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Transistor interview: Why indies matter on PS4

401 days 7 hours ago - PSBlog: One of the stand-out moments at this year’s PlayStation press briefing at E3 – for me at least – was when eight independent developers took... | Interview | PS4


PS4 appearance on Jimmy Fallon highlights Microsoft's struggle to explain Xbox One policies

406 days 22 hours ago - TheVerge: As part of Late Night's "Video Game Week," Jimmy Fallon has had the opportunity to play with both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. But... | Article | PS4


Destiny: Graphics Are Different from Platform to Platform

408 days 19 hours ago - NowGamer: Bungie president Harold Ryan says the 'graphics are different, platform to platform' for Destiny. What isn't clear is whether this mea... | News | PS4


Xbox 360 and PS3 disc changer shown at E3, next-gen version planned

411 days 17 hours ago - TechSpot: While most of the attention at this year's E3 was focused on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, there were plenty of other companies hanging... | News | Xbox 360


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Nvidia hopes Shield eventually overtakes Xbox, PS4

412 days 18 hours ago - PCAdvisor: Nvidia's Shield is complementary to gaming consoles for now, but the company hopes that wide adoption of Android gaming ultimately could... | News | PS4


The PlayStation 4 Is ‘First and Foremost a Video Game Console.’ So?

424 days 19 hours ago - Time: After Microsoft spent much of its Xbox One reveal talking about television, Sony is eager to position itself as a pro-gaming alternative. | Opinion piece | PS4


Saved-game bug dumped PlayStation 3 fans in hijackers' sights

427 days 16 hours ago - A potentially nasty security hole has apparently been found in the PlayStation 3 that allows miscreants to execute commands on a player's console i... | News | PS3


Fallout 4 on PS4 and Xbox One with Powerful Creation Engine

431 days 12 hours ago - S&R: While there’s a lot of rampant speculation floating around. We think we can be certain of a few things | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox Reveal Fails to Impress its Biggest Audience

434 days 23 hours ago - FTG: Microsoft has breen propping up the “Xbox Reveal” for weeks, and when it came right down to it, it failed to impress the biggest audience it h... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Analysis: Xbox One versus PlayStation 4

435 days 12 hours ago - IBT: With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now officially unveiled, we analyse which of the consoles seems like the stronger competitor based on what... | Opinion piece | PS4


Wii U hacked? Nintendo respond

456 days 10 hours ago - AOTF: According to a Wii modding website, Nintendo’s Wii U has been hacked. While we won’t promote the site directly, a company is claiming to sel... | News | Wii U


Square Enix Celebrates Exactly 10 Years, Big News Coming?

485 days 17 hours ago - PSXtreme: Yes, believe it or not, it was exactly ten years ago today that Squaresoft merged with Enix and became Square Enix. ...and the long-ti... | News | Industry


Sony "was the No.1 console maker in the UK last year"

512 days 22 hours ago - MCV: The world is excited by PS4, but there’s still plenty of PS3s to sell, says Sony. The company told MCV?this week that in terms of combined... | News | PS3


OUYA works with Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers, great 1080p mkv media streamer too

551 days 17 hours ago - Pocket-lint: It has been reported by others before, even confirmed by the team behind OUYA themselves, that the forthcoming Android games console i... | News | Xbox 360


3 PS3 sequels that didn't innovate, but we didn't care

575 days 20 hours ago - PSU: Innovation is instrumental to a healthy life for any entertainment medium, videogames included. If companies don’t take risks and try new thin... | Opinion piece | PS3


Sony’s Second Screen Future and the PlayStation 4 Controller

577 days 17 hours ago - TheSixthAxis: Every couple of years there seems to be a new gimmick pushed by manufacturers of videogames hardware. Ever since the 8-bit days we’ve... | Opinion piece | Next-Gen


Are Game Consoles Still Worth Premium Money?

617 days ago - TheSmokingSection: Now that smartphones have firmly become implanted into everything, it would seem that mobile gaming is poised to make a dent in... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Incgamers: Hitman: Absolution Review

619 days 21 hours ago - Hitman: Absolution is a game that will polarise Hitman fans. The series has been on hiatus for more than six years, a period of time equivalent to... | Review | PC


Xbox 360 and PS3 ‘limited’ says Hitman Absolution director

622 days 3 hours ago - TrustedReviews: With the November 20th Hitman Absolution UK release date now just days away, Roberto Marchesi, Art Director on the upcoming title,... | News | PC


Remove SingStar icon from XMB say PS3 users

639 days 21 hours ago - ProductReviews: The moment most PlayStation 3 users received the new firmware update, 4.30, it seems that something stood out right away and that h... | Article | PS3


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