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The 10 Best indie games at Rezzed

1079 days 2 hours ago - The Independent: "The best indie games on show at this year's Rezzed show in Brighton." | Opinion piece | PC


Aliens: Colonial Marines – Hands-On Preview [The Independent]

1079 days 4 hours ago - The Independent: "A brief but brilliant taste of what Gearbox have done with the Aliens license." | Preview | PC


Satoru Iwata: 'I was convinced the Wii wouldn't be Nintendo's last console.'

1087 days 2 hours ago - Satoru Iwata talks up the graphical power of the Wii U and just why there's a lack of a second stick on the 3DS XL in an exclusive interview with U... | Interview | Wii


Dishonored – Preview [The Independent]

1088 days 6 hours ago - The Independent: "Is Dishonored the true Deus Ex successor of the current generation?" | Preview | PC



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SimCity multiplayer – Preview [The Independent]

1097 days 8 hours ago - The Independent: "We take a closer look at the asynchronous multiplayer of Maxis' SimCity." | Preview | PC


Dead Space 3 – Preview [The Independent]

1099 days 11 hours ago - The Independent: "Isaac Clarke's back, but is the familiar Dead Space atmosphere?" | Preview | PC


Star Wars 1313 – Preview [The Independent]

1099 days 15 hours ago - The Independent: "In a private room set high above the rush of the E3 show floor I begin my descent to Level 1313." | Preview | PC


Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor – Review [The Independent]

1099 days 15 hours ago - The Independent: "Ambitious but ultimately flawed, the wait for the first great Kinect game continues." | Review | Xbox 360


London 2012 – Review [The Independent]

1100 days 3 hours ago - The Independent: "Can the official game of the Olympics match the drama of the real thing?" | Review | PC


Does E3 undermine the maturing games industry?

1111 days 5 hours ago - The Independent: "Dominated by uncomfortable images of half-naked women and violent "sure fire hit" games, is E3 really representative of an increa... | Opinion piece | E3


Under the radar: Five games easily overlooked at E3 2012

1111 days 8 hours ago - The Independent: "A look at some of the titles showcases at this year's E3 that might have passed you by." | Opinion piece | PC


The top five E3 2012 triumphs

1113 days 18 hours ago - The Independent: "From Ubisoft's suite of titles to Dishonored and The Last of Us, these are the moments that left us grinning like the Cheshire Ca... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


South Park: The Stick of Truth – Preview

1114 days 6 hours ago - The Independent: "Being the new kid in town proves tough, especially if Eric Cartman decides to take an interest in you." | Preview | PC


The top five E3 2012 disappointments

1115 days 6 hours ago - The Independent: "Sony fails to unveil a great many PS Vita games, in-game dialogue goes ever further down the route of the cliché and where was Mi... | Opinion piece | PC


The top five E3 2012 surprises

1116 days 1 hour ago - The Independent: "The game’s and features which had managed to avoid being leaked, or else were so left field as to entirely unpredictable anyway." | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The top five E3 2012 no-shows: from The Last Guardian, to GTA V and BioShock Infinite

1116 days 20 hours ago - The Independent: 'While lacking any sign of PS4 or Xbox 'next box', nor any Zelda for Wii U, there were one or two other notable absentees from thi... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Everybody wants to make the "next Uncharted" except Naughty Dog

1117 days 22 hours ago - The Independent: "From the new Tomb Raider to Dead Space 3 everyone wants to best Uncharted, except that is, its maker." | Opinion piece | PS3


Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II – Review [The Independent]

1128 days 5 hours ago - The Independent: "It's more high definition Sonic as Tails returns from exile to assist in the adventure." | Review | Xbox 360


Ten things we’re looking out for at E3 2012

1128 days 6 hours ago - The Independent: "What can we expect from the big three, what new titles should we be getting our thumbs, fingers and gestures ready to play? Here... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Resistance: Burning Skies – Review [The Independent]

1128 days 6 hours ago - The Independent: "Burning Skies most assuredly points other Vita FPS developers in the right direction, but, for a full price, first party title, i... | Review | PS Vita


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