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FIFA 13: 5 Reasons Online Pro Is Its Best Feature

452 days 22 hours ago - "Another year, another FIFA video game. Whether you personally find the repetitive annual release of sport titles to be bad for the gaming industry... | Opinion piece | PC


Craft The Perfect Killing Machine In Dead Space 3

453 days 5 hours ago - "Isaac Clark is the unluckiest bastard in the whole damned universe. He’s the poor sap who stars in the Dead Space games and, over the course of t... | Opinion piece | PC


How the PS3 Excelled and Failed at Delivering the Goods

453 days 22 hours ago - "It is a new year, which is also a new year in gaming and a new era rapidly approaches. Nintendo has already taken that first big step with the Wii... | Opinion piece | PS3


How the Xbox 360 Excelled and Failed at Delivering the Goods

454 days 3 hours ago - "It has been many years since this current generation of consoles (for the sake of this article, the Wii for Nintendo) was released and has since s... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


inFamous: Second Son (PS4) Review

Now - Ken abuses his powers in the latest entry in the inFamous series. | Promoted post

Will Next Generation Be Rife With Console Wars?

454 days 15 hours ago - "Arguing over which console is better has been a habit of gamers since the start of console gaming itself. There are plenty of elements at play, fr... | Opinion piece | PC


Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Open Beta Impressions | Explosion

454 days 19 hours ago - "American McGee, as you may know already, has been responsible for putting twists on classic tales and stories of childhood, and then translating h... | Preview | PC


Analyzing Cyberpunk 2077′s Latest Trailer

454 days 22 hours ago - "CD Projekt Red recently released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. It is a very impressive CGi trailer showcasing the team’... | Opinion piece | PC


GTA V: 5 Reasons It’s The Most Anticipated Game of 2013

455 days ago - "Few games come around that demand your attention like a Grand Theft Auto game. Other game developers pray the release date doesn’t coincide with t... | Opinion piece | PC


How To Improve The Resident Evil Franchise

456 days 2 hours ago - "Resident Evil was once a beloved franchise to gamers that grew up in the mid-90′s. The name synonymous with survival-horror provided a thrill in t... | Opinion piece | PC


Dead Space 3: Demo Impressions | Explosion

457 days 4 hours ago - "Ah, Dead Space. My last remaining sanctuary of a console survival horror franchise. Resident Evil and Silent Hill aren’t who they used to be any m... | Preview | PC


2013 Will Be The Year Of eSports

457 days 5 hours ago - "eSports is easily gaining momentum as a spectacle in the gaming community. Not only are more people getting involved in competitive gaming, a lot... | Opinion piece | Culture


Do Sequels Really Kill Creativity And Innovation?

458 days 21 hours ago - "Recently, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls designer David Cage made a controversial statement to Official Playstation Magazine stating that video... | Opinion piece | Industry


DmC Devil May Cry Review | Explosion

459 days 16 hours ago - "DmC’s narrative is relatively straightforward: after being attacked by a Hunter Demon, the 21st Century Andrew Garfield-like Dante awakes with a h... | Review | PC


Is Multiplayer Needed In Tomb Raider?

460 days ago - "Multiplayer is becoming a common feature in video games. Even traditionally single-player games like the Tomb Raider series are beginning to adopt... | Opinion piece | PC


ZombiU Review |

460 days 23 hours ago - "From the outset, ZombiU will fool people into thinking the game does nothing new. It features zombies, an overused gaming trope, within a first-pe... | Review | Wii U


5 Improvements Dark Souls 2 Should Have

461 days 23 hours ago - "With the announcement of Dark Souls 2 during the VGAs last year, a bit more info has trickled out about the game. For starters, while From Softwar... | Opinion piece | PC


Wrestling Revolution Fighting the Good Fight

462 days 1 hour ago - "Wrestling Revolution came out in July of 2012 for Android and iOS devices and since then has really taken off in an interesting way. " | Opinion piece | iPhone


Why Next-Gen Consoles Should Not Ban Used Games

462 days 17 hours ago - "People love flexibility. The ability to pass on a product you've enjoyed to a family member or a close friend is a social norm for many people. It... | Opinion piece | Next-Gen


The Failings of the Kinect Two Years Later

463 days 2 hours ago - "The Kinect for the Microsoft Xbox 360 was one of those peripherals that at the time looked like it could have been a big deal. Motion control on t... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Trip Hawkins Opens If You Can Studios

463 days 17 hours ago - "Trip Hawkins, Eelectronic Arts co-founder, has announced today the opening of If You Can Studios, together with producer Ben Geliher who worked on... | News | Industry


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