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Smash Roster Dreams: Shovel Knight Moveset

160 days 4 hours ago - Jake T. Writes: "The first ever Super Smash Bros. character DLC has finally dropped for everyone. While I was messing around with Mewtwo, it finall... | Opinion piece | Wii U


These Non-Fighting Pokemon Should Appear in Pokken Tournament

217 days 9 hours ago - Out of all the curious creations coming from the Land of the Rising Sun this year, one of greater ones is Nintendo’s recent trusting of other well... | Opinion piece | Arcade


Original The Binding of Isaac Programmer is Working on New DLC for the Game

245 days 2 hours ago - Florian Himsl, the programmer for the original The Binding of Isaac, is working on his own DLC update for the game. | News | PC


Review: Life is Strange Episode 1 - Chrysalis | KaboomShark

245 days 8 hours ago - Jake T. Writes: "Dontnod is a strong force in stories that break the mold in today’s industry, and Life is Strange has the potential to be one of 2... | Review | PC


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Interview: Matt Kap Talks Castle in the Darkness, Isaac and More | KaboomShark

245 days 8 hours ago - Matt Kap, who worked the upcoming title Castle in the Darkness, as well as The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, shares some behind the scenes details. | News | PC


The Wolf Among Us Missable Book of Fables Guide

439 days 18 hours ago - For those who enjoyed The Wolf Among Us as much as we did, there is definitely a desire to see all there is to see in the game. Fortunately, Tellta... | Article | PC


Review: Among The Sleep | KaboomShark

439 days 18 hours ago - Ever wished you could see something terrifying in the eyes of a two year old? Among the Sleep does just that in an amazing blend of horror sight an... | Review | PC


Review: Valiant Hearts: The Great War | KaboomShark

440 days 18 hours ago - Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a beautiful melody of art, music and gameplay that can keep one enraptured for the entire experience. | Review | PC


EA Says “People Just Weren’t Ready” For Mobile Dungeon Keeper, EA Is Dumb or Lying

444 days 7 hours ago - Frank Gibeau, the head of EA’s mobile division, said the new mobile Dungeon Keeper game failed because it “innovated too much.” Frank Gibeau is eit... | Opinion piece | Industry


Review: The Wolf Among Us Season 1 | KaboomShark

444 days 11 hours ago - A dramatic shift from setting of their previous title, The Wolf Among Us hoped to keep that same fire alive for the episodic story telling genre th... | Review | PC


The Forest: Russell's Survival Journal

473 days ago - KaboomShark's Russell Troxel sees how well he can survive in the upcoming PC game The Forest. | Opinion piece | PC


Who Else Could Be in Hyrule Warriors? I Thought of 10.

476 days 9 hours ago - Joshua Hugo Writes "At this year’s E3, we were given a more in-depth peek at the upcoming spin-off Hyrule Warriors by Tecmo Koei and Nintendo. Whil... | Opinion piece | Wii U


The Third Generation Mega Pokemon Wishlist

478 days 18 hours ago - If we are seeing the return of the Ruby and Sapphire Pokedex, here are 10 Hoenn based Pokemon that could really use the Mega form treatment. This l... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Top 10 Games of E3 2014 | KaboomShark

478 days 20 hours ago - Jake Thomas Wrote: "E3 2014 came and went just as fast as every year. We all laughed, cried, and were filled with joy as game after game met our vi... | Opinion piece | PC


The Turn-Based JRPG – The Fate of Destruction is Also the Joy of Rebirth

479 days 2 hours ago - Ben Gring Writes: "We here at KaboomShark love us some JRPG. Hell, at this very moment Ryan is probably in the dark corners of his home playing Kin... | Opinion piece | Industry


The Mighty 20: A Look At Upcoming PS4 Indie Titles

488 days 17 hours ago - Jake T. Writes: "As more and more [Indie games] are announced every day to be coming to the system (or the other Playstation platforms), I’ve gathe... | Opinion piece | PS4


Review: A Story About My Uncle | KaboomShark

489 days 15 hours ago - Some stories leave a mark on your soul when you hear them. They stick with you forever and have an impact on who you are as a person. A Story About... | Review | PC


Dark Souls II to Get Three DLC Episodes

489 days 16 hours ago - Sneakily added to From's Youtube Channel, it appears that Dark Souls II will be getting three DLC episodes to add-on more content to the acclaimed... | News | PC


Review: Worms: Battlegrounds | KaboomShark

493 days 9 hours ago - Ben Gring Writes: "The newest incarnation of the Worms series is finally upon us, and this time its going back to basics. Fans of this series have... | Review | PS4


Speculation: Could Project V1 be Viewtiful Joe?

495 days 11 hours ago - Who's to say that Project V1 couldn't be hinting at a revival of Capcom's Viewtiful Joe series? Other than the odd tone and pulse of the website it... | Opinion piece | Wii


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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