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Club Nintendo's greatest rewards

5 days 1 hour ago - Nintendo's reward service for loyal fans is being canned. Here's why it will be missed. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


PS4: 'The best place for exciting game ideas'

5 days 9 hours ago - With great indies on the way in 2015, Sony's Shahid Ahmad says small studios are enriching gaming. | Interview | PS4


Is gaming a sport?

10 days 7 hours ago - Rise of the Cyber Athlete presenter OJ Borg explains why the BBC is taking eSports seriously. | Opinion piece | PC


How to create a game in 48 hours

13 days 8 hours ago - Red Bull talks to Bossa Studios - the creators of I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator - about how their best ideas are born out of game jams. | Article | PC


Are you bored?

Now - Watch 10 seconds videos about games and game culture at COUB Gaming... | Promoted post

How Nadeshot and Optic Gaming won UMG Orlando

19 days 3 hours ago - After a tough first day, OpTic bounced back to dominate the competition and take home first place. | Article | PS4


Why 2015 will be a great year for games

19 days 21 hours ago - Red Bull writes: Big blockbusters, new tech and inventive indies should make 2015 a year to remember. | Opinion piece | PC


Who will win 2015's first big Call of Duty tournament?

23 days 2 hours ago - The UK's best players are ready for Advanced Warfare at UMG Orlando. Can Epsilon, Basic or TCM compete with the best US teams? | Opinion piece | PS4


Halo 5 tips: 10 ways to not die in the beta

26 days 8 hours ago - Red Bull writes: Here’s a mixture of tips for beginners and returning players. We can’t promise immortality, but they should keep you alive long en... | Article | Xbox One


Trash talk plays a big part in eSports victories

26 days 10 hours ago - Red Bull writes: In football it’s mind games, cricketers call it sledging and in eSports it’s trash talking. Whatever it's called, the aim is the s... | Opinion piece | PC


Hackers ruined Christmas, but how can PS4 and Xbox One respond?

26 days 20 hours ago - Red Bull writes: The latest security breach highlighted Microsoft and Sony's online frailties. | Opinion piece | PS4


7 reasons why GTA V's Online Heists will rock

32 days 1 hour ago - Red Bull writes: It’s been a long time coming, but the Online Heists look set to live up to the hype. Let’s take a look at why you’ll soon be rushi... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


What do pro gamers get up to on Christmas Day?

32 days 1 hour ago - Is the festive period a time for family or FIFA? Red Bull ask eSports stars if they put down their pads. | Article | Culture


5 games to play this week

50 days 21 hours ago - Red Bull writes: Go on a US road trip, visit Westeros, or travel to the planet Pandora in this week’s new releases. | Opinion piece | PC


The Crew: gaming's biggest road trip is here

52 days 17 hours ago - Ivory Tower explain how the vast open spaces of the USA and its car culture inspired its massive new game. | Interview | PC


14 must-play games to get excited about this winter

52 days 20 hours ago - Has your wallet recovered from November yet? Here are 14 more games that'll do your purse more damage from December to the end of February. | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox One's 1st year: slow, but a comeback is on

64 days 5 hours ago - Microsoft, Capybara and Outside Xbox on why the second-place console has a first-place future. | Opinion piece | Xbox One


When will BioWare stop pestering me for sex?

65 days ago - Red Bull writes: Dragon Age: Inquisition is a marvellous game with some silly ideas about romance. | Opinion piece | PC


PES 2015 or FIFA 15: Which is the better game?

71 days 6 hours ago - Bloggers from Winning Eleven Blog and FIFA Soccer Blog make the for their favourite football game. | Opinion piece | PS4


5 games to play this week

71 days 12 hours ago - Red Bull writes: This week brings us a double bill of stealthy stabbing, one superhero and two types of shooting, but some big games fail to make o... | Opinion piece | PC


PS4's first year has been great, but what's next?

71 days 12 hours ago - Sony's Fergal Gara, Yogscast's Kim Richards, Futurlab's James Marsden and a PS4 fan have their say on PlayStation 4's first 12 months and its future. | Opinion piece | PS4


WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review

Now - Ryan steps back into the ring for the first next-gen WWE game. | Promoted post
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