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Swipe Quest Review: Identity Crisis: Hardcore Droid

5 days 17 hours ago - The heart of any good puzzle game are the mechanics. Everything else is secondary. With Swipe Quest, a 2048-esque, grid-based puzzle game, Polish g... | Review | iPhone


Rogue’s Tale Review: Roguelike or Role Playing Shell?: Hardcore Droid

6 days 21 hours ago - The Rogue’s Tale, by GLHF Games, is a roguelike dungeon crawler rife with nostalgia and very little else. Though shallow and repetitive, it’s initi... | Review | iPhone


RTS Rex Tribal Society Review: Cavemen and Dinosaurs are Not Your Friends: Hardcore Droid

14 days 14 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - Developed by Visiorama, Rex Tribal Society mimics a creationist view of ancient history. In the game, men use dinosaurs like horse... | Review | iPhone


Star Nomad Review: Shooting and Selling Among The Stars: Hardcore Droid

17 days 17 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - Mobile gaming enables independent developers in a fashion that is unprecedented for the industry. With a huge existing install bas... | Review | Android


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The Best Android RPGs You’ve Never Heard Of (2014 edition) : Hardcore Droid

22 days 8 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - Perhaps you’re like me, and you like your RPGs epic and long-standing. That’s good—it means you demand a lot of your games regardl... | Opinion piece | Android


The Wars 2: Evolution Review A Caveman's Strategy Game: Hardcore Droid

35 days 16 hours ago - Hardcore droid - A follow up to The Wars, a mobile strategy game no one has ever heard of, The Wars 2: Evolution premiered to a fanfare of crickets... | Review | iPhone


Boiling Gamers: A Brief History of Microtransactions: The Death of Video Games Part IV

41 days 9 hours ago - If you consider the inroads the Games as a Service Movement has made across the spectrum of gaming markets and the various public statements made b... | Opinion piece | PC


Conquest of Elysium 3 Review: The Ultimate Bloodthirsty Fantasy Horde Simulator: Hardcore Droid

43 days 18 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - Conquest of Elysium 3 is a game from Illwinter Game Design, a small Swedish developer. It’s a turn-based strategy game in a fantas... | Review | iPhone


The Best Android Strategy Games of 2014 (so far…)

55 days 7 hours ago - The best thing about Android gaming is that the barriers to entry for developers are all but nonexistent, allowing just about anybody to create and... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Pay to Win Microtransactions in Core Games, A Lock

60 days 4 hours ago - The Games as a Service Movement isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In the last couple of years, a vast number of developers large and small have co... | Opinion piece | PC


Dual Currency Microtransaction Scam Comes to Core Gaming

61 days 6 hours ago - It’s become clear based on recent developments in the game industry as well as countless statements by industry leaders and analysts, that microtra... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Will Core Games Adopt The Apple/Android Model

67 days 5 hours ago - The Games as a Service Movement, a collection of powerful (they count Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Capcom, EA among their members) loosely organized g... | Opinion piece | PC


Microtransactions + Virtual Currencies + Children = Fraud

67 days 22 hours ago - Most casinos pump oxygen into their halls while offering free drinks to their patrons in an effort to keep gamblers both tipsy and alert, the ideal... | Opinion piece | PC


FLASHOUT 2 Review: A Familiar Road: Hardcore Droid

68 days 2 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - In the landscape of mobile racers, the futuristic sort has become a fiercely competitive niche. Some, like Repulze have carved out... | Review | iPhone


A Design for Boring: Problems with the Freemium Model

72 days 4 hours ago - The freemium model offers a free-to-play game experience that monetizes through the player’s purchase of more-or-less optional in-game content. Thi... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Pay to Win Microtransactions Come to Next Gen: A Call to Action

72 days 21 hours ago - If gamers don’t come together and draw a line in the sand, the video games we love will soon be a thing of the past.They will be replaced with the... | Opinion piece | PC


Kindle Round-Up May 5th 2014: Best App of the Day 4/27 to 5/3: Hardcore Droid

85 days 1 hour ago - Hardcore Droid - We are certain that our Kindle-toting brothers and sisters are sometimes neglected, and in need of some extra game review love. To... | Opinion piece | Android


The Best Android RPGs of 2014 (So Far): Hardcore Droid

87 days 8 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - There are few better entertainment investments in all of Android gaming than the RPG. Often offering hours upon hours of epic adve... | Opinion piece | Android


Alpha Zero Review: Pretty but Clumsy: Hardcore Droid

88 days 21 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - The way we see it, there are two types of video games out there: games that pull you in and immerse you in a deep and all-consumin... | Review | iPhone


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review: “Amazing” is Definitely Too Strong a Word: Hardcore Droid

88 days 23 hours ago - Hardcore Droid - It’s hard not to admire the ambition of a game like The Amazing Spider-Man 2. While still closely based on the last iteration, it’... | Review | iPhone


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