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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet conveys its story without using words

1458 days 10 hours ago - Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, the August 3 release of Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade, manages to tell its story without using any written or spoken... | Article | Xbox 360


Bitmob: Bring the pain: How insane damage helps Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1614 days 21 hours ago - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has incredibly damaging combos with no escape once you're locked in. And that's a good thing. | Opinion piece | PC


Bitmob: The philosophy of Zelda: Existentialism, the fourth wall, and Link's Awakening

1614 days 22 hours ago - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening didn't just break the fourth wall -- it used its dream-within-a-game narrative to ask some real existential q... | Article | Wii


Bitmob: Okamiden and Dragon Age 2 illustrate the do's and don'ts of demos

1614 days 22 hours ago - Bitmob Staff Writer Chas Guidry: I always thought the point of a demo was to encourage players to buy the full game or hold their interest until it... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Bitmob: Magicka: Five tips and strategies from the guys who made the game

1614 days 22 hours ago - The action-RPG Magicka is a game about choices. Not which princess to save and how...more like, do you kill that advancing horde of imps with a big... | Article | PC

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