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Orcs Must Die 2 Review – It ain’t easy being green (IncGamers)

967 days 18 hours ago - IncGamers: The unusual thing about many videogame sequels is that they’re simply an iteration of the original idea. When the bulk of a game is mech... | Review | PC


Relic concerned about meeting Company of Heroes 2′s high expectations

967 days 22 hours ago - IncGamers: There’s no denying that the original Company of Heroes is a very fine RTS game. It’s possibly still the best RTS. Given that quality,... | News | PC


Darksiders then, Darksiders 2 now, Darksiders co-op tomorrow? [Interview - IncGamers]

969 days 18 hours ago - IncGamers: We chat to Darksiders 2′s lead designer Haydn Dalton about the changes that have been made to the game in comparison to the original, as... | Interview | PC


DayZ Video Journal #02: Hatcheting a Plan (IncGamers)

972 days 10 hours ago - IncGamers: We’ll periodically be bringing you footage of the team’s adventures in the Eastern European expanses of Chernarus, as John, Tim and myse... | Videocast | PC


Want to Join the Releases.com Team? We are Looking for News Editors

Now - We are looking for news editors for the following categories. Games, TV Series, Movies and Tech. If you are an aspiring journalist in one of these... | Promoted post

Anna [Review] – House of horror (IncGamers)

972 days 11 hours ago - IncGamers: I’m not sure whether I’m the best or the worst person to review games that are purportedly scary. I’m a monumental, towering coward with... | Review | PC


Final Fantasy XIV MMO to be relaunched as ‘A Realm Reborn’

973 days 13 hours ago - IncGamers: Final Fantasy XIV, the MMO with that has experienced some significant difficulties in actually getting players to play for longer than a... | News | PC


Gearbox: People don’t understand how DLC is made, Borderlands 2 DLC in production

973 days 14 hours ago - IncGamers: Speaking to Gearbox’s chief creative office Brian Martel, he told us that downloadable content (DLC) is one of the things that people “d... | News | PC


Thomas Was Alone [Review] – Not just another indie platformer (IncGamers)

973 days 15 hours ago - IncGamers: Isn’t it amazing how easy it is for us mere humans to become attached to the ridiculous. We love crudely crafted porcelain ornaments, th... | Review | PC


Darksiders originally going to be 4-player co-op, Vigil still want to do it

974 days 13 hours ago - IncGamers: In a recent interview with IncGamers, Darksiders 2 lead designer Haydn Dalton said that the team had initially wanted the first Darkside... | News | PC


Darksiders 2 is looking better than expected [Preview] - (IncGamers)

974 days 14 hours ago - IncGamers: Developer Vigil has clearly set out to create something much grander and more diverse than the original Darksiders. It would have been e... | Preview | PC


Company of Heroes 2 aiming for “as low as possible” PC specs

974 days 14 hours ago - IncGamers: Relic Entertainment, developers of the upcoming Company of Heroes 2, seem to recognise the problem. As such, they’re aiming “as low as p... | News | PC


Mass Effect movie to be based on first game, script finished

975 days 11 hours ago - IncGamers: It seems that the script for the Mass Effect movie is finished. Mark Protosevich, writer of the I Am Legend and Thor movies, has penned... | News | PC


Relic: Original Company of Heroes yet to be bettered

975 days 12 hours ago - IncGamers: The original Company of Heroes is a pretty good RTS game. In fact, it’s pretty darn awesome. Released in 2006, it’s difficult to this da... | News | PC


Company of Heroes 2 Preview – Surviving General Winter (IncGamers)

975 days 12 hours ago - IncGamers: Relic Games and publisher THQ are clearly worried about confusing us about their intent with Company of Heroes 2. We’ve now seen the gam... | Preview | PC


FF7′s Golden Saucer could be included in FF14, says Yoshida

975 days 14 hours ago - IncGamers: Final Fantasy XIV was/is a bit of flop, but would including the Golden Saucer theme park from Final Fantasy VII improve it? Well, pro... | News | PC


World of Warplanes [Preview] – Dog eat dog (IncGamers)

975 days 14 hours ago - IncGamers: As Wargaming.Net surely knows, expectation for World of Warplanes (WoWP) is higher than its older brother, World of Tanks (WoT). WoT was... | Preview | PC


Lionhead explains why Project Milo was scrapped and Fable: The Journey was started

975 days 14 hours ago - IncGamers: Remember Lionhead’s Project Milo? The Kinect project which showed the user interacting with a little boy on screen that was demonstrated... | News | Xbox 360


Wreckateer [Review] – Capitalism no? (IncGamers)

976 days 12 hours ago - IncGamers: I hate it when I can sum up a game in four words, because it gives me the opportunity to be astonishingly, breathtakingly lazy, and – as... | Review | Xbox 360


EA Sports UFC to be developed by Fight Night team, probably still a long way off

976 days 14 hours ago - IncGamers: Heading up the development team will be EA’s ‘team and action sports general manager’ Dean Richards, who has worked on Fight Night, SSX... | News | PC


Gearbox on Borderlands 2: “We can’t redo every element for the PC”

976 days 16 hours ago - IncGamers: Speaking to IncGamers, Gearbox’s chief creative officer Brian Martel has said that the developer has spent more time making sure the PC... | News | PC


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