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Grimind: What does it take to be a one-man development team? [Interview] (IncGamers)

964 days 15 hours ago - IncGamers: We all know about big-budget development. We’ve got no choice, the publishers and studios working on the most expensive games do their b... | Interview | PC


Madden NFL 13 [Review] – Finally, the goal posts have moved (IncGamers)

967 days 10 hours ago - IncGamers: The general consensus is that, of all sports games, it’s the Madden series that has suffered most from sticking to an annual release cyc... | Review | Xbox 360


New Command & Conquer bundle packs all 17 games in the series

967 days 21 hours ago - IncGamers: EA has raided the vault to put together a new Command & Conquer bundle. | News | PC


GRID 2 will push “today’s best PC’s”, says Codemasters

968 days 7 hours ago - IncGamers: After too many years of waiting in darkness, more details are starting to arrive about the secret-but-not-so-secret GRID 2. Codemaste... | News | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

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F1 2012 [Preview] – Vettel to the metal (IncGamers)

968 days 9 hours ago - IncGamers: Formula 1 is a complex sport and, for some more than others, Codemasters’ F1 output is a complex videogame franchise. Videogame fans mig... | Preview | PC


Firefly to crowd-fund Stronghold: Crusader 2

968 days 14 hours ago - IncGamers: It may be time to return to your fortress walls, as Firefly Studios announces its intent to develop Stronghold: Crusader 2, the follow-u... | News | PC


Kickstarter and similar pose no threat to publishers, says Charles Cecil

968 days 19 hours ago - IncGamers: Some commentators have said that crowd-funding sources such as Kickstarter marks the beginning of the end for the traditional publisher.... | News | PC


Balancing depth and accessibility in F1 2012 [Interview] (IncGamers)

968 days 22 hours ago - IncGamers: Sports games are a difficult beast to get right. On the one side you’ve got the hardened fans of the sport, the people that won’t accept... | Interview | PC


Atari launching ‘Atari Arcade’, classic games available in your browser

969 days ago - IncGamers: Atari has struck up a partnership with Microsoft to launch the Atari Arcade on the Internet Explorer web browser. The Atari Arcade wi... | News | PC


Clucking hell, it’s some Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse images

969 days 3 hours ago - IncGamers: Chickens. Chickens are everywhere in these new Xbox 360 images from Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse. Whatever this level of the third... | Screenshot | Xbox 360


Sniper Elite V2 multiplayer coming to 360 and PS3

969 days 6 hours ago - IncGamers: Rebellion are bringing multiplayer support to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of Sniper Elite V2. | News | Xbox 360


Ghost Recon Online [Review] – Back to war (IncGamers)

969 days 8 hours ago - IncGamers: Have you heard of the bystander effect? This particular little psychological quirk basically means that, if lots of people witness an em... | Review | PC


Most big budget games “forget about the gameplay,” says indie dev

969 days 11 hours ago - IncGamers: Innovation only happening in the indie space? | News | PC


Publishers take the risk, so it’s fair they get the bulk of profits, says Revolution head

969 days 12 hours ago - IncGamers: Revolution Software managing director and co-founder, and Broken Sword creator, Charles Cecil believes that it’s fair that publishers ta... | News | PC


It’s a young woman’s game: Tomb Raider [Interview] (IncGamers)

969 days 21 hours ago - IncGamers: We recently had the chance to sit down with Crystal Dynamics’ Karl Stewart, global brand manager on the Tomb Raider, to talk about the u... | Interview | PC


Convincing the hardcore players that they’re the minority is not easy [F1 2012]

970 days 10 hours ago - IncGamers: Hardcore players. The truly hardcore, not the ‘hardcore’ that are ‘hardcore’ because they play Gears of War and Street Fighter instead o... | News | PC


Another 24 hours in Guild Wars 2 [Feature] – World vs. World (IncGamers)

970 days 15 hours ago - IncGamers: I spent the first three hours creating my character. That’s not an exaggeration: the first time I logged into Guild Wars 2, I was so... | Article | PC


Jay-Z is a “visionary” and has had “direct impact” on NBA 2K13, says 2K

970 days 15 hours ago - IncGamers: In case you missed it, Jay-Z (yes, the Jay-Z, the guy hanging off Beyonce’s arm) is executive producer on 2K Sports’ upcoming NBA 2K13.... | News | PC


Crystal Dynamics not ruling out further ‘young Lara’ games

971 days ago - IncGamers: Crystal Dynamics are not ruling out creating further games featuring a young Lara Croft. The upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, due 5 March... | News | PC


Codemasters: We’ve got enough ideas for the next 20 Formula 1 games

971 days ago - IncGamers: The biggest complaint with annual releases is that each iteration fails to provide enough changes/new features to make it worth while. S... | News | PC


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