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So You Want To Be A Videogame Journalist - How to Make Money Writing About Games

1857 days 4 hours ago - Dick Ward writes: "If your goal is to write about games for a living, you're probably well versed in games. You know the difference between an... | Article | 11


Borderlands - The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Walkthrough and Build Guide

1869 days 7 hours ago - Dick Ward writes: "So you made it through the game and you're on to the first official Borderlands DLC - The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. In this... | Article | 1,2


How to Become a Professional Gamer - Get Paid Like a Pro to Do What You Love

1871 days 11 hours ago - Dick Ward writes: "Writers write, singers sing, and gamers game. Whatever your goal in life, practice is absolutely essential. This is especia... | Article | 11


The Best Game You Never Played: LOADED

1943 days 13 hours ago - Joe Mulhern of AceGamez writes: "I don't know about you guys, but when I was a kid, the best games I ever played were the games I shouldn't ha... | Article | 11


Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

The 20 Most Underappreciated Games Of All Time

1943 days 15 hours ago - Liam Pritchard of AceGamez writes: "For one reason or another these games just didn't sell at retail or failed to get the kind of love from th... | Article | 1, 2, 8, 9, 10


Five PSone Classics that Deserve to be Released on PSN

1944 days 3 hours ago - So, we got Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid out of the way, but the original PlayStation has such a superb library of classic games that we a... | News | 1


AceGamez' Top 5 Call of Duty 4 Moments

1944 days 8 hours ago - Infinity Ward knows how to craft cinematic moments without breaking the first person view like no other. Here are AceGamez' top moments from Call o... | Article | 1,2,12


The Top 5 Indie Games You're Not Playing – Recession Edition

1944 days 13 hours ago - Forget the triple-A games this Christmas! Ace Gamez presents the best of the Xbox Marketplace for just 80MP each. | Article | 2


Avatar: The Game - Kevin Shortt Interview

1944 days 17 hours ago - Ace Gamez speaks with Kevin Shortt, lead scriptwriter of the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game based on John Cameron's upcoming film. | Interview | 1,2,12


The Five Most Important Things World of Warcraft Learned From Warhammer Online

2036 days 22 hours ago - This list explores the five most important things that World of Warcraft learned from Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. | Article | 12


Class Specific WoW Addons - The Best Addons For Your Class

2038 days 8 hours ago - Selecting the right addons can be different, and the sheer amount of class specific WoW addons makes the choice even more difficult. This guide tak... | Article | 12


Crucial Pop's 'Gamer Grrl' talks Left 4 Dead

2226 days 15 hours ago - Eileen M. Searson writes: "I am a simple girl, and there are a couple of things in this world that bring me great pleasure: good music, good f... | Article | 2, 11


What CES Meant for Gamers - Crucial Pop

2256 days 1 hour ago - What used to be the biggest gathering of game companies every year has given way to HDTVs and cell phones and limited our poor precious games to a... | Article | 12,14


Too Human Reviewed. Can it match the hype? Gaming Ring finds out.

2415 days 20 hours ago - Nearly ten years since the initial announcement of Too Human, the day has finally arrived and it's hitting store shelves at last. After all the mes... | Review | 2


Gaming Ring's Head to Head: TNA iMPACT! and Smackdown vs Raw

2441 days 23 hours ago - Gaming Ring takes hands on experience with the year's upcoming wrestling games and puts them head to head. We were going to call it iMPACT! vs Sma... | Preview | 1,2,9


E3 2008: Gaming Ring's Hands On With TNA iMPACT!

2447 days 10 hours ago - Gaming Ring got to take a look and go hands on with Midways latest offering - TNA Impact. We took a quick look at the intro and a few of the chara... | Preview | 30,1,2,3,9


Gaming Ring: Christopher Daniels Talks TNA iMPACT!

2447 days 10 hours ago - Gaming Ring's Dick Ward had a chance to sit down with TNA's Christopher Daniels about the upcoming game TNA iMPACT!, TNA, Ring of Honor,and more. | Interview | 30,1,2,3,9


Gaming Ring's Hands On with Smackdown vs Raw 2009

2447 days 17 hours ago - For over eight years, THQ has continued to innovate and improve upon its top selling Smackdown games. The series has always been strong, but never... | Preview | 30,1,2,4,9


Reggie Spotted at Xbox Focus Hands on with Halo Wars

2448 days ago - Halo Wars, it's one hell of a big title, and one hell of a change from the traditional Halo gameplay. Halo games are known for fast action and qui... | News | 30, 2


Gaming Ring Interview With TNA's Christy Hemme

2449 days 2 hours ago - Gaming Ring's own Dick Ward had a chance to sit down with TNA's own Christy Hemme and talk about Midway's upcoming wrestling game TNA Impact!, soon... | Interview | 30, 1, 2, 3, 9


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