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Sound Shapes Review | Explosion

863 days 8 hours ago - Very few people would disagree that the Vita, while certainly a promising piece of gaming hardware, isn’t as successful as Sony had hoped. The libr... | Review | PS3


Do Games Need to be Fun?

863 days 11 hours ago - "David Cage, who already has a reputation for bashing his own groundbreaking game, Heavy Rain, went on the record saying that he does not plan on m... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Star Wars the Old Republic Takes Cue from League of Legends

863 days 15 hours ago - "The free-to-play model has taken a strong hold on the world of online multiplayer gaming. Recent additions to the annals of the free-to-play model... | Opinion piece | PC


Essential Youtube Gamers Part 2

864 days 8 hours ago - "The two youtube gamers I’ll be sharing with you today have the exact same tendency, and it fills my heart with hope for the gaming community, be i... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Far Cry 4 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken finds his inner tiger in Kyrat. | Promoted post

Kickstarter Focus: SolForge

864 days 8 hours ago - "This week’s Kickstarter focus is a game in the same genre of Scrolls, Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, and the Pokémon trading card game. SolForge has... | Opinion piece | PC


Conversation Corner: What Should Change in GTA V?

865 days 10 hours ago - "Last night, as I was plowing through the citizens of Liberty City, a thought suddenly reminded me about the impending release of Grand Theft Auto... | Opinion piece | PC


Zombies in Video Games… Fad?

865 days 10 hours ago - "Having poured 30 hours into Valve’s Left 4 Dead; 40 hours into Techland’s Dead Island, and over 15 hours into Activision’s zombie mode in Call of... | Opinion piece | PC


My Hour With Misery

865 days 20 hours ago - "The other night I made a mistake. An awful mistake that, even today – almost two days later – I’m still paying for. Through my Gamefly account, I... | Opinion piece | Wii


What Could Have Been: Bulletstorm

865 days 21 hours ago - "Coming off of the critically acclaimed Gears of War and the ever popular Unreal series, there were some that thought that developers Epic Games an... | Opinion piece | PC


Why the Wii U Will Crash and Burn

866 days 13 hours ago - "With the Wii U launching this holiday season, and only a few months leading up to it for news to be revealed, there are some huge flaws already vi... | Opinion piece | Wii U


5 Characters I Want To See In A 4th Super Smash Game

867 days 5 hours ago - "Thanks to the various rumors and rumblings circulating within the Nintendo community, it seems pretty likely we’ll be seeing a fourth entry in the... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Is Steam Joining the Ranks of EA and Microsoft?

867 days 5 hours ago - "Steam’s recent change in its Terms of Service mirrors a move made by Sony, Microsoft, and EA: they have changed its wording to ensure that a custo... | Opinion piece | Culture


4 Reasons the Patent System Kills the Industry

868 days 12 hours ago - "Patents exist to protect the inventor from idea theft or knock-off products during the first stages of conception. If someone gets a good idea, it... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Hybrid – Preview | Explosion

869 days 1 hour ago - Gamers can be forgiven for looking at the upcoming XBLA shooter Hybrid and dismissing it as just another third person shooter. Because… it IS anot... | Preview | Xbox 360


The Curse of the QTE

869 days 3 hours ago - As the gaming industry has evolved, there have been changes in the framework of a successful game. Back when the 8 bit consoles reigned, the drivin... | Opinion piece | Tech


Top 5 Games of Summer

869 days 4 hours ago - As August begins, Summer is starting to end! This Summer had its share of popular and controversial titles, but here are five that stood out from t... | Opinion piece | PC


Conversation Corner: Resident Evil 6

870 days 9 hours ago - "For a survival horror series, Resident Evil has had a rather extensive lifespan. From its debut in 1996 to the current generation titles – Reside... | Opinion piece | PC


Why New IPs Keep the Industry Alive

871 days 9 hours ago - "Recently a representative of Sony, Fergal Gara, explained that Sony intended to keep publishing new IPs well into the life of the Playstation 3. D... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Five Notable Gaming Twists

871 days 10 hours ago - "Directors like M. Night Shyamalan are known for their unexpected turns within their movies. The thrive on the audiences shock when the plot takes... | Opinion piece | Culture


Deadlight Review | Explosion

871 days 11 hours ago - Deadlight for Xbox Live Arcade is one part Shadow Complex and one part I Am Alive, a combination of sidescrolling action, and a platforming surviva... | Review | Xbox 360


Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post
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