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AQP City: GTA V meets Unreal Engine 4 - New Trailer Shows Spectacular Gameplay

2 days 20 hours ago - Chevarria Arts show us the full gameplay trailer of AQP City. The developer writes: "AQP City is an open world game powered by Unreal engine 4 whic... | Trailer | PC


Kingdom Under Fire 2: New PS4 UI Gameplay Video Unveiled - Redesigned For DualShock 4

2 days 21 hours ago - Developer Blueside show us a new gameplay video of Kingdom Under Fire 2 that includes the new PS4 user interface (UI) - redesigned for DualShock 4... | Video | PS4


Project CARS: Extended PS4 Comic-Con Gameplay Trailer Looks And Sounds Simply Amazing

51 days 14 hours ago - Check out this stunning extended PlayStation 4 gameplay trailer of Project CARS from Comic-Con 2014. | Trailer | PS4


This Is What ArmA 4 Could Look Like In CRYENGINE - Brand New In-Game Footage Unveiled

80 days 18 hours ago - Simulation and serious games studio RealTime Immersive Inc. will show us what next-gen military simulation could look like in CRYENGINE. Check out... | Trailer | PC


Destiny (PS4) Review

Now - Bungie’s next series is here, but how does it stack up? | Promoted post

Killing Floor 2: First Ingame Trailer Unveiled

82 days 23 hours ago - Check out the very first ingame trailer of Killing Floor 2 from Tripwire Interactive´s upcoming pc shooter. | Trailer | PC


Star Citizen: Brand New Commercial MISC Freelancer Looks Amazing

101 days 1 hour ago - Roberts Space Industries show us a brand new "TV Commercial" of Star Citizen, that based on Cryengine 3. Check out the new video after the break! | Video | PC


Rise of Incarnates: Extended Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

110 days 19 hours ago - Namco Bandai show us an extended gameplay intro trailer of Rise of Incarnates, an upcoming F2P Brawler. Check out the brand new gameplay footage af... | Trailer | PC


Monster Hunter Online: Check Out The New Hammer Special Attack Gameplay Video

119 days 7 hours ago - A brand new gameplay video of Monster Hunter Online show us some hammer special attack moves from the upcoming Cryengine free-to-play title. | Video | PC


Cinematic Mod 2013 Beta Download Release "soon" - First Stunning Screenshots

119 days 21 hours ago - Here are the very first screenshots from the Cinematic Mod 2013 Beta (Half-Life 2). Modder FakeFactory writes: "I'm starting with some beta.1 schot... | Screenshot | PC


Monster Hunter Online: New Special Attack Moves Gameplay Footage Unveiled

121 days 17 hours ago - Monster Hunter Online closed beta #3 preview video: Capcom and Tencent Games show us new special attack moves from the upcoming Cryengine free-to-p... | Video | PC


Half-Life 2: New Sexy Alyx Vance Non-Scifi-Outfit Unveiled - First Screenshots

129 days 1 hour ago - Take a look at Alyx Vance from Valves Half-Life 2 with a new non-scifi-outfit. Sexy or not? What do you think? Modder FakeFactory has released an u... | Screenshot | PC


Heathen: New Amazing CryEngine Game Screenshots Will Leave You Speechless

129 days 12 hours ago - Frog Factory show us some new impressive Cryengine screenshots from Heather, an upcoming open world co-op only FPS that based on the novel by HG We... | Screenshot | PC


GeForce GTX TITAN Z: Official Reveal Trailer Unveiled

175 days 5 hours ago - Introducing the GeForce GTX TITAN Z. Nvidia show us the very first trailer from the new upcoming graphics beast GTX TITAN Z. | Trailer | PC


Half-Life Reworked Alyx Vance Model Unveiled - First Screenshots Looking Absolutely Beautiful

177 days 12 hours ago - Some brand new and amazing looking Half-Life screenshots take Valves Source Engine to the limit. The Alpha 16 Update for FakeFactory´s Cinematic Mo... | Screenshot | PC


Alien: Isolation - Creating The Alien Teaser Video Unveiled

198 days 22 hours ago - AvP Galaxy writes: "Creative Assembly has been releasing a series of teasers this week in which the studio hints at things that will be happening i... | Video | PC


The Evil Within: Mine Trap Gameplay Video Brings Fans Pure Resident Evil Feeling

221 days 2 hours ago - Check out the mine trap gameplay video of The Evil Within, the upcoming survival horror game from Tango Gameworks. The Evil Within is development u... | Video | PC


Dark Souls 2: Weapon Set Looks Amazing - Unboxing Video

227 days 13 hours ago - Check out the Dark Souls 2 unboxing video from the japanese collector´s edition, that will includes an exclusive weapon set. | Video | PC


This Is What Next-Gen ArmA 4 Could Look Like In CRYENGINE

264 days 17 hours ago - The simulation and serious games studio RealTime Immersive Inc. will show us what next-gen military sim could look like in CRYENGINE. This is an ex... | Video | PC


Get Even: Next-Gen FPS Unveiled - First Stunning Unreal Engine Screenshots

267 days 15 hours ago - The Farm 51 (Deadfall Adventures) show us the very first Unreal Engine 3 screenshots of Get Even, an upcoming fps that will come for next-gen conso... | Screenshot | PC


Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z - Pure Gameplay Footage Unveiled

277 days 13 hours ago - Check out pure gameplay footage of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (level one and two). | Video | PC


Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post
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