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The PlayStation One games that deserve an HD upgrade (IncGamers)

1309 days 3 hours ago - IncGamers: Every week there seems to be a new announcement regarding some game from a bygone era getting the HD re-release treatment. Just recently... | Article | Culture


How good is Steam Workshop? [Feature] – Mods without rockers (IncGamers)

1311 days 23 hours ago - IncGamers: I haven’t quite decided what to make of the Steam Workshop. Fundamentally, there’s nothing wrong with it – in fact, it works so well tha... | Article | PC


Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad [Review] – Tyresome (IncGamers)

1312 days 16 hours ago - IncGamers: Today, of course, $10 USD can secure you a huge variety of fantastic releases. A game selling for that price may suggest a shorter or mo... | Review | Xbox 360


Tomb Raider [Interview] – Writing the intimate story of Lara Croft (IncGamers)

1313 days 8 hours ago - IncGamers: In part one of a two part interview Tomb Raider’s global brand manager Karl Stewart we discuss the idea behind the ‘reboot’, the reasons... | Interview | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Tomb Raider “attempted rape” overblown because videogames are interactive

1313 days 21 hours ago - IncGamers: Tomb Raider global brand manager Karl Stewart has weighed in on the whole “attempted rape” issue that has dominated news stories regardi... | Article | PC


20 hours with The Secret World – A pre-review (IncGamers)

1314 days 22 hours ago - IncGamers: Our preview focused on explaining what’s different about The Secret World, while this article is all about describing what your early-ga... | Article | PC


Magic horses and lost girls removed from Tomb Raider to keep it “real”

1314 days 23 hours ago - IncGamers: If all of Crystal Dynamics’ ideas about what to include in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot had been incorporated it would have been a ve... | News | PC


Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage [Review] – Gun it (IncGamers)

1315 days ago - IncGamers: Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage opens with a structural decision so strange that it forms the peak of a dramatically inverse difficulty cur... | Review | PC


Resonance [Review] – Magnetic (IncGamers)

1320 days ago - IncGamers: I’m hesitant to reveal too much of the story, but: the game opens with a news report that massive explosions have hit cities around the... | Review | PC


Spec Ops: The Line [Review] – Heart of gold, gameplay of darkness (IncGamers)

1320 days 3 hours ago - IncGamers: The narrative works, it’s a brave and surprisingly adult approach considering the kind of dumbed-down gibberish and recycled crap we’ve... | Review | PC


Endless Space [Preview] – Streamlined Strategy (IncGamers)

1321 days 21 hours ago - IncGamers: Have you ever fallen in love with a game’s user interface? It’s a rare (and quite sad) phenomena, reserved for those special interfaces... | Preview | PC


Amazing things still happening in Minecraft… check out Altair

1321 days 21 hours ago - IncGamers: And you thought Minecraft was dead because we haven’t really written about it for a week or so? Well, it’s not. Check out the amazing... | News | PC


Is this the most amazing videogame poster art ever?

1322 days 20 hours ago - IncGamers: They are the work of Ron Guyatt, a freelance graphic designer based in Toronto. In the gallery below are posters for Dead Space, Portal,... | News | Culture


Kickstarter funded teams have the “ideas that will most likely revolutionize future games”

1322 days 20 hours ago - IncGamers: Brian Mitsoda, project lead on upcoming Kickstarter-funded Dead State, has spoken about the advantages of using crowd-funding to generat... | News | PC


Lollipop Chainsaw [Review] – Bizarely brilliant (IncGamers)

1322 days 20 hours ago - IncGamers: “I’m gonna fist my ass with your head,” screams the American football zombie, shoulder pads and helmet doing nothing to cover his mangle... | Review | Xbox 360


Dead State [Interview] – The style and politics of a Kickstarter project (IncGamers)

1322 days 20 hours ago - IncGamers: We recently spoke with the game’s project lead, Brian Mitsoda, to discuss the style of the game, the positives of using Kickstarter to g... | Interview | PC


Graffiti artist makes amazing 3D Pac-Man chalk art

1326 days 20 hours ago - IncGamers: Street artisit Leon Keer has produced an amazing piece of chalk art in the streets of Venlo, Holland. | News | Culture


Fray [Review] - Misconstrued Orders (IncGamers)

1327 days 18 hours ago - IncGamers: In Fray’s version of 2098, people pledge allegiance to one of three global-mega-corporations and fight for them in virtual reality tourn... | Review | PC


How much did you spend on games last year? Average was £334

1327 days 22 hours ago - IncGamers: UK online retailer has released the results of a recent survey it conducted, claiming that the “average UK gamer” spent £334... | News | Industry


Kojima wanted to kill Solid Snake in MGS 4, talks Metal Gear Solid 5

1327 days 23 hours ago - IncGamers: “We have not yet finished with Solid Snake, despite the fact that I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots,” says Kojima. | News | PS3


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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