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Impress Me: Hard Reset Demo

1396 days 17 hours ago - This wonderful cyberpunk world with a comic book storytelling feature that pulls in the player’s attention and gameplay that is reminiscent of clas... | Preview | PC


Every MMO should consider Free to Play option

1397 days 21 hours ago - In the latest surge of MMOs in the past couple of years, they all started with a pay to play fee like $15 dollars a month. However, as the games be... | Opinion piece | PC


Demo Dissection: Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

1406 days 13 hours ago - The Space Marine demo recently dropped and it’s looking to break the notion of it being a Gears of War clone. | Preview | PC


Deserved Attention: Owlboy

1411 days 8 hours ago - Owlboy, created by D-Pad Studios, is a vertical shooting platformer that caught the eyes of the Independent Game Festival. Check out the trailer an... | Video | PC


Hunting for Answers: An Interview with Tanya Short

Now - Hello N4G readers! It's me -alpha, and I am here with Tanya, of Kitfox Games, who brings to us today: Moon Hunters! Coming to PS VITA, PS4, Humble... | Promoted post

Down+B | ESPORTS: DreamHack Summer 2011

1479 days 11 hours ago - Its that time again where Sweden shows off their fabulous internet, wonderful community, and holds the largest LAN party ever to be thought of. Thi... | Article | PC


Down+B | ESPORTS: MLG Columbus 2011

1492 days 12 hours ago - MLG has really set the bar in North America on how competitive gaming. Check out the teams/players that are competing and my personal picks. | Article | PC


Down+B | Revivals

1501 days 20 hours ago - There are always games that come and go, but rarely does a game get another chance at life. These two games have both been given another chance and... | News | PC


Down+B | eSports: Results for Sc2, MK9, MvC3

1508 days 14 hours ago - In the past couple of months, there were quite a few big tourneys. Of course, its near impossible to follow them all, but, here are some of the res... | News | PC


Down+B | Deserved Attention: Myrktorch

1521 days 11 hours ago - This 2D platformer is great looking, clever, and challenging. | Article | PC


Down+B | Helping Hand or Hurting: DLC

1525 days 23 hours ago - In recent years, the influx of DLC, Downloadable Content, has been alarming. Before, games would come fully loaded with everything on it and DLC wa... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


eSports: MLG Dallas 2011 Results

1554 days 9 hours ago - After this long weekend, the results of the first MLG event has come with an unstable stream and an excited crowd. It was a long journey, but the t... | Article | PC


eSports: MLG Dallas 2011

1560 days 13 hours ago - Its that time of year again where MLG is hitting the road for their Pro Circuit tour and where the best of the best start to show their skills in t... | Article | Xbox


Hype: Upcoming MMOs

1564 days 4 hours ago - Here is a quick write up for four of the most anticipated MMOs. | Preview | PC


eSports: NASL

1578 days 6 hours ago - North American Star League is coming. Check out some of the main details here | Article | PC


Hype: Scrolls

1585 days 5 hours ago - Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, have just recently announced their new game called Scrolls. Its going to be a card-game + board game with RPG el... | Preview | PC

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