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"wats up?"

A Brief History of Cel-Shading in Video Games

1203 days 20 hours ago - The Angry Bit writs: I’ve been watching my brother play Borderlands 2, and despite the fact that I don’t think I’d particularly enjoy the gameplay,... | Article | Industry


Zombies: Challenge of the Day

1210 days 3 hours ago - The Angry Bit writes: With the current Activision sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace, it’s the perfect time to invest or reinvest in some quality zo... | Article | Xbox 360


The Chatterbox: Modernization Vs Backwards Compatibility

1216 days 18 hours ago - The Angry Bit writes: It’s been a long standing argument between gamers and developers, the question: how much priority should backwards compatibil... | Article | Culture


Piracy, Used Games, and the Future of the Industry

1454 days 12 hours ago - writes: "Perhaps one of the most hot button issues in the world of gaming today is the raging debating concerning used games, piracy, and... | Article | Industry


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Memories of Sony Commercials Past

1468 days 20 hours ago - writes: "So, as I was perusing the PSN today, my body atwitter at the potential for new, shiny free PSN+ content, I was greeted with this... | Opinion piece | Industry


5 Games In 5 Minutes: Classic Fighting Edition

1470 days 2 hours ago - writes: "Listed are my top 5 fighting classics I was able to think up in 5 minutes. In no specific order I sat down for a long 5 minutes... | Opinion piece | Industry


Did Anyone Pick Up Medal Of Honor?

1946 days 2 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes "Medal Of Honor was released today, and I was on my way to my local Gamestop and decided to call ahead first to see if the lines... | Podcast | PC


Interview: Graphing Calculator Developer

2094 days 2 hours ago - If you’re attending a college, university, or are in some sort of higher math class, then you are required to have a graphing calculator. Lugging t... | Interview | Tech


5 Games Gamer Parents Could Use

2095 days 15 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: I am not a proud gamer parent. Let me rephrase that. I don’t have any kids. If I did, I’m sure I’d be a proud parent. I am, how... | Article | Culture


Backlog Burner: Why We Buy Games We Will Likely Never Play

2097 days 9 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: At the time of me typing this article, I have about nine games on Steam I have yet to play, three games downloaded on PSN that... | Article | Culture


Frag Crunch Review: Pinch

2097 days 15 hours ago - Pinch, Developed by Coatsink Software, is a simple looking puzzle game at first glance, but underneath, it has the perfect amount of depth for an i... | Review | iPhone

Interview: Indie Game Magazine

2099 days 11 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: Indie Game Magazine is a magazine that is all about indie games news, reviews and culture. They are a primary source for anythi... | Interview | Industry


Top 5 Collector/Limited/Special Editions That Belong On Your Shelf

2105 days 10 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: It seems like now a days every game comes out with a Collectors this and a Limited that. Every Publisher offering little trinke... | Article | Industry


5 Essential iPad Games You Should Play

2115 days 4 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: With the iPad out, it is very appealing to the casual market. It has a slick user interface, pretty colors, easy touch capabili... | Article | 6,11


For Those With A Less Conventional View

2117 days 8 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: There are too many realistic looking video games out there and less artful ones. At points it becomes really unpleasant to be p... | Article | 11


The Chatterbox: Gaming On An HDTV

2127 days 5 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: We all know you will need to do some solid research before buying a HDTV for gaming. Lots of them have this lag issue and it wi... | Article | 11


A Foundation Made Up of Jewel Cases, CD's, Cartridges, and Pixels

2131 days 8 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: In an earlier post, Oliver touched on how Doom 3 can still stand up against modern FPS's, or even be better than some. This got... | Article | 11


Games, Games And More Games…What Are You Playing This Week?

2134 days 9 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: Hey everyone what's up? It's about halfway through the week by now, and it's a perfect time to forget about what's happened du... | Article | 11,13


Top 10 Songs To Listen To While Fragging

2143 days 5 hours ago - Frag Crunch writes: To fully immerse yourself in a game and get the full benefit of the story, it is best to play listening to songs that get you i... | Article | 11


Game Frag Interview: Q&A With Pro Gamer sWooZie

2201 days 7 hours ago - Game Frag writes: One of m favorite things about gamer culture is watching it grow. From watching the hit first season of WCG Ultimate gamer, to se... | Interview | 11,13


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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