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Public Domain Jam: What Public Domain Work Would You Want To See Turned Into a Video Game?

52 days 7 hours ago - For a one week time period (May 17th - 24th), game developers have been invited to participate in the Public Domain Game Jam and create games based... | News | Culture


In-Depth Look at WildStar's Adventures: Dungeons Be Damned

144 days 9 hours ago - This past Friday, I had the chance to sit down with WildStar devs and experience the MMO's newly announced feature: Adventures. So far, the devs ha... | News | PC


World of Warcraft is Gaining Subscribers Regardless of TESO, EQN, and WildStar Hype

151 days 14 hours ago - According to a variety of sources, Blizzard's MMO has actually gained about 200,000 subscribers since the end of last year. Blizzard's 2013 Q3 earn... | News | PC


So Metal: FTL Introduces New Metallic Race and New Ship Configurations

203 days 10 hours ago - A new post over on the official FTL website has confirmed some of the new features of the early 2014 free expansion including a brand new race with... | News | PC


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Did This Pop-Punk Band Just Make the Greatest Mario Song Ever?

280 days 17 hours ago - Sure, Mario's been around long enough to have lots of songs made about him and his friends, but those pale in comparison to this masterpiece. "Hey... | Video | Culture


The Ouya's Role in the Console War: Consumer Trust Above All

382 days 2 hours ago - The Ouya has sold out on Amazon and is proving itself as a next generation console. Most gamers pass it off as an interesting device, and dismiss i... | News | Industry


League of Legends Patch 3.8: Everything You Need to Know

395 days 16 hours ago - League of Legends 3.8 Patch Preview brings a host of champion tweaks, changes to the Jungle, and tons of item changes. Our slideshow takes you thro... | Preview | PC


Microsoft Teams Up With Ghost in the Shell in Japan

401 days 6 hours ago - The clip and the product placement in the series are part of a huge promotional effort for Microsoft in Japan. Microsoft has never done well in Jap... | News | Tech


What Your Role in League of Legends Says About You

404 days 2 hours ago - What does your role say about you? Let’s take a look. Mid: You want to control the battle. You might be a bit of a control freak, if we’re hones... | Opinion piece | PC


Massive Chalice Update: Another Successful Double Fine Kickstarter Already

404 days 4 hours ago - Double Fine Kickstarted a new project called Massive Chalice last week. It will be a tactical fantasy game that promises a dreamy combination of Fi... | News | PC


Prepare Yourselves: New Episode of Tropes vs Women in Video Games is Incoming

411 days 1 hour ago - Feminist Frequency, the controversial youtube channel run by Anita Sarkeesian, is about to release the next episode of Tropes vs Women in Video Gam... | Opinion piece | Culture


New League of Legends Cinematic Will Blow You Away

412 days 5 hours ago - This whole cinematic looks amazing, check it out in the video. The cinematic pits old favorites against each other in heated one on one battles. Th... | Video | PC


6 Days Left For Son of Nor on Kickstarter

414 days 22 hours ago - About 6 days and $60,000 stand between indie title Son of Nor and full Kickstarter backing. Asking only a total of $150,000 this is hardly the most... | News | PC


The Finger: Game Feature of the Year

415 days 2 hours ago - So far, Farcry 3: Blood Dragon is a pretty competent game with some hit or miss humor and sort of lack luster environments, but it has something go... | Opinion piece | PC


My console can beat up your console: Ouya vs Xbox One

417 days 1 hour ago - Ah yes, the Ouya, haven’t heard about it for a while have you? Well, in today’s rush of knowledge about Microsoft's New Xbox One, GameSkinny takes... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Does anyone even care about SimCity DLC?

420 days 16 hours ago - Today EA confirmed that the first DLC for SimCity will be available on May 28th. The DLC is the creatively named Amusement Park Pack. The real ques... | News | PC


5 Reasons Violent Video Games Are Not the Problem

423 days 3 hours ago - Two days ago, Vice-President Joe Biden stoked the fires of internet hate by insisting that a tax be put on violent video games. This stirred up som... | Opinion piece | Culture


LoL Freljord Event Comes to a Close

423 days 11 hours ago - Today the League of Legends Freljord event comes to an end and leaves us wanting more. Freljord was the first big lore event for LoL and opened up... | News | PC


Westerado Review - GameSkinny

424 days 8 hours ago - Developed by Ostrich Banditos and published online by Adult Swim, Westerado is a 2D pixilated western detective adventure. A band of outlaws killed... | Review | PC


In the Driver's Seat: Oculus Rift for Racing Games?

427 days 11 hours ago - Driving sim Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets the Oculus Rift treatment. "Looking around the cabin freely is incredible, it almost feels like being in th... | Screenshot | PC


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