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How to complete your amiibo collection

3 days 14 hours ago - An amiibo completist has some top tips for getting hold of all 41 amiibo before they sell out. | Article | Wii U


Black Ops 3 could be the best Call of Duty yet

8 days 8 hours ago - Red Bull writes: A new game engine, four-player co-op and much more could make Black Ops 3 amazing. | Opinion piece | PC


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - What pro gamers want

9 days 11 hours ago - Ahead of the world reveal, MarkyB, ReL and Sowerz share their wish list for the new CoD. | Opinion piece | PC


How FIFA can grow as an eSport

10 days 13 hours ago - FIFA player RossiHD and YouTuber Curtis Morton want bigger prize pools and team games. | Opinion piece | PS4


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

How Guitar Hero Live can rock your world

13 days 13 hours ago - Red Bull writes: The new Guitar Hero TV feature has the potential to make plastic instruments cool again. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Star Wars Battlefront offers new hope for gamers

14 days 10 hours ago - Red Bull writes: Why The Force Awakens isn't the only exciting Star Wars event of the year. | Opinion piece | PC


11 top Mortal Kombat tips

15 days 23 hours ago - YouTubers and streamers SilentC0re, LTZonda, BRKsEDU and Davy Jones share their Mortal Kombat knowledge. | Article | PS4


Nadeshot's greatest moments with Optic Gaming

21 days 10 hours ago - One of the most famous faces in eSports, Nadeshot achieved so much in five years at Optic Gaming. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Is this the ultimate GTA playlist?

24 days 19 hours ago - With the Welcome to Los Santos album out soon, Red Bull pick some top tunes from GTA. And El Sandito. | Opinion piece | PS2


Back to Black Ops - are Call of Duty pro gamers happy?

25 days 6 hours ago - Pro players and YouTubers deliver their verdict on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 reveal. | Opinion piece | PS4


How to survive and thrive in the new Dark Souls 2

28 days 18 hours ago - Red Bull writes: Before you jump into the wonderfully hellish world of Drangleic, have a read of these tips, or rather, commandments. As well as pr... | Article | PC


How to kick ass in Bloodborne

28 days 19 hours ago - Red Bull writes: Bloodborne's blood soaked streets - filled with monstrous nightmares and spine-tingling banshee screams - are likely to leave you... | Article | PS4


5 amazing indie sports games you've never played

29 days 3 hours ago - Red Bull writes: Though it sometimes seems like the indie scene is awash with nothing but retro-themed arcade brawlers and point and click adventur... | Opinion piece | PC


7 GTA Online Heists videos you have to watch

29 days 8 hours ago - Despite the initial problems with GTA V’s Online Heists, when they work they’re brilliant. There's nothing better than pulling off risky jobs again... | Opinion piece | PS4


How to make Barcelona invincible in FIFA 15

42 days 8 hours ago - Red Bull writes: Messi's Barcelona are unstoppable the moment. With these top tips they'll be incredible in FIFA, too. | Article | Xbox 360


Nintendo NX: Can another all-new concept succeed?

42 days 9 hours ago - Red Bull look back to see what they can learn from Nintendo’s past innovations. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


13 Battlefield Hardline tips from pro gamers

46 days 4 hours ago - Red Bull writes: Infused pro Hadoukenzzz, streamer LtZonda and Battlefield Bootcamp expert Addison have got some Battlefield Hardline tips that wil... | Article | PC


5 Nintendo games that would be great on mobile

48 days 7 hours ago - Forget Mario and Zelda. These are the Nintendo games that should be on tablets and smartphones. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Optic Nadeshot's manifesto for a perfect CoD

52 days 10 hours ago - The X Games gold medalist and MLG Champion on how Advanced Warfare could be improved as an eSport. | Opinion piece | Xbox One


GTA Online Heists: 5 things that need to change

52 days 22 hours ago - They’ve barely been out for a week, but the Heists already need a tweak. | Opinion piece | PS4


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