago - There is no doubt that Mario remains the biggest face in gaming. Nintendo may no longer be the 800 pound gorilla it once was but the round plumber... | Review | Android


Great Big War Game Review (GameWoof)

733 days 8 hours ago - Great Big War Game is the third in what many consider the gold standard in turn based strategy games for mobile devices. The first two, Great Littl... | Review | Android


The Dark Knight Rises Review (GameWoof)

737 days ago - Back in the heyday of gaming (and by that I really mean my heyday) there were two seemingly universal rules to gaming. One was that if you couldn’t... | Review | Android


OUYA controller update: developer who fixed them talks, OUYA comments.

740 days 7 hours ago - On Tuesday we told you about problems that developers have continued to have with the OUYA controller since the first backer units started shipping... | News | Android


GameScoop: Additional Issues with OUYA controller

741 days 11 hours ago - Developers are expressing additional concerns over the OUYA’s controller directional stick the past few days, less than a week after OUYA announced... | News | Android


Leviathan: Warships Review (GameWoof)

742 days 10 hours ago - Leviathan: Warships is a Turn based strategy boat game boasting (or boating?) cross platform play for four different platforms. Allowing Android us... | Review | PC


Riptide GP Review (GameWoof)

742 days 16 hours ago - Riptide GP provides the definitive 3D Jet-ski racing experience on Android, but falls short of something special because of one inexcusable omission. | Review | Android


Battleheart Android Review -- Gamewoof

752 days 20 hours ago - Battleheart takes everything that we loved about Castle Crashers (minus the co-op) and gives it a brand new feel and a few extra levels of depth by... | Review | Android


Interview of Color Sheep creator Trinket Studios: GameWoof

755 days 11 hours ago - GameWoof interviews the president of Tinkerhouse games, the studio behind Color Sheep and Orion's Forge, Tom Eastman. (great game btw, and only 99c... | Interview | iPhone


GameWoof Reviews NOVA 3

755 days 12 hours ago - N.O.V.A. 3 is a Sci-Fi FPS shooter in the vein of HALO or Crysis. While being one of the most complete FPS games on Android, and features a vibrant... | Review | Android


Mega Run Review -- GameWoof

766 days 10 hours ago - Mega Run is an autorunner by Get Set Games and is the follow up to the widely popular Mega Jump. Previously released on iOS, Mega Run has just been... | Review | iPhone


GameWoof interviews Get Set Games, creators of Mega Run and Mega Jump.

768 days 4 hours ago - After releasing two simple games, Toronto based Get Set Games found pay dirt in the critical and commercial smash-hit Mega Jump. Not content to res... | Interview | iPhone


Asphalt 7 GameWoof review

768 days 17 hours ago - GameWoof reviews Asphalt 7 and explains that while it innovates nothing of consequence and the online matchmaking system leaves a lot to be desired... | Review | Arcade


GameWoof interviews Catequesis creators Pakarico and Curved Cat Games

774 days 14 hours ago - Catequesis creators Curved Cat Games and Pakarico Games take some time out from developing to discuss their inspirations, their OUYA and GameStick... | Interview | PC


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