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Angry Birds Epic Preview: It’s an Angry Birds RPG | App Saga

159 days ago - Angry Birds franchise has been around the App Store for a long time. We already have numerous iterations of the bird flinging physics puzzle game,... | Preview | iPhone


Cut the Rope 2 Review (iOS) | App Saga

171 days 10 hours ago - The first Cut the Rope is one of the most memorable games in the App Store, and its simple, clever premise has inspired many other puzzle games. To... | Review | iPhone


Call of Duty: Strike Team Review: Activision Redefines The iOS Shooter | App Chronicles

352 days 21 hours ago - Coming several years after the App Store saw Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies (sequel to Call of Duty: Zombies), Strike Team is set in the Black Ops... | Review | iPhone


AppChronicles- Spiral Episode 1 Review: A Polished Action RPG for iOS

409 days 10 hours ago - For a time it’s felt as though freemium games were going to take over iTunes, but lately more serious gamers have been treated to some actual games... | Review | iPhone


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AppChronicles- XCOM Enemy Unknown for iOS Review: Best. Release. Ever.

429 days 9 hours ago - In XCOM:EU, you take the role of Commander of XCOM (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit), a secret global military defense initiative whose sole task is t... | Review | iPhone


EA introduces Daily Spin to Win an iOS EA Game for Free Everyday

610 days 16 hours ago - EA has introduced a new way to give out app redemption codes. By giving you a chance to spin a virtual slot machine daily, you will win at least o... | News | iPhone


Best of iOS Apps and Games Gone Free in December 2012

611 days 10 hours ago - There were tons of great apps and games gone free this December. Although some have already reverted back to paid app status after temporarily drop... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Online Gets New Race, Christmas Content, and Price Cut

611 days 21 hours ago - As promised, Gameloft released a significant new update for Order and Chaos Online this week. While not as game-impacting as the last update (PvP A... | News | iPhone


Ravensword: Shadowlands Review- Visually Impressive | App Chronicles

612 days 16 hours ago - The original Ravensword was an impressive title in the early App Store. It was a given that its sequel would be expected to offer something good. A... | Review | iPhone


New and Upcoming iOS MMORPG Roundup: Arcane Legends, Armed Heroes, and Heroes of OnC

681 days 14 hours ago - As always, Massively Portable has their eye in several upcoming games that might be of interest to fans of pocket-sized MMORPGs. This week, they ar... | News | iPhone


Final Fantasy Dimensions for iOS Review- App Chronicles

698 days 21 hours ago - Did you hear about the iPhone game that costs nearly $30 to play? It’s called Final Fantasy Dimensions, and it’s the latest release from Square Eni... | Review | iPhone


Wild Blood for iOS Review- App Chronicles

717 days 4 hours ago - Gameloft has finally released their first Unreal-powered title, Wild Blood. It’s a departure from almost every other Unreal-powered game we’ve seen... | Review | iPhone


Top 10 iPhone and iPad Games of the Month for August '12

719 days 17 hours ago - The month of August was a great month for RPG fans. We have seen 3 excellent ports from Square Enix and Super Giant Games. Final Fantasy Dimensions... | Article | iPhone


Bastion for iPad Review- App Chronicles

720 days 1 hour ago - For Supergiant Games, the question of what to do after Bastion saw wild success in the Xbox Live Arcade and on computers was probably pretty obviou... | Review | iPad


Horn for iOS Review- App Chronicles

722 days 4 hours ago - Games on iOS keep getting better and better — not just as devices improve, but also as new, independent developers come onto the scene to wow us. P... | Review | iPhone


Chaos Rings II Review: Better Story, Better Graphics, Same Gameplay-AppChronicles.com

873 days 8 hours ago - AppChronicles.com: As the iOS world slouches towards freemium games, IAPs, and more versions of birds hitting pigs, Square Enix continues to take... | Review | iPhone


Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy Review: Gorgeous, Fast Paced, And Intense-AppChronicles

877 days 20 hours ago - As far as flight control games go, PCs and home gaming consoles typically have a stranglehold on the market. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is a title... | Review | iPhone


Mass Effect Infiltrator Review: Fun But its No Dead Space- App Chronicles

898 days 16 hours ago - Last year, EA’s DEAD SPACE HD was a groundbreaking level of console-quality gaming for the iPad, and it was rightly declared the Game App of the Ye... | Review | iPhone


Grand Theft Auto III Review: An Amazing Rendition of the Console Classic on the iOS

979 days 20 hours ago - Little introduction is required when talking about the Grand Theft Auto franchise from Rockstar Games. Chances are, you’ve played through the whole... | Review | iPhone


AppChronicles: The Dark Meadow Review - Unreal Engine Powered Creepy Adventure

1038 days 16 hours ago - Halloween is coming! If you're in the mood to celebrate with something spooky, you've got to check out The Dark Meadow Dark Meadow - Phosphor Games... | Review | iPhone


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