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Capcom’s Choice of Platforms for Street Fighter V is at Least Disappointing

13 days 7 hours ago - GotGame writes: "Until now, the only requirement for you to play the game was to speak its language: fighting. Now, you also have to buy a certain... | Opinion piece | PC


Xur: Agent of Nine Location and Items for Week 13 (December 5)

13 days 13 hours ago - GotGame writes: "It’s Friday everyone! Which in terms of Destiny, means that Xur is now available at the Tower and it’s ready to offer you some nic... | News | Xbox 360


Game of Thrones Episode 1 Iron From Ice Walkthrough

15 days 11 hours ago - GotGame: "The one game you can’t miss if you are a Game of Thrones fan is the episodic GOT game from the good folks over at Telltale Games. " | Video | PC


Trials Fusion Free on PS4, Grab it While You Can

21 days 14 hours ago - While this could easily be a mistake made by Sony, someone noticed that Trials Fusion for PlayStation 4 is currently free on the UK PlayStation Store. | News | PS4


Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

First Person Perspective Completely Changes GTA 5, Should be Included in all Future GTA Games

28 days 19 hours ago - "GTA V’s hidden treasure is the first-person perspective, which radically changes the game." | Opinion piece | PC


Sunset Overdrive Review - GotGame

50 days ago - "Sunset Overdrive’s take on the apocalypse is rather unique, as the game is introducing us in an insane world, where people are transforming into m... | Review | Xbox One


Sunset Overdrive Walkthrough (Complete)

52 days 11 hours ago - One of the most anticipated Xbox One exclusive titles, Sunset Overdrive, is finally here! | Video | Xbox One


DriveClub Owners Deserve a Refund And an Apology

53 days 2 hours ago - GotGame:"DriveClub’s launch will remain in the history as one the most troublesome launch we’ve ever seen on a next-gen consoles." | Opinion piece | PS4


Far Cry 4 Sneak Peak with Dan Hay - GotGame

64 days 22 hours ago - "Dan Hay, Executive Producer at Ubisoft talks about some of his favorite features and moment in developing Far Cry 4 and even addresses the questio... | Preview | PC


New Image Shows BloodBorne Working With PS Vita Remote Play

74 days 15 hours ago - "A new image surfaced today on Twitter showing that Bloodborne can be played both traditionally and even on a PlayStation Vita using Remote Play. F... | Image | PS4


Destiny Loot System is Ridiculous, And Needs to be Fixed

84 days 13 hours ago - "Unforgiving loot systems are a common thing in games, especially in games in which loot is everything. We’ve played numerous games, but none of th... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Destiny Bug Makes It Impossible For Players To Level Up And How To Avoid It

87 days 8 hours ago - "Some players in Destiny may find it impossible for them to level up past a certain point because of a bugged material, needed for upgrading legend... | News | Xbox 360


Kotaku Said Destiny is Boring Five Months Ago, But Nobody Believed Them

87 days 13 hours ago - "Is Destiny what you wanted it to be? Or just another Watch Dogs." | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Ryse Son of Rome PC Preview (GotGame)

88 days 20 hours ago - "The PC version seems to be a more complete experience, the framerate is buttery smooth and the visuals uncover some incredible details you can’t r... | Preview | PC


The Easiest Way to Get Legendary Gear in Destiny

88 days 21 hours ago - "Destiny was released almost two weeks ago, and most people managed to get to level 20 with no problems. However, the real struggle is beyond that... | Article | Xbox 360


Destiny Servers Taken Down By Hacker Group Lizard Squad

89 days 2 hours ago - "Destiny’s servers seems to be down, according to several users. The error shown in the picture above appears every time someone tries to log into... | News | Xbox 360


Forza Horizon 2 Preview - More Than Racing (GotGame)

92 days 7 hours ago - "Xbox One users have now the great opportunity to try out the new Forza Horizon 2 demo ahead of the game’s official release date. As an avid gamer,... | Preview | Xbox 360


Super Smash Bros 3DS Demo: Gameplay and Character Impressions - GotGame

93 days 6 hours ago - "I was lucky enough to snag a code for the demo of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Needless to say, all unessential activities have been put temporaril... | Preview | Wii U


Destiny Update 1.03 Released

93 days 14 hours ago - GotGame: "Bungie has just released a 296 MB update for Destiny, and it’s available starting now on PlayStation 4. As of now, we don’t really know w... | News | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15 Preview - GotGame

95 days 6 hours ago - "This week, at the GameStop, I finally got the chance to play WWE 2K15. WWE 2K15 is one of my most anticipated releases this year, so I have been e... | Preview | Xbox 360


Get paid to review products

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