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Game Review: Bloodborne | Starburst Magazine

22 days 8 hours ago - Right off of the bat you can tell that Bloodborne is a Hidetaka Miyazaki creation, following in the vein of his work with the Dark Souls franchise.... | Review | PS4


Starburst Magazine | DmC: Devil May Cry - Definitive Edition Review

33 days 13 hours ago - Originally hurtling onto the scene wreathed in controversy, DmC: Devil May Cry is an especially charged topic to this day. Between a massive revamp... | Review | PS4


Game Review: There Came An Echo | Starburst Magazine

43 days 3 hours ago - Past experience has shown that unconventional controls rarely end well. Despite the monolithic success of the Wii with casual gamers, the perpetual... | Review | PC


Game Review: Space Hulk: Ascension - Salamanders DLC | Starburst Magazine

43 days 3 hours ago - In the latest addition to Space Hulk: Ascension, the scions of Vulkan have joined their fellow chapters raiding lost derelicts. Serving as the tact... | Review | PC


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Game Review: The Order: 1886 | Starburst Magazine

58 days 18 hours ago - Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the best movie on the PlayStation 4. With three hours of gameplay and two hours of cutscenes, The Order: 1886 prov... | Review | PS4


Game Review: Evolve | Starburst Magazine

62 days 14 hours ago - As the latest effort to return asymmetrical multiplayer combat to the AAA industry, Evolve has ridden a wave of controversy to its release date. Fr... | Review | PC


Game Review: Heroes of Might and Magic III - HD Edition | Starburst Magazine

71 days 14 hours ago - The main point of any HD remake is to refine an old idea. This often means taking an old but beloved title and upgrading it for a new generation, g... | Review | PC


Game Review: Sunless Sea | Starburst Magazine

74 days 18 hours ago - Proof of just what crowd funding is capable of in the right hands, Sunless Sea is a tie-in release to Failbetter’s Fallen London. Set away from the... | Review | PC


Game Review: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell | Starburst Magazine

84 days ago - Proving that the Saints Row universe can manage to go just that little more insane, Gat out of Hell is the Jedi Academy of the series. Using many a... | Review | PC


Game Review: War, The Game | Starburst Magazine

85 days 1 hour ago - On the front page of its website, GabberGames promised a title which “puts the strategy back into RTS.” With no story, scripting, fog of war or dis... | Review | PC


Game Review: Resident Evil HD Remaster | Starburst Magazine

85 days 4 hours ago - Based upon the Gamecube remake of the release that kick-started an entire franchise, Resident Evil HD Remaster is everything Evil Within should hav... | Review | PC


Game Review: Tengami

88 days 12 hours ago - Available for some time on iOS devices, Tengami has finally made its way over to the Wii U and PC releases with some surprising hype for such a por... | Review | PC


Game Review: Space Hulk Ascension - Imperial Fist DLC

111 days 13 hours ago - The first DLC addition to Full Control’s second stab at the classic Warhammer 40,000 series, this sees another famed space marine chapter joining t... | Review | PC


Game Review: Space Hulk Ascension Edition | Starburst Magazine

158 days 13 hours ago - The second outing by Full Control to depict the Adeptus Astartes making perilous expeditions into long lost, xenos-infested starships, Space Hulk A... | Review | PC


Game Review: BlazeRush | Starburst Magazine

162 days 21 hours ago - The Rock N’ Roll racing of a new generation, BlazeRush is the kind of explosive fun you’ll instantly recognise. It’s the sort of game anyone who gr... | Review | PC


Game Review: Lords of the Fallen | Starburst Magazine

162 days 21 hours ago - Wearing its influences on its sleeve, it’s clear that Deck13 Interactive’s Lords of the Fallen is a title trying to capitalise on the success of Da... | Review | PC


Game Review: Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth | Starburst Magazine

176 days 19 hours ago - Effectively the Alpha Centauri to Civilization V, this latest effort by Firaxis to establish a sci-fi strategy title is a release fans will both lo... | Review | PC


Game Review: The Evil Within | Starburst Magazine

183 days ago - Often “throwback” and “old school” are used to praise a title for bringing old ideas to a new generation. Now we have the game which exemplifies ju... | Review | PC


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review | Starburst Magazine

197 days 15 hours ago - Curiously lacking Lord of the Rings in its title, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a release which takes tried and tested ideas then puts its own... | Review | PC


Destiny Review | Starburst Magazine

207 days 22 hours ago - Love them or hate them, few can deny the impact Bungie has had on the modern gaming scene over the past three generations with the Halo franchise.... | Review | Xbox 360


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