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Screencheat Preview | GIZORAMA

19 hours ago - John Wyma, GIZORAMA - "Quick, name the greatest First-Person Shooter ever created in the history of gaming! Too slow! For those of you still thinki... | Preview | PC


Blinding Dark Review | GIZORAMA

4 days 14 hours ago - Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "Amnesia: The Dark Descent did a lot for the games industry. It went against the grain of mainstream, homogenized pseudo-h... | Review | PC


Hearthstone – Curse of Naxxramas: The Construct Quarter Review | GIZORAMA

7 days 16 hours ago - Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "The Construct Quarter opened this week to Hearthstone fans new and old, revealing four new boss battles and continuing... | Review | PC


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review | GIZORAMA

7 days 23 hours ago - Conor Lorenz, GIZORAMA - "The time has come again for another installment of Diablo, and with it, more modes, difficulty options, lore, and loot. D... | Review | PS4


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The Behemoth Announces ‘Game 4′ with Teaser Trailer

10 days 7 hours ago - "Shortly before the release of BattleBlock Theater we started working on something new. We schemed up a bunch of concepts and picked our strongest... | Trailer | Xbox One


Emotes to Make Hearthstone More… Emotive

11 days 2 hours ago - Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "Dear Hearthstone Developers, Diabolical. That’s what you are. You have that pitch perfect blend of complexity and br... | Opinion piece | PC


Shadow Blade: Reload Preview | GIZORAMA

11 days 13 hours ago - Giles Williams, GIZORAMA - "With mobile gaming reaching new heights on smart phones and tablets and the rise of the indie developer, no one can cou... | Preview | PC


Over The Top Tower Defense Review | GIZORAMA

11 days 18 hours ago - Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "Over The Top Tower Defense brings whimsy and humor to the tower defense genre in a fun, light-hearted and tongue-in-che... | Review | PC


From Assassination to Just-Plain-Ass: An Assassin’s Creed Retrospective

13 days 12 hours ago - Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "Say what you will about the Assassin’s Creed series (I know I have), but there’s no denying the impact it has had on the... | Opinion piece | PC


Mind: Path to Thalamus Review | GIZORAMA

15 days 21 hours ago - Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "If there’s one thing game developers are good at, it’s playing it safe. Ubisoft ensures all of its big budget releases ar... | Review | PC


Relevant Games Interview with Sr. Creative Director, Randy Greenback

17 days 13 hours ago - Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "Relevant Games might be the new kid on the block, having just celebrated the company’s first year this past June. With... | Interview | Industry


Hearthstone – Curse of Naxxramas: The Military Quarter Review | GIZORAMA

18 days 5 hours ago - Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "So…I am normally that person who assumes the best about everything. If I got shot in the arm, I would suspect that the... | Review | PC

Comedy Quest Review | GIZORAMA

18 days 18 hours ago - Daniel Kurland, GIZORAMA - "There’s been a rather interesting black hole in the media towards stand-up comedy. Sure, television and podcasts are fu... | Review | PC


Crawl Preview | GIZORAMA

20 days 20 hours ago - Matthew Ahern, GIZORAMA - "Most of my issues with Roguelikes stems from the permadeath aspects of the genre. There is a severe lack of progression... | Preview | PC


Over 9,000 Zombies Preview | GIZORAMA

21 days 6 hours ago - Tim Allen, GIZORAMA - "Sure, zombies might be a bit played out in pop culture, and perhaps in video games more than anything else – at best they’re... | Preview | PC


Hearthstone – Curse of Naxxramas: The Plague Quarter Review | GIZORAMA

26 days 4 hours ago - Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "It’s week two of the five that will make up the five wings of Hearthstone‘s solo adventure, Naxxramas. The first wing,... | Review | PC


The Red Solstice Preview | GIZORAMA

26 days 6 hours ago - Zeb Larson, GIZORAMA - "Steam Early Access has effectively replaced the demo games of yesteryear. Rather than playing a snippet of a game, we get t... | Preview | PC


Interview With Coldwater Star James C. Burns AKA Call of Duty’s Sgt. Frank Woods | GIZORAMA

28 days 11 hours ago - Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "You may not know him by sight, but James C. Burns, the voice actor behind Black Ops‘ Sgt. Frank Woods, is a voice that’... | Interview | Culture


World of Tanks: Blitz Review | GIZORAMA

28 days 15 hours ago - Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "It’s probably not fair to you to read my review of World of Tanks: Blitz for iOS. Why? Because I thought Wargaming’s Wo... | Review | iPhone


Sharknado: The Video Game Review | GIZORAMA

31 days 11 hours ago - Daniel Kurland, GIZORAMA - "It’s a feeling unlike anything else. Those moments where you play a perfect, epic, app killing video game. A video game... | Review | iPhone


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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