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BioShock: Infinite’s Popularity is Proof That Story Matters

475 days 2 hours ago - "Story matters. There, I have said and now it is out there, on the internet for as long as the internet will exist. Gaming has a rather auspicious... | Opinion piece | PC


Call Of Duty: Ghosts: Should It Be Next-Gen Exclusive?

476 days 3 hours ago - "Undoubtedly, the biggest game franchise of the current generation of consoles and PC gaming is Call Of Duty. Whether you like the games or you fin... | Opinion piece | PC


Injustice: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Like Gods Among Us

476 days 6 hours ago - "Most likely, we all had the same reaction when we saw the announcement for Injustice: Gods Among Us. A roll of the eyesF, a dejected sigh, and des... | Opinion piece | Industry


PAX East Day 1 – Wrap Up

476 days 8 hours ago - "The annual geek invasion of Boston began Friday as Penny Arcade and their legions of fans stormed the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Ex... | Opinion piece | Industry


Filmwatch June Contests

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The Walking Dead Season 2: 5 Improvements Needed

476 days 21 hours ago - "TellTale have already announced that a second season of their hit game, The Walking Dead, will be releasing some time in the future. This shouldn’... | Opinion piece | PC


Bioshock Infinite: 5 Reasons It Will Be Great

477 days 9 hours ago - "Releasing in just a few days time, Bioshock Infinite will be one of 2013′s biggest releases in the gaming world. Many gamers have been eagerly awa... | Opinion piece | PC


The New Infinity Ward’s Chance to Shine With Call of Duty: Ghosts

477 days 22 hours ago - "Infinity Ward have had a bit of a storied past, as the original team that introduced the world to Call of Duty and who have created a bunch of gam... | Opinion piece | PC


Episodic Gaming: Is It The Future?

478 days 21 hours ago - "With the recent success of Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game, people are starting to wonder if episodic content is the future of gaming. Trut... | Opinion piece | PC


Kickstarter and Big Business: A Dangerous Union

480 days 23 hours ago - "A little over a year ago, the Kickstarter craze began. You can trace the roots of the phenomenon to a joint project between 2-Player Productions a... | Opinion piece | Industry


Dead Space 3: 5 Ways To Improve The Sequel

481 days 22 hours ago - "Dead Space 3 has been a bit of hit and miss with gamers. While it does maintain some identity in relation to the old games, steadily the Dead Spac... | Opinion piece | PC


Road Rash: 5 Reasons It Should Return

482 days 2 hours ago - "A recent article on Eurogamer featured a piece with Dan Geisler, creator of the Road Rash series all those years ago. In it he talks about utilisi... | Opinion piece | PC


Series Like Tomb Raider, God of War and Call of Duty Need to Die

482 days 20 hours ago - "Sequels are like flies, they seem to only show up when you least want them to be around and when one shows up you can expect many more to follow.... | Opinion piece | PC


Battlefield 4 Could Accelerate Call of Duty’s Demise

483 days 6 hours ago - "There has been a battle raging over the last few years between the first person shooter games with two names sticking out as the leaders of the pa... | Opinion piece | PC


Will SimCity’s Launch Change Anything?

483 days 6 hours ago - "I was there at 12:01AM on March 5th for the launch of SimCity. I excitedly waited at my computer to receive an email from EA Origin to confirm my... | Opinion piece | PC


The Many Possible Settings of Assassin’s Creed

485 days ago - "With a lore that spans from the Third Crusade to the American Revolution, one of Assassin’s Creed’s best traits is its ability to transport player... | Opinion piece | PC


Assassin’s Creed IV Could Be The Salvation That The Series Needs

485 days 19 hours ago - "Assassin’s Creed IV has recently been unveiled and there has already been a lot of hype and speculation about the upcoming title." | | Opinion piece | PC


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: 5 Reasons The Story Sucks

485 days 23 hours ago - "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (MGRR) was Hideo Kojima’s, famed director behind the Metal Gear series, first foray into the hack and slash territo... | Opinion piece | PC


Drakengard 3: 3 Reasons To Be Excited

485 days 23 hours ago - "The recent release of Famitsu over in Japan has dropped a new title in development from Japanese developers Access Games. That game is Drakengard... | Opinion piece | PS3


Tomb Raider Continues to Prove That Sex Sells in Gaming

486 days 19 hours ago - "The team at Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have worked hard to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise and to present Lara Croft in a new light, beyond... | Opinion piece | PC


Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Top 5 Rumours So Far

488 days ago - "After Square-Enix’s disappointing presentation at the Sony PS4 revel conference, many rumours have started to swirl about the infamous game in dev... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Watch Dogs Review

Now - Dave hacks the planet with his latest review. | Promoted post
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