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KungFu Quest Review | GameWoof

549 days 15 hours ago - Kung-Fu Quest does a lot of great things, it looks great, it provides simple touchscreen controls while adding depth with a novel idea, and the bat... | Review | iPhone


Frozen Synapse Review | GameWoof

550 days 14 hours ago - The first thing that has to be said is that if you don’t already own Frozen Synapse, you shouldn’t waste anymore time reading this review. You need... | Review | Android


Every Android Kickstarter of August

553 days 6 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof writes "this is every Android Kickstarter that has finished funding and was successful in the month of August. This is th... | Article | Android


Looking for a Hardcore Ninja Platformer? You Won’t have to Wait Long, Shadow Blade Trailer Released

553 days 22 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of Gamewoof writes "How many games are there on Android that involve Ninjas? You may as well ask how many stars there are in the sky.... | News | iPhone


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Bad Traffic Review | GameWoof

554 days 14 hours ago - Time-management games are all the rage on mobile devices. Everything from restaurants to airport security to raising Dragons has been done on touch... | Review | iPhone


Interview with Ken Lemons, Developer of Musical DNA, Software set to change the Musical world.

555 days 11 hours ago - Ken Lemons, the founder, CEO and inventor of MusicalDNA takes some time to answer questions from GameWoof. MusicalDNA is a sound recognition sof... | Interview | PC


Invisible Gamepad Review | GameWoof

558 days 17 hours ago - The Invisible Gamepad is an attempt to fix touch screen controls by attaching small transparant stickers onto touch screens. Ian DeMartino of GameW... | Review | iPhone


Scarab Tales Review | GameWoof

564 days 22 hours ago - Scarab Tales is an interesting little puzzle game in which the player controls from one to several of the little Egyptian beetles commonly known as... | Review | iPhone


Joyful Executions "Censored" Version Released for Android Phones

564 days 22 hours ago - Joyful Executions, the controversial North Korean Parody game that GameWoof has talked about in the past and reviewed and interviewed the developer... | News | iPhone


Pac-Man Dash! Review | GameWoof

565 days ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof reviews Pac-Man Dash! Praising its high speed gaming but slamming it on its IAP system saying "As far as Endless Runners... | Review | iPhone


Past Memories Hits Google Play

565 days 18 hours ago - Past Memories has been released by Give me Five on the Google Play Marketplace. Past Memories is another “runner” type game, but with some major tw... | News | iPhone


Top Five Android Kickstarters of August (so far)

567 days 9 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof writes "Kickstarters that support Android, I’ve begun to notice, come in waves. Of course there are always some useful or... | Article | Android


8-Bit Underpants talks their banned game, censorship and games as a political artform

568 days 15 hours ago - Joyful Executions is perhaps the most controversial game to grace mobile devices in a while. Focusing on a little North Korean girl who has been pr... | Interview | iPhone


Joyful Executions Review | GameWoof

568 days 16 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof writes "'Wow, that is messed up' was one of the more vanilla reactions I got when showing people the trailer for Joyful E... | Review | iPhone


VectorUnit explains Multiplayer Issues, Gives a Work-Around and Tells Us When it Will be Fixed

569 days 14 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof writes: "VectorUnit’s Riptide GP2 has been as close to universally praised by critics and fans alike as any racing game t... | News | iPhone


Anomaly 2 Announced for Mobile Devices, Trailer Released

570 days 10 hours ago - Anomaly and Anomaly: Korea are considered two of the best tower-offense titles available on Android. The true sequel to these two titles have been... | News | iPhone


Riptide GP2 Review | GameWoof

570 days 12 hours ago - Ian DeMartino of GameWoof reviews Vector Unit's newest racer Riptide GP2 and calls it "Probably the best racer available on Android." | Review | iPhone


Ehtonal’s VeeMix Plug-in Adds Custom Soundtracks to Unity, Android Version Announced

573 days 4 hours ago - Soundtracks are something often ignored by mobile game developers. Looping, short tracks that quickly have you reaching for the volume down button... | News | iPhone


Top Five Android Kickstarters of July

573 days 17 hours ago - Gamewoof takes a look at the top five successfully funded Android supported Kickstarters of the month of July | Opinion piece | Android


Super Jetpack Penguin Review (GameWoof)

575 days 13 hours ago - Quick Review of the newly released Android version of Super Jetpack Penguin. The bottom line: Super Jetpack Penguin melds a few different concep... | Review | iPhone


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (XB1) Review

Now - Ken buys too many costumes as Dead or Alive arrives on the new consoles. | Promoted post
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