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WildStar Free-to-Play Closed Beta Preview | Saving Content

6 days 23 hours ago - Scott spends over a dozen hours exploring parts of planet Nexus as both an Exile and Dominion character in WildStar. The upcoming free-to-play mode... | Preview | PC


Party Hard Review | Saving Content

8 days 1 hour ago - Excerpt: "In a surprising lack of partnership with Andrew W.K., comes Party Hard from Pinokl Games and tinyBuild. The main character essentially li... | Review | PC


Crookz - The Big Heist Review | Saving Content

8 days 13 hours ago - Excerpt: "The 1970s were a crazy time: there was disco, Studio 54, The BeeGee’s, and the birth of heist movies. In Skilltree Studio’s first game, C... | Review | PC


Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta (PS4) Preview | Saving Content

9 days 10 hours ago - Scott gives his impressions on the PlayStation 4 Multiplayer Beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops III that ran from August 18th - 23rd. | Preview | PS4


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Batman: Arkham Knight 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack Review | Saving Content

13 days 11 hours ago - Excerpt: "The post-release DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight has been a bit lacking in quality. There’s plenty of fan service coming from Rocksteady as... | Review | PS4


Galak-Z: The Dimensional Review | Saving Content

29 days 3 hours ago - Excerpt: "Marcus Tullius Cicero said, “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” For each death that you will experience in Gala... | Review | PS4


Tembo the Badass Elephant Review | Saving Content

35 days 18 hours ago - Excerpt: "Tembo is an unlikely hero, but makes for an impressive debut from Pokemon developer, Game Freak. With SEGA as the publisher of this game,... | Review | PC


Prototype Biohazard Bundle Review | Saving Content

36 days 15 hours ago - Excerpt: "The Prototype Biohazard Bundle‘s release was a stealthy one, save for a few pieces of leaked information here and there, it just kind of... | Review | PS4


Guild of Dungeoneering Review | Saving Content

39 days 2 hours ago - Excerpt: "Playing Dungeons & Dragons takes a lot of setup, time, and patience, especially for a Dungeon Master. So what are you to do if you aren’t... | Review | PC


Crookz - The Big Heist Preview | Saving Content

41 days 5 hours ago - Scott spends time with some crookz in a Steam preview build of Crookz - The Big Hei$t, a party-based strategy game where using characters efficient... | Preview | PC


Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR Review | Saving Content

43 days 3 hours ago - Scott writes: "Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR is a game that is played very safe in its first outing on current-generation consoles. And while it is a solid... | Review | PS4


Kholat Review | Saving Content

88 days 16 hours ago - Excerpt: "Kholat is a creepy game, no doubt, but it isn’t the trudging through the snow with a limited capacity for sprinting long distances, it’s... | Review | PC


H-Hour: World's Elite Early Access Preview | Saving Content

90 days 1 hour ago - Scott spends some time with SoF Studios' Kickstarter success, H-Hour: World's Elite now on Steam Early Access. This is very much a SOCOM game that... | Preview | PC


BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition Review | Saving Content

98 days 20 hours ago - Excerpt: "BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition is worthy of the title. It is largely unchanged at the core, but it is all of the things around it that... | Review | PC


Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia DLC Review | Saving Content

107 days 17 hours ago - Excerpt: "If you enjoyed any amount of time with Euro Truck Simulator 2, the Scandinavia expansion is well worth the $20, which is maybe a bit pric... | Review | PC


Rebel Galaxy Preview | Saving Content

109 days 19 hours ago - Scott spends several hours in space engaging in unique space naval combat, trading, and mining this special preview build of Rebel Galaxy by Double... | Preview | PC


NOT A HERO Review | Saving Content

111 days 16 hours ago - Excerpt: "NOT A HERO is a game about speed and style, not unlike the developer’s own OlliOlli series. Comparisons to Devolver Digital’s other publi... | Review | PC


Shovel Knight (XB1 & PS4) Review | Saving Content

112 days 4 hours ago - Excerpt: "Shovel Knight remains one of the best action platformers of this generation of consoles. The feel is very nostalgic, which are a throwbac... | Review | PS4


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review | Saving Content

113 days 9 hours ago - Excerpt: "What's old is new again." Wolfenstein: The Old Blood comes out not even a full year removed from the fantastic and absolutely surprising... | Review | PC


Blitzkrieg 3 Early Access Preview | Saving Content

114 days 5 hours ago - Scott spends time with the Early Access version of Blitzkrieg 3 to learn that the game takes a unique approach to F2P and how it handles its multip... | Preview | PC



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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