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13 Reasons I’d Still Pick Nintendo’s Wii U Over the PS4 and Xbox One

124 days 5 hours ago - Time: A year ago, the argument over which game console to buy went something like this: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were shiny black spec-troves... | Opinion piece | PS4


Destiny's Honest Trailer Lampoons The Game's Shortcomings

175 days 19 hours ago - CinemaBlend: Love it or hate it, people can't stop talking about Bungie's Destiny because of three things: First, it's the same company that brough... | Video | Xbox 360


PS4 Exclusive RIME Aims to Evoke Deep Player Emotions

335 days 19 hours ago - PushSquare: With no sign of Team ICO’s hotly anticipated The Last Guardian on the horizon, the responsibility may fall with Spanish studio Tequila... | News | PS4


'Dark Souls II: Rogue Warrior' Cartoon Is Brilliant

397 days ago - Forbes: If Dark Souls were an 80′s cartoon, this would be it. YouTube user veselekov has created something truly brilliant with the above video—... | Video | PC


SMITE World Championships LIVE January 9th to 11th

Now - You can watch the games and enter giveaways over at http://beta.cursevoice.com/smite-worlds | Promoted post

"There is definitely potential" for Dark Souls 2 DLC, says From Software

423 days 9 hours ago - OXM: Namco appears to be reconsidering its decision not to develop any Dark Souls 2 DLC, if comments by producer Takeshi Miyazoe are any indication... | News | PC


The First 20 Deaths of Dark Souls 2

423 days 17 hours ago - Gamespot: A game which proudly warned you that you should "prepare to die," Dark Souls charged away from the increasing accessibility of modern tri... | Article | PC


Terraria out now on PS Vita, cross-play with PS3 active

474 days 9 hours ago - VG24/7: Publisher 505 Games has released platform sandbox game Terraria on PS Vita. You can download Terraria on PS Vita via the PlayStation S... | News | PS Vita


Shadow of the Colossus Fanart Shows Every Colossus To Scale

478 days 4 hours ago - TheEscapist: There are some pieces of fanart that just make your jaw drop. Artist Andrew McGee has beautifully illustrated the overwhelming scale o... | Image | Culture


The funniest yet most disturbing FIFA 14 glitch you’ll see

537 days 16 hours ago - JOE: Given the amount of detail that goes into games these days, there’s always bound to be a glitch or two but we never expected to see one as fun... | Article | PC


Microsoft's Most Important Xbox One Exclusive So Far Might Be 'Xbox Fitness'

549 days 11 hours ago - Forbes: I haven’t been shy about saying that Microsoft’s Xbox One needs some pretty serious selling points if it’s going to compete with the cheape... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Microsoft Snubs Xbox Gamers in Costa Rica with New Console

550 days 15 hours ago - CostaRicaStar: Video game enthusiasts in Costa Rica and around the world have waited for two major events in 2013. One of those events recently too... | News | Xbox One


Xbox 360 GTA V leaked onto torrent sites

563 days 12 hours ago - TheDrum: Grand Theft Auto V developed by Rockstar for the Xbox 360 has leaked onto torrent sites four days before its release, despite the develope... | News | Xbox 360


Producer Avi Arad On Mass Effect, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid Movies

577 days 13 hours ago - Kotaku: Avi Arad, the man who helped put many comic book heroes on the big screen, including Spider-Man, Blade, and Iron Man, is at it again. This... | News | Culture


Titanfall on PS4? EA hints at shooter rotation to compete with Activision

579 days 13 hours ago - PSU: Titanfall, an Xbox One exclusive (for the time being), has garnered lots of attention for its graceful combat and narrative-driven multiplayer... | Rumor | PS4


Just how similar are the PS4 and XBOne?

593 days ago - SMH: It was something of a relief the other week to read that John Carmack, co-founder of Id Software and creator of the seminal Doom and Quake eng... | Opinion piece | PS4


It’s Man Vs. Crocodile In The Protector, A Canned PS3 Exclusive From Eurocom

594 days 15 hours ago - Siliconera: I heard that GoldenEye 007 developer Eurocom was working on a PlayStation 3 exclusive sometime ago and one of the concepts behind it wa... | News | PS3


With Kinect no longer required, will we get a $399 Xbox One?

594 days 16 hours ago - Geek: Ever since Microsoft first revealed the Xbox One it has been criticized for a number of the included features deemed as standard and forward... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Fallout 4 Designer Reveals Possible Settings And Locations In the Upcoming RPG

609 days 2 hours ago - KPopstarz: Bethesda is still keeping its mum about Fallout 4 PS4 and Xbox One release date but rumor says that most probably, it is going to be in... | Rumor | PC


Fallout 4 No Violence Please, We’re Gamers

613 days 16 hours ago - S&R: I have heard the arguments against magic and Extraterrestrials which is probably a reaction against jarring improbabilities, things so unreali... | Opinion piece | PC


PS3 Topples Xbox 360 In June

623 days 17 hours ago - MCV: For the first time in years, more PS3 titles were sold last month than on any other platform. PS3 had a software market share (by value) of ov... | News | Xbox 360


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post
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