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Dark Souls: Prepare to die edition hits console with a new patch

639 days 17 hours ago - GamerSyndrome: Dark Souls, From Software successful RPG released last year on PS3 and XBox360, is getting a new patch for the release of its first... | News | Xbox 360


First images and details for Gyroxus Full-Motion Control PS3 gaming chair

649 days 9 hours ago - Examiner: Bigben Interactive today revealed the first images and details for their upcoming Playstation 3 accessory, the “Gyroxus Full-Motion Contr... | Image | PS3


The 50 worst Xbox 360 games

655 days 11 hours ago - OXM: Take no notice of the people who bang on about the "good old days" - this is truly gaming's golden era. More great games are released each yea... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Over 70% Of The Games At The Tokyo Game Show Are For Phones And Tablets

670 days 14 hours ago - Kotaku: There has been a lot of news coming from the Tokyo Game Show this year. We’ve heard about Metal Gear and Phoenix Wright and a host of other... | Article | PSP


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Sony: everything the Wii U can do, the PS3 and Vita do already

670 days 21 hours ago - Stuff: The Wii U isn’t even out yet, and already Sony is trying to spoil Nintendo’s party. Sony executive John Koller told Engadget that, “what the... | Article | PS3


Skyrim Hearthfire with free Dawnguard on PS3

699 days 16 hours ago - ProductReviews: It’s fair to say that PS3 users are not happy at all with the Dawnguard situation for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda had ori... | Opinion piece | PS3


Skyrim’s PR disaster with Dawnguard on PS3

708 days 14 hours ago - ProductReviews: From the perspective of most PS3 owners Dawnguard has been a marketing disaster for Bethesda, and if it wasn’t enough that PS3 play... | Article | PS3


How Sony won E3... at Gamescom

708 days 17 hours ago - MCV: The current-gen might be approaching the final straight, but Sony is ready for a sprint finish. Consensus dictates that Sony has “lost” the... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Power of Flight

718 days 2 hours ago - TheEscapist: How do you tell a story without dialogue? How do you craft an emotional connection between game and player without characters speaking... | Article | PS3


‘Darksiders II’ rewards players with ‘Darksiders’ save data with legendary items

722 days 8 hours ago - Examiner: On Wednesday afternoon, Vigil Games and THQ announced that they will be offering a reward to their loyal fans that have supported them si... | News | PC


Digital Foundry vs. PS2 Classics on PlayStation 3

733 days 13 hours ago - EuroGamer: PS2 backwards compatibility remains something of a contentious issue for PlayStation 3 users. US and Japanese launch models featured the... | Article | PS2


The Ultimate PS3 Showdown - Pick the best game of all time!

734 days 11 hours ago - PSU: Uncharted. Metal Gear Solid. God of War. When you hear these names, you think of PlayStation, because PlayStation is the home of gaming's fine... | Article | PS3


What Metal Gear Solid 4 Turning 4 Means To Me

746 days 10 hours ago - GamingUnion: With Metal Gear Solid 4 turning four years old last month, I decided to take a look back at one of my favorite games in my favorite ga... | Opinion piece | PS3


Dust 514 closed Beta starts today - get your codes here

754 days 13 hours ago - PSU: Wow, you really messed up, didn’t you… You totally failed to acquire one of those much-sought-after Dust 514 closed Beta codes. Now you have t... | News | PS3


The Real Problem With Playstation Minis

756 days 7 hours ago - TheSixthAxis: It’s not all about snapping quotes for headlines and ranting about Trophies; there’s a serious issue bubbling here that – mostly than... | Opinion piece | PSP


More PS3 fans buy digital content than 360 gamers

756 days 14 hours ago - MCV: UK PS3 owners are more willing to pay for digital content than Xbox gamers. That’s according to the latest figures from Kantar Worldpanel.... | Article | Xbox 360


Plans for ZombiU Xbox 360 and PS3 port

777 days 12 hours ago - Inentertainment: Signs that Wii U exclusive ZombiU could end up as an Xbox 360 and PS3 port seem to be an eventual outcome. Plenty of work will nee... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Skyrim DLC visual and PS3 hostility

783 days 8 hours ago - Inentertainment: We’ve been waiting for what seems like an age for the upcoming Skyrim DLC so it was finally nice to get a visual treat, and while... | Article | PC


When Your PS3 Becomes a $400 Paperweight

800 days 15 hours ago - Kotaku: The PlayStation 3 had been out for several months when I started looking into buying one. My PS2 was making loud grinding noises and I fear... | Article | PS3


TechGadget: Crysis 3 First Impression

806 days 21 hours ago - EA recently announced third installment of its critically acclaimed first person shooter Crysis. It’s developed by the famed developer Crytek, kno... | Preview | PC


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